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Full text of "The Abraham Wolf Spinoza Collection at UCLA : a facsimile of the Menno Hertzberger Catalogue"

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Department of Special Collections 


Abraham Wolf 

Spinoza Collection 



Abraham Wolf 





a facsimile of the 
Menno Hertzberger Catalogue 

Department of Special Collections 

University Research Library 

University oj California 

Los Angeles 


In 1950, the Department of Special Collections at UCLA ac- 
quired en bloc the library of the late Professor Abraham Wolf, Head 
of the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science at the 
University of London. At the time, the library was the largest private 
collection of works by and about Baruch de Spinoza, and included 
Spinoza's works in many editions, important biographical and criti- 
cal works about his writing, and a collection of titles of books 
Spinoza was known to have owned. 

Among the more important items in the collection are the Codex 
Townley, thought to be the earliest manuscript of J. M. Lucas's La 
vie de feu Monsieur Spinoza; one of two known copies of the first 
edition of Lucas's La vie et Vespiit de Mr. Benolt de Spinoza; and 
issues A through D of Spinoza's lyactatus theologlco-polltlcus, not 
recorded in Linde. 

While the Wolf collection was duly cataloged upon its arrival, it 
was not converted to machine readable records during the UCLA 
library's recent retrospective conversion project. The Department 
of Special Collections recently received a grant from the Ahmanson 
Foundation to recatalog the Wolf collection on OCLC, and records 
for the collection should begin to appear later in 1990. In the 
interim, we thought it would be useful to publish the Internationaal 
Antiquariaat's catalog in facsimile, both to acquaint interested 
libraries with the holdings now at UCLA and to share Menno 
Hertzberger's descriptions. 

David S. Zeidberg, Head 
Department of Special Collections 
May 1990 


(1632- 1677) 

The library of the late Prof. Dr. A. Wolf 

Head of the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science^ 

University of London 


Gible-address: Rightbook Teleph. 34107 

L A V I E 

E T 

L' E S P R I T 

D E 

M""- B EN IT 

Si faute cCun pnceau fidcle , 

Dufamcux Spisosa ronnapcs pelrttlestraitr. 

La Sagcjfe etant immortelle , 

Ses Ecrits m mourroyii jamais. 


No. 307 


Cm iiatura.Deus. rerum ciii cop-mtiis ordo . 

Hoc Spinola ilatu coiilpiciendus eratr. 
E-xpi-ellere A'^iri laciemlecl pmo'ere iiienletn 

Hcuxiclis a rill ices non valtierc inatiKS. 
Ilia viQ'cl Ici-iplis: illic (iiblimia Iraclat; 

iriincc|iiiciiii<jiie CUJ51S nolcerc. Icripta Icp-e . 

No. 378 and no. 380 

CATAL(X;UE No. 150 


(1632- 1677) 

The library of the late Prof. Dr. A. Wolf 

Head of the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, 

University of London 



Cable-address: Rightbook Teleph. 34107 


As our 150th catalogue we offer for sale the famous Library of the late Prof. Dr. 
A. Wolf, Head of the Department of the History and Philosophy of Science, 
University of London, on Spinoza — his life, doctrine, circle, contemporaries, etc. 
It is the largest private library about the life and v.'ork of Baruch de Spinoza, who 
perhaps was the most versatile and original thinker of all ages. Every aspect 
of the work, life and influences of this world-famous pioneer, a.o. of modern 
biblical criticism, is included in this very extensive collection. 

We do consider it superfluous to give here even the shortest biography of 
Spinoza, about whom so much has been written. There is hardly anybody in history 
who has been so much admired and so much attacked, but whose influence 
has been and still is so strong. His works are not only important for the history 
of philosophy but also a.o. for theology (e.g. pantheism) and politics. 

Even an ephemere glance through this catalogue of over 1300 titles will 
convince the reader of its importance, which at the same time is a tribute to the 
ardeous zeal with which the learned collector made his library. 

Besides an acknowledged authority on and a very great admirer of Spinoza, 
Prof. Wolf was also a bibliophile. This latter quality counts for the excellent 
condition of almost all the books in his library. It took him some 45 years to 
form this collection. 

We here find Spinoza's works in several editions, the works of predecessors 
who influenced him, of successors whom he influenced, as well as works of 
biographers and critics of the great philosopher and general works on the 
history of philosophy. 

The collection — the largest ever offered for sale — has even a section giving 
(for a part) a reconstruction of Spinoza's library, according to the inventory 
edited by Servaas van Rooyen. 

It is only very occasionally that we have used the adjectives "rare", "scarce", etc. 
Exceptions are only made where it concerns the very greatest rarities, such as the 
Towneley Codex (no. 306), the second known copy of the first printed edition 
of Lucas' biography (no. 307), the issues A — D of the Tractatus theologico- 
politicus (no. 361 — 363*), the first Dutch translation of this work (no. 367) 
and several others. 

To classify this collection into sections was rather a difficult task as they are 
all interconnected. For the convenience of the reader we have referred to related 
works, or works by the same authors in other sections. 

When annotating this catalogue, the central point was Spinoza, his doctrine, 
life, influences etc. Therefore the notes in this catalogue are only devoted 
to the various connections of the described works as far as related to this "great 
and good man", as he was called by Toland. 

It is evident however that many books are also in other respects of great 
interest for the history of philosophy and of theology, etc. 

To enumerate here the hundreds of valuable and rare books would be a 
pleasant task, but we prefer to let the collection speak for itself. 
We hope that the books enumerated in this catalogue will be for further use 
to all those who want to study the subject, which is of such eminent importance 
for the development of modern thought. 

We therefore offer the entire collection up to August 13th 1930 for 
Quilders 36000.— (£3365/-/-; $9485—). 


I Church History — General History 1 — 34 

II General Works 35— 270 

a History of philosophy 

b Jewish philosophy 

c Pantheism — Atheism — Rosicrusians 

III Bibliography and Iconography 271 — 284 

IV Life of Spinoza 285— 337 

V Works of Spinoza 338— 439 

a Complete and selected works 

b Spinoza's edition of Descartes' Principia 

c Tractatus Theologico-Politicus 

d Posthumous works 

e Apocryph works 

/ Correspondence 

VI Influences on Spinoza 440— 616 

VII Spinoza's circle and his contemporaries 617 — 757 

VIII Influences of Spinoza on authors up to 1800 (see also section 

VII and IX) 758— 946 

IX Studies on Spinoza and Spinozism published from 1800 till 

to-day 947-1202 

X Literary contributions on Spinoza 1203 — 1242 

XI Reconstruction (partly) of the library of Spinoza .... 1243 — 1295 

XII Collection of reprints, pamphlets, etc 1296 

Addenda 1297—1308 


1 AMSTERDAM — Afbeeldinge van dc verscheyde vergrootinge van Amster- 
dam met der zelver voornaamste gebouwen, enz. (Amst., ca. 1665). With engraved 
title and 70 fine views by Vos, a.o. Calf, in — 8 oblong. — Text French and Dutch. 

Cont. a.o. jjooden-tempel" (Portuguese Jewish Synagogue) which Spinoza visited in his 
youth and where he studied. 

2 BAYLE, [P.], Dictionaire historique et critique. Rotterdam, 1697. 4 parts, 
2 vols. Vellum, in — folio. — First edition. Not in v. d. Linde. 

Vol II pp. 1082 — 1100: Spinoza. This article was the principal source of knowledge 
about Spinoza for the 18th century. 

3 An historical and critical dictionary. TransL into English. London, 

1710. 4 vols in — folio. — First English edition. — Not in v. d. Linde. 
Pp. 2780—2805: Spinoza. 

4 The same, selected and abridged. With a life of Bayle. London, 1826. 

4 vols. With portrait. Polished calf, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 
Vol. Ill pp. 271—341: Spinoza. 

5 Lettres choisies, avec des lemarques. Rott., 1714. 3 vols. DES MAI- 

ZEAUX, La vie de Bayle. La Haye, 1732. 2 vols. Together 5 vols., nearly uniformly 
bound. Calf, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 
Contains several important references to Spinoza. 

6 — ROBINSON, H., Bayle, the sceptic. New York, 1931. With portrait. Cloth. 
See also no. 282, 285, 286, 333, 365, 643, 793, 857, 900, 936, 946. 

von M. V. Geismar. Leipzig, 1846 — '47. 5 parts, 1 voL H. calf. 

Contains a.o. several interesting pages about Dippel (1673 — 1734), the famous "reformer 
of theology", who was a vehement opponent of Spinoza in Germany. — See also no. 

8 BOULENGER, J., The 17th century. Transl. from the French. London, 1920. 

9 BO WEN, MA J., The Netherlands display'd or the delights of the Low 
Countries. London, 1926. With plates. Cloth. 

Contains numerous references to Spinoza. 

10 BRONS, A., Ursprung, Entwicklung und Schicksale der altevangelischen 
Taufgesinnten oder Mennoniten. 3. Aufl., neu bearb. v. E. M. ten Cate. Amst., 
1912. Cloth. 

11 CATROU, FR., Histoire des Anabaptistes. Paris, 1706. With front. Calf 
(back slightly dam.), in — 4. 

12 CLARK, G. N., The 17th century. Oxford, 1929. With maps. Cloth. 
Contains several references to Spinoza. 

13 COHEN, G., Ecrivaias frangais en Hollande dans la premiere moitie du 
17e siecle. La Haye, 1921. With 52 plates, portraits and facs. Cloth. — Lira. ed. 
Spinoza, Descartes, Baillet, Montaigne, Pascal, Scaliger, and many others. 

14 [COURTILZ, SANDRAS DE], Histoire de la guerre de HoUande, 1672— 
1677. La Haye, 1689. 2 parts, 1 vol. With front. Calf, sm. in —8. 

Contains a.o. much information about Conde. — See also no. 287, 334. 

15 DITCHFIELD, P. H., The church in the Netherlands. London, 1893. Cloth. 

For a great part about the time of Spinoza. 

16 GARRIDO, F. and C. B. CAYLEY, A history of political and religious 
persecutions from the earliest days of the Christian Church. London, n. d. 2 vols. 
With num. engravings. Cloth. 

A.o. several references to Spinoza — The Jews (330 — 1817) — Freemasons. 

17 HENRIOT, EM., Courrier litteraire. 17e Siecle. Paris, 1933. 

18 HISTORY, THE, of the Republick of Holland, to the death of King 
William. As also a description of the United Provinces. London, 1705. 2 vols. 
With one map and several portraits by van Gucht. Calf. 

19 JAPP, A. HAY, German life and literature in a series of biographical 
studies. London, n. d. Cloth. 

Lessing — Mendelssohn — Herder — Goethe — etc. 

20 JONES, R. M., Spiritual reformers in the l6th and 17th centuries. London, 
1914. Cloth. 

Seb. Franclc — Casteiiio — Coornhert and the Collegiants — Boehme — etc. 

21 [JORTIN, J.}, Remarks on ecclesiastical history. London, 1767. 2 vols. 
Calf. — The author's name is mentioned in the dedication. Not in Halkett-Laing. 
A.o. (vol. II) Sabbatai Zewi — Limborch (his method of disputing with Orobio). 

22 KNAPPERT, L., Geschiedenis der Ned. Hervormde Kerk gedurende de 
I6e — 19e eeuw. Amst., 1911 — 12. 2 vols. With portraits. Cloth. 

Pp. 290 — 297 (besides other references): Spinoza — further: Pietisme en mystiek — etc. 

23 LE GENDRE, G. CH., Traite de I'opinion ou memoires pour servir a 
I'histoire de I'esprit humain. Paris, 1733 6 vols. Calf, with gilt coat of arms, 
sm. in — 8. (joints weak). 

24 MORHOF, D. G., Polyhistor, literarius, philosophicus et practicus. Cum 
accessionibus J. Frickii et J. Molleri. Ed. quarta. Cui preaf. notiamque praem. 
J. A. Fabricius. Lubec., 1747. 3 parts, 2 vols. With portrait. Vellum, in — 4. 
Contains several references to Spinoza and his opponents. 

25 MOSHEIM, J. L, An ecclesiastical history to the beginning of the 18th 
century. Transl. by A. Maclaine. London, 1833. Calf. 

26 MURRIS, R., La Hollande et les hoUandais au 17e et au 18e siecles vus 
par les frangais. Paris, 1925. H. calf. 

27 NASMITH, D., Makers of modern thought or 500 years' struggle (1200 — 
1699) between science, ignorance and superstition. London, 1892. 2 vols. Cloth. 
Vol. II pp. 138—192: Spinoza. 

28 NETHERLAND-HISTORIAN, THE, containing a true and exact relation 
of what hath passed in the late warrs between the King of Gr. Britain, and the 
French King with their Allyes, against the States Generall of the United Provinces 
(1671 — 1674). Amst., St. Swart, 1675. With 23 plans and 6 portraits. Calf, sm. 
in — 8. (corner of the title and preface dam.). — Wing N 472 records 5 copies. 

29 OGG, D., Europe in the 17th century. London, 1925. With maps. Cloth. 
Pp. 9 and 526 — 28: Spinoza. 

30 OWEN, J., The skeptics of the Italian Renaissance. London, 1908. Cloth. 
A.o. Giordano Bruno (100 pp.) — Vanini (70 pp.) — Machiavelli. 

31 ROBERTSON, J. M., Pioneer humanists. London, 1907. Cloth. 
A.o. Spinoza, Machiavelli, Bacon, Hobbes, Shaftesbury, Mandeville. 

32 SORBIfiRE, A voyage to England, containing many things relating to the 
state of learning, religion, and other curiosities of that Kingdom. As also 
observations on the voyage by Dr. Thomas Sprat. Done into English. London, 
1709. Calf. 

The publication of the French original of this book, which caused much consternation 
in England, provoked an interesting reply (1675) from J. M. Lucas, the biographer 
of Spinoza. 

33 WARD, J., The lives of the professors of Gresham College. To which is 
prefixed the life of the founder. Sir Thomas Gresham. With an appendix of 
orations, lectures, and letters writen by the professors etc. London, 1740. 2 parts, 
1 vol. With two fine portraits of Gresham and three (2 folding) plates by 
Vertue. Marbled calf (one joint broken), sm. in — folio. 

Contains a.o. the lives of Th. Baynes, W. Croune, Th. Gresham, Edw. Stillingfleet. 

34 ZUYLEN VAN NYEVELT, S. v.. Court life in the Dutch Republic, 1638— 
1689. London, 1906. With plates. Cloth. 


35 ADAMSON, R., The development of modern philosophy. Ed. by W. R. 
Sorley. Edinburgh, 1908. Cloth. 

Pp. 7 — 111: Spinoza — Malebranche — Descartes — Leibniz. 

36 [ADELUNG, J. CHR.], Geschichte der Philosophic fur Liebhaber. Leipzig, 
1786— '87. 3 vols. With front. H. calf. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Vol. Ill pp. 311 — 323: the history of Spinozism. 

37 ASTER, E. v., Geschichte der neueren Erkenntnistheorie (Descartes bis 
Hegel). Berhn, 1921. H. cloth. 

Pp. 126 — 161 Spinoza — pp. 236 — 333 Leibniz. 

38 AUFSATZE, PHILOSOPHISCHE, Eduard ZeUer gewidmet. Leipzig, 1887. 
H. calf. 

Pp. 86 — 138: Freudenthal, Spinoza und die Scholastik. — Other contributions a.o. by 
Helmholtz, Eucken, Gomperz, Erdmann, Diels, Dilthey. 

39 BALDWIN, J. M., Fragments in philosophy and science. New York, 
1902. Cloth. 

Pp. 24 — 41: The idealism of Spinoza. 


40 BALDWIN, J. M., History of psychology. London, 1913. 2 vols. With 
portrs. Cloth. 

41 BARTH, P., Die Stoa 3. und 4. Aufl. Stuttgart, 1922. H. cloth. 
With numerous references to Spinoza. 

42 BAX, E. B., A handbook of the history of philosophy. London, 1886. Cloth. 
Pp. 157 — 167: Spinoza. 

43 The real, the rational and the alogical. London, 1920. Cloth. 

With several references to Spinoza. 

44 BENN, A. W., The history of English rationalism in the 19th century. 
London, 1906. 2 vols. Cloth. 
With many interesting references to Spinoza. 

45 History of ancient philosophy. — History of modern philosophy. 

London, n. d. 2 parts, 1 vol. With 19 portraits. H. calf. 
Vol II pp. 47 — 78 Spinoza (with portrait). 

46 BIERENS DE HAAN, J. D., Wijsgeerige studies. 's-Grav., 1904. Cloth. 

Pp. 1 — 23: Spinoza als ethisch-wijsgeerig denker. 

47 Hoofdfiguren der geschiedenis van het wijsgeerig denken (van 

Cartesius tot Kant). Haarlem, 1921. Cloth. 
Chapter II pp. 20 — 84: Spinoza. 

48 BOUILLER, FR., Histoire de la philosophie cartesienne. Paris, 1854. 2 vols. 
H. calf. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Vol. I pp. 299 — 408: Spinoza. 

49 BOUTROUX, E., La philosophie aUemande au 17e siecle. Par., 1929. H. calf. 

Chiefly about Leibniz and his predecessors: Spinoza, Bacon, Descartes, Hobbes, a.o. 

50 BOWEN, F., Modern philosophy from Descartes to Schopenhauer and 
Hartmann. London, 1877. Cloth. 

Spinoza — Descartes — Malebranche — Pascal — Leibniz — etc. 

51 BRASCH, M., Die Klassiker der Philosophie. Von den griechischen Den- 
kern bis auf die Gegenwart. Leipzig, [1884 — '85}. 3 vols. With portraits. H. calf. 
Pp. 893—972: Spinoza. 

52 BRETT, G. S., A history of psychology. Vol. II: Mediaeval and early 
modern period. London, 1921. Cloth. 

53 BROAD, C D., Five types of ethical theory. London, 1936. Cloth. 
The five types are Spinoza, Butler, Hume, Kant and Sidgwick. 

54 BROCHARD, V., Dc Icrreur. 3c Ed. Paris, 1926. H. calf. 

Pp. 69 — 97: Thcoric dc Spinoza (concern. I'Errcur) — Pp. 42 — 69: Theorie de Descartes. 

55 The same. 2c Ed. Paris, 1897. Cloth. 

56 BRUCKER, J., Historia critica philosophiac a miindi inciinabulis ad nostram 
usque aetatem deducta. Lipsiae, 1742 — '67. 6 vols. With portrait. Vellum, in 
-^. — v. d. Linde 148 (XIX). 
Tomus IV, pars altera pp. 682 — 706: Spinoza. 

57 BRULEZ, LUC, HoIIandische Philosophic. Breslau, 1926. With portraits. 
H. cloth. 

Pp. 82 — 104, besides several references, about Spinoza. 

58 BRUNNER, CONST., Die Lehre von der Geistigen und vom Volke. 
Berlin, 1908. 2 vols. With portrait. Cloth. 

Pp. 406 — 412, 500 — 589, 1008 — 1009, besides numerous references, about Spinoza. 

59 Unscr Christus oder das Wesen des Genies. Berlin, 1921. H. cloth. 

Several references to Spinoza in connection with Christ. 

60 BRUNNER, P., Probleme der Teleologie bei Maimonides, Thomas von 
Aquin und Spinoza. Heidelberg, 1928. H. calf. 

I. Die teleologische Weltanschauung des Maimonides und des Thomas van Aquin. II. Die 
antiteleologische Weltanschauung des Spinoza (pp. 48 — 134). 

61 BUHLE, J. G., Geschichte der neuern Philosophie. Gottingen, 1800 — '04. 
6 vols. H. calf. — See v. d. Linde 148 (XX). 

An extensive history of philosophy from the Greek till Kant. Vol. Ill pp. 508 — 660: 

62 BURGER, D., Homerus, Plato, Spinoza. Zutphen, I860. H.cloth. — v. d. 
Linde 284. 

63 BUSSE, L., Die Weltanschauungen der grossen Philosophen der Neuzeit. 
3. Aufl. Leipzig, 1907. Cloth. 

Pp. 23 — 35: Spinoza. 

64 CAIRD, E., The evolution of theology in the Greek philosophers. Glasgow, 
1904. 2 vols. Cloth. 

65 CASSIRER, E., Das Erkenntnisproblem in der Philosophie und Wissen- 
schaft der neueren Zeit. Berlin, 1920 — '22. 3 vols. H. cloth. 

66 CHEYNE, T. K., Founders of Old Testament criticism. Biographical, 
descriptive, and critical studies. London, 1893. Cloth. 

67 COHEN, H., Der Begriff der Religion im System der Philosophie. Giessen, 
1915. H. calf. 

Several references to Spinoza. 

68 COUSIN, v.. Fragments de philosophie cartesienne. Paris, 1845. H. calf. — 
See V. d. Linde 312. 

Pp. 429 — 470: Des rapports du cartesianisme et du spinozisme. 

69 The same. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1856. H. calf. — v. d. Linde 312. 

70 Course of the history modern philosophy. TransL by O. W. Wight. 

New York, 1852. 2 vols. Cloth. — No( in v. d. Linde. 

71 CUNYNGHAME, H., Short talks upon philosophy. London, 1923. Cloth. 
Pp. 103 ff.: Spinoza. 

72 DAMIRON, PH., Essai sur I'histoire de la philosophie en France au 17e 
siecle. Paris, 1846. 2 vols. Vellum. — v. d. Linde 148 (XXXVII)? 

Vol. II pp. 177—351: Spinoza. 


73 DELBOS, V., Figures et doctrines de philosophes. Paris, 1925. H. calf. 
Pp. 142—195: Spinoza. 

74 DENKER, GROSSE. Unter Mitwirkung von Windelband, Baensch, Baum- 
gartner, a.o. hrsg. v. E. von Aster. Leipzig, n. d. 2 vols. Boards. 

Spinoza (by O. Baensch, II, 1 — 37), Aquino, Bruno, Descartes, Leibniz, a.o. 

75 DEUSSEN, P., Allg. Geschichte der Philosophic. Mit bes. Beriicksichtigung 
der Religionen. Leipzig, 1919 — '20. 6 vols. H. cloth. 

Vol. II, 3, pp. 41 — 69: Spinoza. 

76 DICTIONNAIRE des sciences philosophiques par une Societe de professeurs 
de philosophic. Paris, 1844 — '51. 5 parts, 3 vols. H. calf. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Pp. 729 — 763: Spinoza by Em. S(aisset). Amongst the contributors of signed articles are 
a.o. Franck, Renan, Saisset, Munck. 

77 DILTHEY, W., Einlcitung in die Geisteswissenschaften. Erster Band (all 
published). Leipzig, 1922. H. cloth. (Gesammelte Schriften I). 

Pp. 96 — 97, 318 — 19, 376 — 77, 387 — 88, besides numerous references, about Spinoza. 

78 Weltanschauung und Analyse des Menschen seit Renaissance und 

Reformation. 3. Aufl. Leipzig, 1923. H. cloth. (Gesammelte Schriften II). 

A.o. Giordano Bruno (pp. 297 — 311) — Aus der Zeit der Spinozastudien Goethes (p. 391 — 

415). Further: numerous references dealing with Spinoza and his great contemporaries. 

79 Die Jugendgeschichte Hegels und andere Abhandlungen zur Ge- 
schichte des deutschen Idealismus. Leipzig, 1921. H. cloth. (Gesamm. Schriften IV). 
Pp. 357 ff., besides numerous references, about Spinoza. 

80 — BRIEFWECHSEL zwischen Wilhelm Dilthey und Paul York v. Warten- 
burg, 1877—1897. Hrsg. v. E. Rothacker. HaUe, 1923. H. cloth. 

Many references to Spinoza. 

81 DRESSER, H. W., A history of modern philosophy. London, 1928. Cloth. 
Pp. 39 — 50: Spinoza. 

82 DRIESCH, H., Wirklichkeitslehre. Ein metaphysischer Vcrsuch. Leipzig, 
1917. Boards. 

Pp. 78 ff., besides numerous references, about Spinoza. 

83 DUFF, A., History of Old Testament criticism. London, 1910. With 
portraits. Cloth. 

Pp. 101—106: Spinoza. 

84 Hints on Old Testament theology. London, 1908. Cloth. 

85 DUHRING, E., Kritische Geschichte der Philosophic. Berl, 1869. H. calf, 
(slightly dam.). — v. d. Linde 148 (XXXIX). 

Pp. 273—313: Spinoza. 

86 DUNNING, W. A., A history of political theories from Luther to 
Montesquieu. New York, 1919. Cloth. 

Pp. 309—318: Spinoza. 

87 DURANT, W., The story of philosophy. The lives and opinions of the 
greater philosophers. London, 1926. With 20 portraits. Cloth. 

Pp. 161—218: Spinoza. 


88 EISLER, RUD., Geschichte der Philosophic. Berlin, 1895. H. cloth. 
Pp. 197—208: Spinoza. 

89 Einfiihrung in die Erkenntnistheorie. Leipzig, 1907. Cloth. 

90 Geschichte des Monismus. Leipzig, 1910. H. cloth. 

Pp. 33 — 36: Spinoza. 

91 ERDMANN, J. E., Vermischte Aufsatze. Leipzig, 1846. Cloth. — v. d. 
Linde 425. 

Pp. 118 — 192: Die Grundbegriffe dcs Spinozisnnus. 

92 EUCKEN, R., Die Lebensanschauungen der grossen Denker. Lebensprobleme 
der Menschheit von Plato bis zur Gegenwart. Berlin, 1922. H. cloth. 

Pp. 344—360: Spinoza. 

93 The problem of human life as viewed by the great thinkers from 

Plato to the present time. Transl. by W. S. Hough and W. R. B. Gibson. London, 

1914. Cloth. 

Pp. 362—380: Spinoza. 

94 Knowledge and life. Lond., 1913. Cloth. 

Several references to Spinoza. 

95 FABRE, J., La pensee moderne (de Luther a Leibniz). Par., 1908. Cloth. 
Pp. 411 — 443: Spinoza. Deals also with Hobbes, Locke, Malebranche, Descartes, Leibniz, a.o. 

96 FEUERBACH, L. A., Geschichte der neuern Philosophic von Bacon bis 
Spinoza. Ansbach, 1833. H. morocco. — First edition, v. d. Linde 124. 

Pp. 341—434: Spinoza. 

97 The same. 2. Ausg. Leipzig, 1844. H. cloth. — v. d. Linde 124 note. 

93 The same. Leipzig, 1847. H. calf. - — v. d. Linde 124 note. 

99 FISCHER, K., Geschichte der neuern Philosophic. I: Das classische Zeit- 
altcr der dogmatischen Philosophic. Mannheim, 1854. H. calf. — v. d. Linde 131. 
Second part pp. 235 — 595: Spinoza. 

100 The same. 2. vollig umgearb. Aufl. Mit Anhang. Mannheim, Heidel- 
berg, 1865 — 68. 2 vols. H. morocco. — v. d. Linde 131 note. 
1. Descartes. - Anhang: Descartes' Hauptschriften in Uebersetzung. — 2. Descartes' Schule. 
Geulinx. Malebranche. Spinoza. 

101 The same. 3. Aufl. Munchen, 1878—80. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. calf. 

102 Descartes and his school. Ed. by N. Porter. London, 1887. Cloth. 

Numerous references to Spinoza. 

103 FRANCK, AD., La philosophic mystique en France a la fin du 18e siecle. 
Saint Martin et M. Pasqualis. Paris, 1866. H. calf, sm. in — 8. 

104 GEGENSTAND UND WEISE von Erfahrung u. Transzendenz. Halle, 
1921. Boards. (Philos. Weltbibl. VII). 

Pp. 116 — 279 about Spinoza's treatise De emendatione intellectus. 

105 GENTILE, G., Studi sul Rinascimento. Firenze, 1923. H. calf. 
Leone Ebreo e Spinoza — Campanella — Galileo e i filosofi napoletani — etc. 


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No. 306 

— f J 

*/i7iCi^n?' d^u <^ en -/iniij, cf^n^fpo^T e^n-Tm'^ ^t/!^ 

No. 306 


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geschichtl. Zusammenhang mit den iilteren pantheistischen Systemen. Berlin, 1900. 
(In Arch. f. Philos. B. 13, H. 3). 

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Vol. II pp. 155 seq.: Spinoza. 

240 The same. Verkiirzt hrsg. von M. Fischer. Leipzig, 1922. H. cloth. 

241 FLAMiMARION, C, Dieu dans la nature. Paris, n. d. With portr. H. cloth. 
Several references to Spinoza and dealing throughout with atheism, God and nature, etc. 

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Pp. 547 — 552: Spinoza. Includes atheism of African tribes — Polynesians — etc. 

243 The same. 3rd Ed. Edinburgh, 1885. Cloth. 

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Published in 24 fortnightly parts. Nr. 7 Spinoza (p. 49 — 56) by 'y'^^conoclast'). Furth'.-r 
Hobbes, Toland, a.o. 

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Pp. 95 — 98: Spinozismus. 

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Pp. 214—240: Spinoza. — Pp. 247 seq.: Makbranche. 

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Pp. 219—241: Spinoza. 

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Pp. 219 — 242, besides many references, Spinoza. 

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fondement metaphysique de la republique et du socialisme hierarchiques. Paris, 
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251 MARET, H. L. C, Essai sur le pantheismc dans les societes mcdernes. 
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Several interesting references to Spinoza, Bruno, a.o. 

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Vol II pp. 346 — 368, besides numerous inportant references, Spinoza. 

253 — KAPPSTEIN, TH., Fritz Mauthner. Berlin, 1926. Cloth, sm. in —8. 


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Many references to Spinoza and Spinozism. 

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Pp. 59 seq.: Spinoza. 

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259 PANTHEISM — From the Vedas to Spinoza. London, 1877. Cloth. (In: 
The Curch quarterly Review IV). 

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Pp. 125 — 142: Maimonides and Spinoza. 

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Pp, 5(3 — 82: Spinoza and his influence on Fichte, Hegel, Goethe, Schlcicrmacher. 

262 The mystery of matter and other essays. London, 1878. Cloth. 

Essential nature of religion — Christian pantheism — etc. 

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Vol. II pp. 3 — 69: Spinoza. 

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A.o. about Spinoza and his views. 

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Pp. 133 seq., besides several other references, Spinoza. 

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Pp. 50 — 71: Pantheismus, insonderheit der Spinozismus. 

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270 WAITE, A. E., The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross. Being records of the 
House of the Holy Spirit in its inward and outward history. London, 1924. 
With 16 plates. Cloth. 


271 ALTKIRCH, E., Spinoza im Portrat. Jena, 1913. With 28 portraits of 
Spinoza. H. calf, in — 4. — The only real iconography. 

272 CATALOGUS van de boekerij der Vereeniging „Het Spinozahuis". N. d., 

n. pi. H. cloth, in — 4. 

Cont. a.o.: Spinoza's library — Portraits of Spinoza. Added: Lijst van de bocken v. Spinoza, 
2 Maart 1677, opgemaakt door notaris Willem v. d. Hove — Bibliotheck v. Spinoza 
(privately printed list). 

273 FABRICIUS, J. ALB., Delectus argumentoruna et syllabus scriptorum 

qui veritatem religionis Christianae adversus atheos, epicures . . . etc. asseruerunt. 

Praemissa sunt Eusebii Caesariensis proemium etc. Hamburg, 1725. With front. 

Vellum, with gilt coat of arms, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 267 n. 

Pp. 357 — 361: "Contra Spinosam" give an important and highly interesting bibliography 
of works written by Spinoza's opponents during his life and some 50 years after his death. 

274 — REIMARUS, H. S., De vita et scriptis J. A. Fabricii commentarius. 
Ace. argumenta hist.-critica ad Fabricium. Praeterea Chr. Korthoki parentatio 
Lipsiensis et variorum epicedia. Hamburg, 1737. 3 parts ,1 vol. With portrait of 
Fabricius. H. morocco (mod.), sm. in — 8. 

275 KNUTTEL, W. P. C, Verboden boeken in de Republiek der Vereen. 
Nederlanden. 's-Grav., 1914. H. calf. — Pp. 110 and 115 seq.: Spinoza. 

276 LAND, J. P. N., Over vier drukken met het jaartal 1670 van Spinoza's 
Tractatus theologico-politicus. Amst., 1881. Boards. (Repr.). — See nos. 361 — 363*. 

277 LINDE, A. v. d., Spinoza. Bibliografie. 's-Grav., 1871. H. morocco. 

278 SERVAAS VAN ROOYEN, A. J., Inventaire des livres formant la biblio- 
theque de Spinoza. Avec des notes biographiques et bibliographiques et une 
introduction. La Haye, 1888. Cloth, in — 4. 

279 STRUVIUS, B. G., Bibliotheca philosophica. Rec. J. G. Lotterus. Jena, 
1728. Vellum, sm. in —8. 

Pp. 64, 66 besides several other referenses, contain interesting bio- and bibliographical 
notes on Spinoza. 

280 VULLIAUD, P., Spinoza d'apres les livres de sa bibliotheque. Par, 1934. 
— With inventory. 

See also number 110, 318, 698, 998, 1024, 1025, 1043, 1069, 1082, 1084, 1085, 1159, 
1165, 1229. 

281 PORTRAITS of Spinoza. Originals and reproductions. 12 items of diffe- 
rent size. 

Contains a.o. the following original prints: Engraving for the „Furstellung vier neuer 
Welt-Weisen" (1702). - Altkirch pi. 19. — Engraving by W. Goeree (1705) - Altkirch 
pi. 20. — Stipple-engraving by Franqois (1761). - Altkirch pi. 24. — Engraving by 
H. Lips (1803). - Altkirch pi. 18. — Etching by P. /. Arendzen (1883). - Altkirch pi. 17. — 
Lithography by K. Bauer (1909). - Altkirch pi. 16. — Wood-engraving by A. Becker. 
Not in Altkirch. 


282 PORTRAITS of several contemporaries of Spinoza and authors in relation 
with Spinozism. Originals and reproductions. 14 items of different size. 
Among the original prints are the portraits of: Bayle; engraving by Chereau. In — tol. — 
Rob. Boyle; engraving by G. Vertue after I. Kersseboom. In — fol. — Sam. Clarke; 
engraving by I. Houbraken after Gibson. In — fol. — Coccejus; engraving wiih the 
address of W. de Broen. In — fol. — /. ^1 Lucas (?) under the name „de la Fond"; 
engraving by P. Lombart after H. Gascard. In — fol. 

283 PORTRAITS of famous philosophers, mostly published by the Photo- 
graphische Gesellschaft at Berhn. 24 items. In — fol. 

Fichte, Goethe, Hegel, Hume, Kant, Leibniz, Locke, Nietzsche, Schelling, Schopenhauer, etc. 

284 DOCUMENTS in relation to Spinoza. 10 items of different size. 

Photographs of the house at The Hague where S. lived during the last years of his life; 
of the „Spinozahuis" at Rijnsburg; of his monument at the Hague; etc. 
See also no. 162, 337, 378, 380, 792, 1213. 


See also Section V. 

285 [BAYLE, P. J.}, Benoit de Spinoza. Amsterdam, 1740. In —fol. 

The famous article on the life and work of Spinoza, for long the most important source 
on the subject. Extract from the 5th edition of Bayle's Dictionnaire, vol. IV. pp. 253 — 271, 
together with the title for this volume. 

286 Het leven van Spinoza. Nevens een kort betoog van de waarheit 

des Christelyken godtsdienst en twee verhandelingen door Jaquelot. Vert. d. F. 
Halma. De voorreden behelscht eenige aanmerkingen tegen 't levensvervolg van 
Philopater. Utrecht, 1698. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 70. 

Very important description of Spinoza's life, for long one of the best-known sources. 
Translation from Bayle's Dictionnaire, 1697. 

See also no. 2 — 6. 

287 [BERGIER, FR.], The life of Lewis of Bourbon, late Prince of Conde. 
Digested into annals. Done out of French (by N. Tate). London, 1693. 2 parts, 
1 vol. With portrait. Calf, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

First English edition. Louis II Conde, „the Great Conde" (1621 — 1686) was commander 
in chief of the French army in Holland during the war between both countries 1672 — 78. 
On his invitation Spinoza spent several weeks at Utrecht during the summer of 1673. . 
A description of their (supposed) mcccing is found on p. 173/74 of the second part. See 
also no. 334. 

288 CAMPHUYSEN, D. R., Stichtelycke rymen. Rotterdam, 1653—59. 
4 parts, 1 vol. With portrait on title, and music. Vellum, in — 12. 

The Spinoza-homc at Rijnsburg shows on its front the famous lines of this very popular 
poet and preacher: „Ach waren alle mcnschen wijs..." 

289 CHEVREAU, Chcvraeana ou diverscs pensces d'histoirc, de critique, 
d erudition ct de morale. Amsterdam, 1700. 2 vols. With portrait by Gunst. Calf, 
sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 83. 

In vol. II, p. 99 the author gives information about the invitation of Spinoza to become 
professor at the university of Heidelberg. 

290 COLERUS, J., Kortc, dog waaragtige Icvens-bcschrijving van Bcnedictus 
dc Spinosa. Amst . 1705 Sm in — 8. — Reprint. 's-Grav., 1880. — v. d. Linde 88 

Coicrus' description is one of the two most valuable sourcts for the life of Spinoza, the 
other being Lucas' Vic de Spinosa. The author, born 1647 in Diisseldorf, was a Luthcrian 


minister at The Hague since 1693 and made there the acquaintance of the landlord with 
whom Spinoza had been lodging during the last years of his life. This man, Van der 
Spyck, was in the position to give many important first-hand informations about Spinoza 
and was interviewed by Colerus several times. The work of Colerus is in several places 
contradictory to Lucas, in others strikingly homonymous. 

291 The same. Reprint. 's-Grav., 1910. Boards, sm. in — 4. 

292 The life of Benedict de Spinosa. Done out of French. London, 

printed by D. L. and sold by B. Bragg, 1706. Calf, sm. in — 8. • — v. d. Linde 91. 
The first and only English edition. 

293 The same. Facsimile. The Hague, 1906. H. calf, sm. in — 8. 

294 Das Leben des Bened. von Spinoza. Aus dem Franz, mit Anmcr- 

kungen (by J. Faccius) vermehret. Franckfurt, 1733. With portrait (slightly shaved 
at outer-margin). Boards, sm. in — 8. (browned). — - v. d. Linde 92. 
First German edition. 

295 La verite de la resurrection de Jesus Christ, defendue contre B. de 

Spinosa, et les sectateurs. Avec la vie de ce fameux philosophe ... La Haye, T. 
Johnson, 1706. 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 89. 

The life of Spinoza has a separate title and pagination. Both titles are printed in 

red and black. At the end (7 pp.) Catalogue de livres nouveaux, qui se trouvent chez 

T. Johnson, Libraire Anglais a la Haye. This catalogue has two original blank leaves 
between M3 and M4 (p. 182—183). 

296 The same. Same issue? 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

Printed on much thicker paper and not containing the two blanks in the Catalogue. 

297 The same, o^ber issue. 2 parts, 1 vol. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — 

v. d. Linde 90. 

In this issue the Vie de Spinosa is placed in front of the Verite, the title of the first 
being printed in red and black, the second in black only. 

Bound up with: H. Alorus, De anima, ejusque facultatibus et naturali immortalitate. 
Roterod., Is. Naeranus, 1677. — Cf. about the author v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 359 ff., 
573 ff e.a. — See also nrs. 689—693, 909. 

298 — BLASE, J. E. D., Johannes Colerus en de groote twisten in de Neder- 
landsche Luthersche Kerk zijner dagen. Amst., 1920. With portrait. H. calf. 

See also no. 333, 338, 344, 432, 909, 1100—1102. 

299 FREUDENTHAL, ]., Die Lebensgeschichte Spinoza's. In Quellenschriften, 
Urkunden und nichtamtlichten Nachtrichten herausgegeben. Leipzig, 1899. H. calf. 

300 GASTER, M., History of the Ancient Synagogue of the Spanish and 
Portuguese Jews. A memorial volume to celebrate the 200th anniversary of its 
inauguration. London, 1901. With facs. en ills. H. cloth, in — 4. 

A.o. about Spinoza's teacher Menasseh ben Israel (a.o. the friend of Rembrandt). 

301 GOEREE, W., De kerklijke en weereldlijke historien uyt d'aardbeschrijving 
en gedenk-penningen opgehelderd. Tweeden druk. Leyden, 1730. With front., 
portrait of Goeree by v. Gunst, 4 maps, 16 plates anci 98 engravings in the 
text by J. Goeree. Calf, in — 4. — Copy with large margins, v. d. Linde 87. 


Pp 664 — 677: Spinoza. On p. 668 Spinoza's portrait with the following curious poem 
by Goeree. 

„Zie hier Spinozaas Troni-Bceld, Vind in 's mans grond, (hoe schoonvcrnist,) 

Waar in de Jood naar 't leven speeld; 't Afdrukzel van een Ongodist. 

En in 't gelaat, een zedig wezen: 'k Wil 't Zedig wezen van Spinoza niet 

Maar die zijn schriften komd te lezen; [betwisten; 

Hij was een Wijsgeer: in Geloof, nog 

[Jood, nog Kristen". 

302 HORNIUS, G., Kerkelijke en wereldlijke historic, van de Scheppinge des 
Werelts tot 1666. Bijgev. sedert 1666 tot 1684 door Balth. Becker. Nevens 
vervolg tot 1696 door M. Leidekker. 3e dr. Amst., 1696. 4 parts, 1 vol. With 
20 engravings. Vellum, sm. in — 8. (title and front, strengthened). — v. d. Linde 68. 

Part II pp. 38 — 39 contains interesting though superficial biographical references about 
Spinoza by Balthasar Bekker (v. d. Linde, Bekker, 4) — See also no. 759 — 762. 

303 KORTHOLT, CHR., De tribus impostoribus magnis liber. Kiloni, 1680. 
Vellum, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 287. 

First edition of the sharp attack on the three impostors Herbert of Cherbury, Hobbes and 
Spinoza. Not to be confounded with Lucas' Traite des trois imposteurs. See also no. 
309—318, 333, 338, 694—698. 

304 De tribus impostoribus magnis. Hamburgi, J. Reumann, 1700. 

Vellum, in — 4. (browned, as usual) — v. d. Linde 82. 

The second edition, edited by the author's son Sebastian, who enlarged the work with an 
introduction describing the life of Spinoza. For this he made use of first-hand informations 
he received during his visit to Holland, from Spinoza's last landlord, the painter Van der 
Spyck. One of the important sources for the life of Spinoza, v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 60/61 

305 LEIBNIZ, G. G. — OTIUM Hanoveranum sive miscellanea ex ore et 
schedis iilustris viri... quondam notata... Cum ipsi in colligendis. . . rebus ad 
Historiam Brunsvicensem... navaret J. Fr. Fellerus. Additae... epistolae. Gallicae 
amoebeae Leibnitii & Pclissonii de tolcrantia religionum ... (et) vita Leibnitiana. 
Lipsiae, 1718. With portrait. Calf, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Contains his notes on Spinoza's ambition, outward appearance and way of living: recollec- 
tions from his visits to Spinoza at The Hague in the fall of 1675. See also no. 672 — 681. 

306 [LUCAS, J. M.], La vie de feu Monsieur de Spinosa. (With: L'esprit 
de Spinosa). Manuscript on paper, first part of the 18th century, compr. frontispiece: . 
pen-and-ink sketch showing a hand pointing from the clouds to a volume 
inscribed „B.D.S. Ces paroles sont Esprit et Vie"; 51 pp. for La Vie; 2 blank 
leaves; a similar sketch as the first; 140 pp. for L'Esprit. In its original calf 
binding, gilt back, in — 4. — In a modern h. morocco case. 

The Codex Towneley. From the description by Prof. A. Wolf, who edited the Ms. („The 
oldest biography of Spinoza", London 1927; with 2 facs. of the Ms.), we quote the 
following particulars: 

„A number of manuscript copies of the Lucas biography have been unearthed .. These 
manuscripts have all been examined by Freudenthal and Dunin-Borkowski. The fullest 
and most reliable account of the collations of the diff:.-rcnt manuscripts has been published 
by Dunin-Borkowski in the Archiv fiir Gcschichtc der Philosophic (vol. xviii, 1901). The 
main conclusion arrived at is that the best of the then known manuscripts, that is the one 
which gives a text most like the original Lucas biography, is the Paris manuscript. Codex 
No. 2235 in the Bibliotheque de I'Arscnal ... usually described as Codex A." 
„Since the publication of the results of DuninBorkouski's researches another important 
Lucas manuscript has come to light. For reasons to be explained presently, it will be 
<lescribcd as Codex Towneley, or Codex T for short. This manuscript appears to me to 
be both older and better than any other manuscript discovered hitherto. It has nearly 
all the good points of Codex A- and others besides..." 


„The story of the Towneley Codex has not yet been completely ascertained. The most 
important clue to it consists of a book-plate inside the front cover. It is the book-plate 
of John Towneley, of Towneley Hall, Lanes. J. T. was born in 1697, and died in 1782. 
He was in Paris in 1728 (and )held a commission in Rothe's Franco-Irish Infantry 
Regiment from 1731 onwards. The suggestion lies to hand that he probably picked up 
the manuscript in France or in the Low Countries". 

From internal evidence it would appear that this earliest Life of Spinosa was commenced 
shortly after Spinoza's death, in 1677, and finished either in 1678 or at the latest in 1688. 
It has been attributed to de Saint-Glain, but the evidence in favour of Lucas' authorship 
is much stronger, and the foremost Spinoza scholars who have made a special study 
of the subject (v. Dunin-Borkowski, Freudenthal, Meinsma, Meyer) agree in considering 
Lucas as the author of the „Vie de feu Mr. de Spinosa". 

Jean Max. Lucas, who died at the Hague in 1697, was presumably, like Descartes and 
other distinguished men, turned out by France, as too independent in thought and free in 
speech to feel safe in his native country. In Holland he conducted in turn various 
periodicals, and was arrested and fined repeatedly by the Dutch authorities for publishing 
things offensive to Louis XIV. 

Lucas was a free-thinker, apparently also a Rosicrucian. If he was the author of the Life 
of Spinoza, he was most probably also the author of the Spirit of Spinosa, which follows 
the Life in the Codex Towneley and several other manuscripts, and in one of the two 
editions printed in 1719. 

The Codex is written by a very neat and regular hand, and is in excellent condition. 
A document of primordial historical importance for the life of the great Dutch philosopher, 
and without any doubt in this field the most precious item. — See reproductions pi. II. 
and pi. III. 

307 La vie et I'esprit de Mr. Benoit de Spinosa. [Amsterdam, Charles le 

Vier], 1719. Green morocco with arms (18th century), gilt back, gilt borders on 
sides, inside dent., gilt edges, sm. in — 8. — Splendid copy. 

The first printed edition as an independent volume; of the utmost scarcity. Only one other 
copy known. The attack on Christianity contained in the second part of the work, 
L'esprit de Spinosa, provoked such consternation that the book was suppressed almost im- 
mediately after its publication, and this suppression was so rigid, that only t iv o copies 
are known to exist: the one in the University Library at Hale-Saale, and the 
present one. In the same year 1719, the first part only was published as an article in the 
Nouvelles Litteraires (vol. x, pp. 40 — 74); of this edition, which thus did not contain the 
Esprit, only three copies, now all in public libraries, have survived. See Wolf, The oldest 
biography of Spinoza, pp. 28 ff. and v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 46 ff. 

Facing the title-page there is mounted a copy of the (false) portrait of Spinoza „with 
the hat", engraved by Desrochers and first published in 1727 (see Altkirch p. 72/73). 
The copy, in a fire binding of the second half of the 18th century, is in excellent 
condition throughout. — See reproduction pi. I. 

308 La vie de Spinosa, par un de ses disciples. Nouv. ed. non tronquee, 

augmentee de qq. Notes et du Catalogue de ses ecrits, par un autre de ses 
disciples, etc. Hambourg, H. Kunraht, 1735. Full morocco, gilt back, gilt edges. 

This is really the first part of the complete Le Vier edition of 1719 (see above) re-issued 
with a new title-page and a modified preface, and without the L'Esprit de Spinosa. 
See Wolf, p. 29. Extremely rare; only six copies are known. This re-issue is very probably 
also published at Amsterdam. ,,Alle diese Exemplare sind bald verschoUen... sechs Exem- 
plare sind mir bekannt" (v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 47). — Fine copy in a charming modern 

309 Traife des trois imposteurs. N. pi. n. d. (Amsterdam, M. M. Rey, 

ca. 1768). Marbled calf, sm. in —8. — v. d. Linde 101a (Corrigenda).^ 

This work is not, as one would expect, the French translation of the well-known Latin 
treatise „De tribus impostoribus", but the same as L'esprit de Spinosa, very probably written 
by Lucas (see nr. 306 — 308). The book was placed on the Index in 1783- 
After the Traite there are included: Sentimens sur le Traite des trois imposteurs. 
Reponse a la dissertation de M. de La Monnoye sur le Traite des trois imposteurs 


(by P. F. Arpe or J. PvOusset de Missy; see Piesser, Das Buch „De tribus impostoribus", 
p. 92 — 96). Copie de I'article ... des Memoires de Litterature, imprimes a la Haye ... 1716. 
The present copy has no separate title-page, but is very probably in this state quite 
complete. The text begins on fol. A(l) v/ich a large heading comprising almost the top half 
of the page; and, wh:-n identical with the edition listed by v. d. Linds (Corrigenda, or. 
101a), it contains the right number of pages. Moreover one finds on one of the fly leaves 
an old (18th century.-*) inscription: „Cette edition est sans titre, et la meilleure". 
This very rare edition not in Presser. The place and date of publication are as given by 
Barbier IV, 788. 

Nice copy in its original binding, bound up with: (Voltaire or Bordes?), Le cathecumene 
(sic). N. pi. n. d. (Amst., M. M. Rey, ca 1768?). — 34 pp., without separate title-page. 
Barbier I, 535/36 m-cntions only an edition v/ith 28 pp., no title-page. 

310 Traite... N. pi., 1775. H. calf (mod), sm. in —8. — v. d. Linde 

101. Presser, p. 164, 3°? 

311 Traite... Amsterdam, 1776. H. morocco. Uncut copy. — Not in 

V. d. Linde. Presser, p. 164, 5°. 

312 Traite... N. pi., 1777. Calf, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde 

and Presser. 

Bound up with: La faussete des miracles des deux Testamens prouvee. .. Trad, du Ms. latin 
intitule: Theophrastus redivivus. Londres, 1775. — About the Theophrastus redivivus see 
V. Dunin-Borkowski I, 489 ff and 602 ff. Very scarce edition, with a disguised address, 
of this atheistic treatise. The author is still unknown. 

313 Traite... En Suisse, de I'imprimerie philosophique, 1793. Calf (front 

cover loose), in — 12. — v. d. Linde, 102. Presser, p. 164, 6°. 

314 Spinoza II oder Subiroth Sopim. Rom, bei der Wittwe Bona Spes, 

5770. (Berlin, Vieweg, 1785). Cloth, sm. in —8. — v. d. Linde 103. Presser 
p. 97/98. 

The first German translation of the Traite des trois imposteurs, enlarged by the unknown 
editor a.o. with an interesting preface. The words Subiroth Sopim form an anagram 
for Impostoribus. 

315 The three impostors. Transl. (with notes and illustr.) from the 

French edition, publ. at Amsterdam, 1776. Dundee, J. Myles, 1844. H. morocco 
(mod.), sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. Presser p. 98 (without having seen). 
First English edition. 

316 The same edition, republished. New York, G. Vale, 1846. H. 

morocco (mod.) with the orig.covers („The quarterly beacon") preserved. — 
Not in v. d. Linde. Presser p. 98 (without having seen). 
First American edition. 

317 — BIOGRAPHY, THE OLDEST, of Spinoza. Ed., with translat., introd., 
annotat., etc. by A. Wolf. Lond., 1927. With 2 portrs., 2 pits, and 2 facs. Cloth. 

Contains the text of the Townelcy Codex (see nr. 306) compared with that of the Parisian 
A Codex. 

318 — PRESSER, J., Das Buch „De tribus impostoribus" (von den drei 
Bctriigcrn). Amst., 1926. With facs. — With a bibliography. 

Of great interest a.o. for Lucas' biography of Spinoza. 

Sec also no. 32, 282, 290, 303—304, 333, 338, 344, 694—698, 1011. 

319 MEINSMA, K. O., Spinoza en zijn kring. Historisch-kritischc studicn over 
Hollandschc vrijgecsten. 's-Grav., 1896. — Important work. 


320 MEINSMA, K. O., Spinoza und sein Kreis. Historisch-kritische Studien 
iiber holliindische Frcigeister. Berlin, 1909. With portrait in colours. 

321 Die UnzLilanglichkeit der besherigen Biographien Spinoza's. 

's-Grav., 1896. H. doth. (In: Archiv fiir Gesch. der Philosophic, N. Folge IX, 2). 

322 MANAGE, [G.}, Menagiana ou bons mots, rencontres agreables, pensees 
judicieuses et observations curieuses. Amsterdam, 1693 — '95. 2 vols. With 2 
fronts. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

V. d. Linde (98) refers only to the edition 1715. Vol. II p. 15 gives the (untrue) story 
of Spinoza's visit to France and of his flight from there. 

323 Menagiana, ou bons mots, rencontres agreables, pensees judicieuses, 

et observations curieuses. [Vol. I]. 2e Ed. Par., 1695. With front. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

324 Menagiana, ou bons mots, rencontres agreables, pensees judicieuses, 

et observation curieuses. 3e Ed. Amsterdam, 1713 — 16. 4 vols. With fronts. H. calf 
(one joint broken), sm. in — 8. 

The story about Spinoza is found in vol. II, p. 16. Vol. IV pp. 374 — 418 cont. „Lettre... sur 
le pretendu livre des trois Imposteurs." The author of this letter is Bernard de la Monnoie, 
the editor of this edition of the Menagiana. An excerpt of this letter was added to most 
of the editions of Lucas' Traite des trois imposteurs (no. 309 — 318). 

325 Menagiana ou les bons mots et remarques critiques, historiques, 

morales et d'erudition: Recueillies par ses Amis. Nouv. ed. Paris, Delaulne, 1741. 
4 vols. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

Vol. Ill pp. 30 — 31 the story about Spinoza. Vol. IV pp. 283 — 312 the letter of de 
la Monnoie. 

326 MEYER, W., De woning van Despinoza op de Stille Veerkade. 's-Grav., 
1902. Cloth. (In: Die Haghe. Bijdragen en mededelingen). 

327 Reinsburch. Leiden, 1909. With ills. (In: Jaarboekje v. Leiden en 

Rijnland, jrg. 6). 

328 PARIVAL, J. de, Les delices de la HoUande. Avec un traite du gouverne- 
ment, et un abrege de ce qui s'est passe de plus memorable jusques a 1661. Leide, 
1662. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Contains p. 179/180 an early reference to the League of freethinkers at Rijnsburg. 

329 PHILIPSON, M., Leben Benedikt's von Spinosa. Braunschweig, 1790. H. 
calf, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 114. 

330 SAINT-EVREMOND, Oeuvres meslees. 2e ed. Londres, 1709. 3 vols. 
With 3 (repeated) portraits by Gunst. Marbled calf, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 95. 

Contains several highly interesting references to Spinoza, e.g. vol. I p. XXIX: "M. de 
St. Evremond se fit aussi un plaisir de voir quelques savans et quelques philosophes 
celebres qui etoient alors a la Haye, et particulierement Messieurs Heinsius, Vossius et 
Spinoza. „Ce dernier, me disoit-il un jour, avoir la taille mediocre et la physionomie 
agreable. Son savoir, sa modestie, et son desinteressement le saisoient estimer et rechercher 
de toutes les personnes d'Esprit qui se trouvoient a la Haye. II ne paroissoit point dans 
ses Conversations ordinaires qu'il eut les sentimes qu'on a ensuite trouves dans ses Oeuvres 
Posthumes...". See about St. Evremond a.o. Meinsma p. 333 ff and v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 

331 Works. Made English: With the life of the author by Des Maizeaux. 

Added the memoirs of the Dutchess of Mazarin, etc. 2nd Ed. London, 1728. 
3 vols. With 3 portraits. Calf. 


332 SAINT-EVREMOND, Examen de la religion, dont on cherche 
reclaircissement de bonne froy. Trevoux, 1745. Red morocco (rebacked) 

333 SPINOZA. Lebensbeschreibungen und Gesprache. Uebertr. und hrsg. v. 
C. Gebhardt. Leipzig, 1914. H. cloth. 

Biographies by Jarig Jelles, Lucas, Kortholt, Bayle, Colerus and Stolle-Hallmann. 

334 [STOUPPE, J. B.}, La religion des Hollandois representee en plusieurs 
Lettres ecrites par un Officier de I'Armee du Roy a un Pasteur et Professeur 
en Theologie de Berne. Paris, Fr. Clousier (et) P. Auboiiin, 1673. Calf, with 
gilt coat of arms (Ferrand), sm. in — 8. 

The original edition (v. d. Linde only mentions the edition-Cologne, 1673). Author 
of this curious little work is Jean Baptiste Stouppe, lieutenant of a Swiss regiment in 
French service during the war with the Netherlands. It was he who handed the invitation 
of Conde to Spinoza in 1673 (see nr. 14, 287). Pp. 91 — 95, 152 seq. of this work deal 
with Spinoza about whom is a.o. said: „C'est un homme qui est ne Juif, qui s'appelle 
Spinola (sic!) qui n'a point abjure la Religion des Juifs, ny embrasse la Religion 
Chretienne; aussi il est tres-mechant Juif, et n'est pas meilleur Chrestien". See about 
Stouppe a.o. Meinsma p. 364 seq. Dunin-Borkowski I, 37 seq. 

335 The same. Cologne, Pierre Marteau, 1673. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — 

V. d. Linde 63. Willems 1878 note. 

The „Cologne" reprint; but, like most others with the same address, from a Dutch or 
Belgian press. 

336 — BRUN, J., La veritable religion des Hollandois... Contre le libelle 

diffamatoire de Stoupe, qui a pour titre La religion des Hollandois. Cy est joint 

Le conseil d'extorsion ou la volerie des Francois en la ville de Nimegue. Amst., 

A. Wolfgank, 1675. 2 parts, 1 vol. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 67. 

Willems 1889. 

The author, whose real name was Braun, combats Stouppes conceptions about Spinoza 
and his philosophy. 

337 COLLECTION of lantern-slides. About 200 pieces. In a wooden box. 

This material was used frequently by Prof. Wolf, when giving lectures on Spinoza. A 
documentary collection. 


338 SPINOZA, Opera quae supersunt omnia. Itcrum edenda curavit, 
praefationes, vitam auctoris... addidit H. E. G. Paulus. Jena, 1802 — '03. 2 vols. 
With portrait of Spinoza by Lips. H. calf. — v. d. Linde 38. 

First critical edition of Spinoza's works. Vol. 2 contains: Collectanea de vita B. de Spinoza 
(Colerus, Lucas, Kortholt, etc.). See also no. 1297. 

339 DESCARTES ET SPINOZA, Praecipua opera philosophica. Rccogn. C. 

Ricdcl. Lipsiac, 1843. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. morocco, sm. in — 4. — v. d. Linde 40. 

Contains Cartesii meditationes. Spinozac disscrtationcs philosopliicae (De emcndationc in- 
tellcctus, Tractatus politicus, De iurc ecclcsiasticorum) — Ethica. 

340 SPINOZA, Opera quae supersunt omnia. Ed. C. H. Bruder. Lips., 1843— '46. 

3 voLs. With Supplementii.m [Ed. J. v. Vloten]. Amst., 1862. With portr. Together 

4 vols. H. morocco, t.c.g., sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 41 and 50. See also 
no. 1298, 1299. 


341 SPINOZA, The same. Recogn. J. v. VIoten et J. P. N. Land. Ed. 3a. Hagae 
Com., 1914. 4 vols. Cloth. 

342 The same. Im Auftrag der Heidelberger Akademie der Wissen- 

schaften hrsg. von C. Gebhardt. Heidelberg, [1925]. 4 vols. With 4 portraits. 
Vellum, in — 4. — Very fine copy. 

Nr. 10 of the 50 copies printed on handmade Dutch paper and bound in vellum. See also 
no. 1300. 

343 Die unvollendcten Lateinischen Abhandlungen. Hrsg. v. H. Gins- 
berg. Heidelberg, 1882. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. cloth. — See also no. 1301. 

Opera philosophica, vol. IV. See for vol I — III nrs. 382, 432, 365. 

Contains besides the introduction: Principiae philosophiae Cartesianae — Appendix 

continens Cogita metaphysica — De intellectus emendatione — Tractatus politicus. 

344 Oeuvres completes. Trad, (en partie pour la prem. fois) et annot. 

p. J. G. Prat. Vol, I and 2 (all published). Paris, 1863—72. 2 vols. With 
portrait and facs. H. calf. — v. d. Linde 46. 

Contains: Vie de S. par Lucas — Colerus — Principes de la philosophie de Descartes 
et Meditationes metaphysiques — Traite Theologico-Politique. — See also no. 1302 — 1304. 

345 Oeuvres. Trad, et annot. p. Ch. Appuhn. Paris, 1929. 3 vols. H. calf. 

346 Chief works. Transl. with introd. by R. H. M. Elwes. London, 

1883—84. 2 vols. Cloth. 

347 The same. Revised ed. London, 1900 — 03. 2 vols. Cloth. 

348 Selections. Ed. by J. Wild. London, 1930. Cloth. 

Improvement of understanding — God, man, and his well-being — Ethic (p. 94 — 400) — 

349 — PHILOSOPHY OF SPINOZA. Translated bv R. H. M. Elwes. With an 
introd. by Fr. Sewall. New York, 1936. Cloth. 

Cont.: On the improvement of understanding — Ethics — Correspondance. 

See also no. 1305. 

350 — PHILOSOPHY, THE, OF SPINOZA. Selected from his chief works. 
With a life of Spinoza and an introd. by J. Ratner. New York, 1927. Calf. 

351 Sammtliche Werke. Aus dem Lat. mit dem Leben Spinoza's von B. 

Auerbach. Band II — V (last). Stuttgart, 1841. 4 vols. Cloth. — See also no. 
1306, 1307. 

352 Ueber Heilige Schrift, Judenthum, Recht der hochsten Gewalt in 

geistlichen Dingen, und Freyheit zu philosophiren. Aus dem Lat. [von S. H. 
Ewald}. Gera, 1787. H. morocco (mod.). (Spinoza's Philos. Schriften I) — v. d. 
Linde 42a. 

353 Von den festen und ewigen Dingen. Uebertr. und eingel. von C. 

Gebhardt. Heidelberg, 1925. Cloth, sm. m — 8. 

De intellectus e.mendatione — Ethica — Traaatus politicus. 

354 DE9SAUER, M., Der Sokrates der. Neuzeit u. sein Ged^nkenischatz. 
Samtliche Schriften Spinoza's kurz gefasst. Cothen, 1877. H. cloth. 

355 UREN met Spinoza. Keur van stukken uit zijne werken. Vert., m. ink 
en aanteekeningen, d. J. D. Bierens de Haan. Baarn, 1913. 



356 SPINOZA, Renati Des Cartes principiorum philosophiae more geometrico 
demonstrata. Access, ejusdem Cogitata metaphysica. Amsc, J. Rieuwerts, 1663. 
Vellum, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 1. 

The Principia is the first printed work of Spinoza and the first one with his full name 
on the title-page. The preface was written by his friend Lod. Meyer (see nr. 364, 426, 
427, 433), who also edited the work, because Spinoza, living at Rijnsburg at that time, 
could not supervise the printing himself. 

Bound up with: (Spinoza), Tractatus theologico-politicus. Hamburgi, H. Kiinrath 
(Amsterdam, J. Rieuwertsz.), 1670. — Issue D of the first edition. Unknown 
to V. d. Linde. See nr. 363*. 

357 Renatus des Cartes beginzelen der wijsbegeerte, na de meetkonstige 

wijze beweezen. Mitsg. deszelfs Overnatuurkundige gedachten. Vertaalt door 
P(ieter) B(alling). Amst., J. Rieuwertsz, 1664. Vellum, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 2. 

Very scarce first Dutch translation, also published with the full name of Spinoza on 
the title. The translator was a close friend of Spinoza and author of „Het licht op 
den Kandelaar" (1662) — see Meinsma p. 215. 

358 The principles of Descartes' philosophy. Transl. by H. H. Britan. 

Chicago, 1905. With portrait. H. calf. 

359 R. Descartes' Prinzipien der Philosophie in geometr. Weise be- 

griindet. Mit Anhang: Metaphysische Gedanken. Abhandlung iiber die 

Verbesserung des Verstandes. Uebers. und erliiutert v. J. H. v. Kirchmann. 
Berhn, 1871. 2 vols, in one. H. calf. 

360 Descartes' Prinzipien der Philosophie in geometrischer Weise 

begriindet. Mit Anhang: Metaphysische Gedanken. Kurzgefasste Abhand- 
lung von Gott. dcm Menschen und dessen Gliick. Abhandlung iiber die 

Verbesserung des Verstandes, und Politische Abhandlung. — Uebers. von J. H. 
V. Kirchmann u. C. Schaarschmidt. Berlin, 1871 — '88. 3 parts, 1 vol. Cloth. 
(Philos. Bi'bl.). 


361 [SPINOZA], Tractatus theologico-politicus. Hamburgi, Henr. Kiinrath 
[Amst., J. Rieuwertsz], 1670. Vellum, in — 4. — This issue not in v. d. Linde. 

The only work of Spinoza published under his own supervision, but anonymous and with 
a faked address. First edition issue A, extraordinarily scarce. Land speaking about the 
differences between the 4 issues (Over vier drukken met het jaartal 1670 van Spinoza's 
Tractatus theologico-politicus) says a.o. that he only knew one copy (at Koningsbergen). 
Issue A is to be considered as the best being printed directly from the manuscript. 
According to v. d. Linde the printer of the book was a certain Christ. Conrad, but later 
investigations showed that it was actually printed by Jan Rieuwertsz, the same who had 
published the Principia. The work was prohibited Under Willem III on the 19th of July 
1674 (Knuttcl, Verbodcn boeken, 391). 

362 [ ] Tractatus theologico-politicus. Hamburgi, Henr. Kiinraht 

[Amsterdam, J. Rieuwertsz], 1670. Calf (rebacked) in — 4. — This issue not 
in V. d. Linde. 

Issue B. For details about the book, see our note on the preceding number. 

363 [ ] Tractatus theologico-politicus. Hamburgi, Henr. Kiinrath 

[Amsterdam, J. Rieuwertsz.], 1670. Vellum, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 3. 

Issue C. For details about the book, see no. 361. 

Bound up with: F. Cupcrus, Arcana athcismi revelata, examine Tractatus thcologico- 

politici. Roterodami, Is. Naeranus, 1676. — v. d. Linde 365. 


363* [SPINOZA], Tractatus theologico-politicus. Hamburgi, Henr. Kunrath 
{Amsterdam, J. Ricuwertsz.], 1670. — This issue not in v. d. Linde. Bound up 
with: Spinoza's Principia. — See no. 356. 
Issue D. For details about the book, see no. 361. 

364 [ } Tractatus theologico-poHticus, cui adjuncrus est {Lod. Meyer], 

Philosophia S. Scripturae interpres. Ab authore longe emendatior. N. pi., 1674. 
2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 7. 

The second edition, with the correct title for both works and with the two blank leaves. 
To mislead the authorities there were copies sold with spurious titles as F. H. de Villacorta 
Opera chirurgica, or: D. Hcinsii Operum historicorum coUectio I, II. 

Some marginal annotations in ink, otherwise good copy of this extremely scarce edition, 
of which V. d. Linde could not trace a copy in the Netherlands: he only refers to the copy 
at Gottingen. 

365 Der theologisch-politische Tractat. [Latin text}. Mit Einleitung hrsg. 

von H. Ginsberg. Leipzig, 1877. H. cloth. 

Opera philosophica, vol. III. See for vol. I, II and IV nrs. 382, 432, 343. Pp. 241 — 336: 
A reprint of the article of Bayle (from his famous Dictionnaire historique et critique; 
see no. 2 — 6) about Spinoza. 

366 Adnotationes ad Tractatum theologico-politicum. Ex autographo ed. 

ac praef. est, add. notitia scriptorum philosophi, Chr. Th. de Murr. Hagae Com., 
1802. With portrait and facs. H. cloth, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 8. 

the scarce first edition of the original text of these annotions added by de Saint-Glain 
to his translation (1678) of the Tractatus into French (see nr. 370 — 373). The book 
was not published in The Hague, as stated on the title-page, but probably in Niirnberg. 

367 [ } De rechtzinnige theologant, of godgeleerde staatkundige verhande- 

linge. Uit het Latijn vertaalt [door J. H. Glazemaker] . Hamburg, Henr. Koenraad, 
1693. H. calf (mod.), in -A. — v. d. Linde 17. 

The very rare first Dutch edition of the Tractatus theologico-politicus. The work has nut 
been printed at Hamburg, the address being only a Dutch version of the one used for the 
Latin edition 1670, which was a faked one. Without any doubt the book was printed 
in Holland, but the name of the publisher is still unknown. 

368 Godgeleerd-staatkundig vertoog. Uit het Latijn d. W. Meyer. Inl. 

V. J. P. H. Land. Amst., 1894. Cloth. 

369 The same. Amst., n. d. W. Meyer, Aanteekeningen op het God- 
geleerd-staatkundig vertoog. Amsterdam, 1901. In one vol. H. calf. 

370 [ } La clef du sanctuaire. Leyde, P. Warnaer, 1678. H. calf (19th 

cent.), sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 10. 

Disguised French translation of the Tractatus theologico-politicus by De Saint-Glain. As 
the work was forbidden in 1674, the title was changed. The same translation was also 
published under the titles „Reflexions curieuses d'un esprit desinteresse" and „Traite des 
ceremonies superstitieuses des juifs" (see no. 371 — 3). 

The translation is historically important, as it contains at the end (30 pages) „Remarques 
curieuses et necessaires pour I'intelligence de ce livre", cont. annotations by Spinoza 
himself about the Treatise, written in the margins of a copy of the Tractatus only a few 
months before his death. They are published here for the first time. For the Latin text 
see nr. 366. 

371 The same edition, same issue, but with title: Reflexions curieuses 

d'un esprit des-interesse sur les matieres les plus importantes au salut, tant public 
que particulier. Cologne, Claude Emanuel, 1678. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — 
V. d. Linde 11. 


372 [SPINOZA}. — The same edition, with the titles Reflexions curieuses 

(as the former item), and Traite des ceremonies superstitieuses des juifs tant 

anciens que modernes. Amst., J. Smith, 1678. Calf, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 12 (.'). 

The second issue of the same work, printed with a clearer rype and with the misprint 
PREEACE on page 16. 

373 The same edition, second issue, with the tloree titles: Clef du 

sanctuaire, Ceremonies superstitieuses and Reflexions curieuses. Calf (one joint 

weak), sm. in — 8. 

One of the scarce copies with all three titles. 

374 Theologisch-politische Abhandlung. Uebers. u. erlaut. v. J. H. v. 

Kirchmann. Berlin, 1870—71. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. calf. — v. d. Linde 21. 

375 The same. Uebers. v. J. Stern. Leipzig, [1886]. Cloth, sm. in — S. 

376 The same. Uebertr. and eingel. v. C. Gebhardt. Leipzig, 1908. H. 

calf. (Philos. BiBl). 

377 [ ] A treatise partly theological and partly political, containing some 

few discourses, to prove that the liberty of philosophizing... may be allow 'd 
without any prejudice to piety, or to the peace of any common- wealth... etc. 
Transl. out of Latin. London, 1689. Old red morocco. — v. d. Linde 13. 

The scarce first English edition of the Tractatus theologico-politicus. v. d. Linde mentions 
only the copy at the British Museum. 


378 S[PINOZA}, B. d[e], Opera posthuma. [Amst., J. Rieuwertsz}, 1677. 
With portrait of Spinoza and some woodcut figs. Vellum, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 22. 

First edition of Spinoza's posthumous works, compr. a.o. his famous Ethica. The book was 
edited by Jarig Jelles, one of Spinoza's best friends. Only one day before his death 
Spinoza arranged that his posthumous works should be sent to Jan Rieuwertsz in Amster- 
dam, who also published his Principia of Descartes and the Tractatus theologico-politicus. 
In the book neither author, nor place nor editor are mentioned. This was no superfluous 
precaution, for in 1678, hardly one year after Spinoza's death, the work was already 
prohibited by the States of Holland as being „prophaen, athcistisch cnde blasphement" 
(Knuttel 377). — Contains 1 Ethica. 2 Politica. 3 De emcndatione intellectus. 4 Epistolae, 
et ad eas responsiones. 5 Compendium grammaticcs linguae Hcbracae (112 pp., with 
separate title and pagination). The preface, written by Jarig Jelles was translated by 
J. Hz. Glazemaker, and not by Lod. Meyer as was supposed before. 

Fine copy with the portrait, which is found only in a very small number of copies. 
See reproduaion pi. II. • 

379 The same. Vellum, in — 4. Bound up with: Vedelius Rhapsodus 

sive vindiciae doctrinae Remonstrantium, a criminationibus & calumniis Nic. 
Vcdclii... Quas Rhapsodiarum. . . inscripsit Arcana Arminianismi. Har- 
dcrvici, 1633. 

380 Nagclatcn schriften. [Amst., J. Rieuwertsz], 1677. With (extra) 

portrait of Spinoza. Vellum, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 23. 

The rare first Dutch edition of the opera posthuma, translated by J. Hz. Glazemaker and 
publish'.d by Jan Ri.-uwertsz in Amsterdam. This translation was also proliihitcd in 1678 
(see Knuttel 377). Copy with the fine portrait, added to very few copies. — See repro- 
duction pi. II. 


381 S[PINOZA}, B. dCe], Nagelaten schriften. [Amsr., J. Rieuwertsz], 1677. 
H. calf, richly gilt back, in — 4. 

Magnificent copy on large paper but without the portrait which is found in some copies 
(see the preceding number). 

382 Ethik. Im Urtexte hrsg., mit Einleitung iiber dessen Leben, 

Schriften u. Lehre, v. H. Ginsberg. Leipz., 1875. H. cloth. 
Opera philosophica, vol. I. — See for vol. 2 — 4 nrs. 432, 365, 343. 

383 Ethica. Miinchen, Rupprecht-Presse, 1920. Orig. boards, in — 4. — 

Limited edition of only 150 copies on old Dutch paper. 

384 Etica. Testo Latino con note di G. Gentile. Bari, 1915. Cloth. 

385 Ethica. Vert. d. H. Gorter. 's-Grav., 1895. H. calf (one joint broken). 

386 Ethica. Vert. d. J. C. Logemann. Amst., 1902. Cloth (orig. covers 

bound in). 

387 Ethica. Vert. d. N. v. Suchtelen. Amst., n. d. With 2 portrs. Cloth. 

388 Ethica op meetkundige wijze uiteengezet. Uit het Latijn d. W. 

Meyer. 2e dr. Amsterdam, 1905. Cloth. 

389 The same. 3e dr. Amsterdam, 1923. With portr. H. cloth, in — 4. 

390 Ethique. Traduction inedite de H. de Boulainvilliers publ. p. F. 

Colonna D'Istria. Paris, 1907. H. calf. 

Henri de Boulainvilliers (1658 — -1722) was one of the earliest Spinoza-translators. See 
nr. 768. 

391 Ethique. Trad, de R. Lautzenberg, Paris, (1908). 

392 Ethique. Introd., trad, et notes p. G. iVIaire. Paris, [1929]. With 

portrait. H. calf, sm. in — 8. 

393 De la droite maniere de vivre. Trad, et annot. p. J. G. Prat. 2e ed. 

Paris, 1877. Cloth (original covers bound in), sm. in — 8. 

394 Ethic. Transl. by W. H. White. London, 1883. Cloth. 

395 The same. Revised by A. H. Stirling. 2nd ed. London, 1894. Cloth. 

396 The same. 4th Ed. London, 1910. Cloth. 

397 Ethics. From the Latin. With a sketch of Spinoza's life and writings 

(by D. D. S.) New York, 1888. Cloth. 

398 PHILOSOPHY, THE, OF SPINOZA as contained m the 1st, 2nd, 

and 5th parts of the "Ethics", and in extracts from the 3rd and 4th. Transl. and 
ed. by G. S. Fullerton. 2nd Ed. New York, 1907. Cloth. 

399 Sittenlehre, widerleget von dem beriihmten Weltweisen unserer 

Zeit Herrn Christian Wolf. A. d. Lat. (by J. L. Schmidt). Frankfurt u. Leipzig, 
1744. H. morocco. — v. d. Linde 25. 

The scarce first edition of the Ethica in German. Wolfs refutation comprises a separate 
part of 128 pp., translated from his Theologia naturalis (1737) (see no. 943). 


400 SPINOZA, Ethik, nebst den Briefen welche sich auf der Ethik beziehen. 
Uebersetzt von F. W. V. Schmidt. Band I (all published): Die Ethik. Berlin, 1812. 
H. calf (mod.). — v. d. Linde 26. 

401 Ethik. Uebers. v. J. Stern. Leipzig, [1887}. Cloth, sm. in —8. 

402 The same. 3. Aufl. Leipzig, n. d. Cloth, sm. in — 8. (Reclam). 

403 Ethik. Nach der Uebers. von B. Auerbach hrsg. v. A. Buchenau. 

Berlin, n. d. Cloth, sm. in — 8. 

404 Ethik. Deutsch von C. Vogl. Leipzig, 1909. 

405 Ethik. Leipzig, 1923. Boards, sm. in — 8. 

406 Ethik. Uebers. von O. Baensch. Darmstadt, Ernst Ludwig Presse, 

1920. H. veUum. 

Limited edition of 150 numbered copies, printed in black and red. 

407 Ethik. In verkiirzter Uebers. v. M. Kronenberg. (Stuttg.), n. d. Cloth. 

408 Etica. Parti I e II ed estratti delle parti III — V a cura di A. Guzzo. 

Firenze, 1924. Cloth. 

409 Thorath Hamidath (Ethica). Transl. by Klatzkin. Leipzig, 1924. 

H. morocco (orig. covers bound in). 
The Hebrew translation of the Ethics. 

See also no. 142, 145. 

410 Tractatus politicus. Hilversum, Heuvelpers, 1928. In sheets. 

Printed in black and red in 125 numbered copies by S. H. de Roos on his handpress in his 
specially designed „Mcidoorn"-type. 

411 Staatkundig vertoog of verhandeling. Uit h. Latijn d. W. Meyer. 

Amsterdam, 1901. Cloth. 

412 Der politische Traktat. Uebers. v. J. Stern. Leipzig, n. d. Cloth. 

413 Tractatus de intellectus emendatione. Transl. by W. White, revised 

by A. H. Stirling. London, 1899. Cloth. 

414 Abhandlung iiber die Vcrbesserung dcs Verstandcs und Politische 

Abhandlung. Uebers. und erl. von J. H. v. Kirchmann. Berl, 1871. (Phil. Bibl), 

415 SPINOZA, „Stcllkonstige rceckcning van den rcgenboog" and „Reecke- 
ning van kanssen" Two nearly unknown treatises. Reimpr. by D. Bierens de 
Haan (after the edition 's-Grav., 1687). Leiden, 1884. >5<7ith some figs. 
Boards, in — 4. 

416 Tractatus de Deo ct homine ciusque felicitate. Lineamenta atque 

Adnotationes ad Tractatum theologico-politicum. Ed. ct illustr. E. Boehmer. Halae, 
1852. H. cloth, in -4. — v. d. Linde 49. 

First edition of the then recently found Tractatus de Deo et homine. 


417 SPINOZA. ,JKorte verhandeling van God, de mensch en deszelfs webtand" 
Tractatuli deperditi de Deo et homine cjusque felicitate versio belgica. Ed. Car. 
Schaarschmidt. Amst., 1869. With portrait of Spinoza in colours. H. calf. — 
V. d. Linde 51. 
First edition of the newly found original Dutch text. Copy from the library of E. Zeller. 

418 The same. In de taal van onzen tijd d. W. Meyer. Amst., 1899. Cloth. 

419 Diem, I'homme et la beatitude. Trad, pour la le fois p. P. Janet. 

Paris, 1878. H. calf, sm. in —8. 

420 Short treatise on God, Man and human welfare. Transl. by L. G. 

Robinson. Chicago, 1909. With portrait. Cloth. 

Pp. 169 — 178: Glossary of terms, English, Dutch, German. 

421 Short treatise on God, man, and his well-being. Transl. and ed. 

with an introd. and comm. by A. Wolf. London, 1910. With facs, etc. Cloth. 
Prefixed the life of Spinoza (103 pp.) and the History of the Short treatise (27 pp.). 

422 Tractat von Gott, dem Menschen und dessen Gliickseligkeit. Erlaut. 

und in seiner Bedeutung fiir das Verstandniss der Spinozismus untersucht v. Chr. 
Sigwart. Gotha, 1866. H. cloth. — v. d. Linde 144. 
Freudenthal's copy with several pencil-annotations. 

423 Kurzer Tractat von Gott, dem Menschen und dessen Gliickseligkeit. 

Auf Grund einer neuen Vergleichuns der HSS. iibers. v. Chr. Sigwart. 2. Ausg. 
Freiburg, n. d. H. cloth. — Title-edition ot v. d. Linde 53. 

424 Kurzgefasste Abhandlung von Gott, dem Menschen und dessen 

Gliick. Uebers. von C. Schaarschmidt. Die Briefe mehrerer Gelehrten an Spinoza 
und dessen Antworten. Uebers. von J. H. v. Kirchmann. /. H. v. Kirchmann, 
Erlauterungen zu Spinoza's Briefwechsel. Berlin, 1869 — 72. 3 parts, 1 voL 
H. calf. (Philos. Bibl.). 

425 Kurze Abhandlung von Gott, dem Menschen und seinem Gliick. 

Uebertr. und hrsg. v. C. Gebhart. Leipzig, 1922. H. cloth. 

See also A of this Section. 

426 [MEYER, LOD. ')}, Philosophia S. Scripturae interpres. Eleutheropoli 
(Amsterdam), 1666. P. Serarius '), Responsio ad Exercitationem paradoxam. 
Amsterdam, Chr. Cunrad, 1667. In 1 vol. H. calf>, in — 4. 

1) V. d. Linde 56. First edition of this treatise by one of Spinoza's friends, published 
by Rieuwertsz and later on, also anonymous, reprinted in S.'s Tracta!us (see nr. 364). 
It was generally accepted as being written by Spinoza himself; it caused much discussion 
and several answers were written against it. See Meinsma 268/269 and v. Dunin-Borkowski 

IV. 86/87. 

2) Extremely scarce answer on Meyer's Philosophia interpres. Not in v. d. Linde. See 
Meinsma p. 269 who knew only the Dutch edition of the same year. About Serarius, one 
of the Collegiants and a friend of Spinoza, see further Meinsma p. 212 ff. 

427 [ } De philosophie d'uytleghster der H. Schrifture. Een wonder- 

spreuckigh tractaat. U. h. Latijn. Vrystadt (Amsterdam), 1667. H. calf, in — 4. 

V. d. Linde 58. The very scarce translation of „Philosophia S. Scripturae interpres" (no. 426). 


428 LA COURT, P. de — CONSTANS, L. A., De jure ecclesiasticorum liber 
sin^ularis. Alethopoli, 1665. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 54. 

One of the Opera apocrypha, of which Spinoza himself declared that he had not written it. 
The work originates from the circle of John de Witt. According to Colerus Ludwig 
Meyer was the author, Leibniz, who knew both Spinoza and de la Court, however supposed 
that the latter wrote it (L.A.C. = La Court). The work is to be considered as the 
immediate precursor of the Tractatus Theologico-politicus. Riedel inserted it in his 
Spinoza edition. — See Freud. -Gebhardt I, 153. 

429 [CARROLL. W.], Spinoza reviv'd or a treatise proving the book entitled 
The rights of the Christian church etc, to be the same with Spinoza's Rights 
of the Christian Clergy, etc. Added a discourse relating to the said book by 
G. Hicks. London, 1709. 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 55. 
The anonymous author of the above work is William Carroll, English theologian. The 
"Right of the Christian Clergy" is one of the opera apocrypha, wrongly ascribed to 
Spinoza by Carroll and his contemporaries. It was actually written by Lucius Antistius 
Constans [pseudonym for De La Court (van den Hove)] (see no. 428). The author of the 
first work quoted in this title "The rights of the Christian church" was Matthew Tindal. 

Ebn Yokdhan, in het Arabisch beschrceven. Uit de Lat. overscttinge van E. 
Pocock in het Nederduitsch vert. d. S.D.B. Amsterdam, W. Lamsveld, 1701. 
With front, and 8 pits, by Lamsvelt. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

Unknown to Staverman. Illustrated reprint of the 1672 edition. At the end an index of 
17 pages. — The translation is possibly by Spinoza himself: the initials of the translator 
S.D.B. could stand for B(en.) D(e) S(pinoza). See Meinsma p. 440 note 2 (who also does 
not mention this reprint by Lamsveld). 

A curious coincidence is, that in the Bibl. Rosenthaliana at Amsterdam a copy of this work 
is found in its original edition, together with a copy of Spinoza's Opera posthuma (1677), 
in one contemporary binding. 

431 Dc natuurlyke wysgeer, of het leven van Hai Ebn Jokdan, in het 

Arabisch beschreven. Uit de Lat. overzetting v. E. Poco(c)k in het Nederduitsch 
vert. d. S.D.B. Op nieuws met aanmerk. verrykt. Rotterdam. P. v. d. Veer, 1701, 
With front and 5 pits. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

Staverman Fib (without having seen). Another reprint of the 1672 edition, but with 
an added preface of the publisher and another set of plates. At the end Van der Veer's 
catalogue of his publications (14 pp.). From the Scheurleer-collection with bookplate. 
See also no. 224, 529 — 532 and A of this Section. 


432 SPINOZA, Briefwechsel im Urtexte. Hrsg. von H. Ginsberg. Angehiingt 
La vie de Spinoza p. Jean Colerus. Leipzig, 1876. H. cloth, sm. in — 8. 
Opera philosophica, vol. II. For vol. I, III and IV see nrs. 382, 365, 343. 

433 NACHBILDUNG dcr im jahrc 1902 noch crhaltenen cigen- 

handigen Bricfc des Bcnedictus Dcspinoza. Hrsg. von W. Meyer. Haag, 1903. 
Calf portfolio, sm. in — folio. — Limited edition of 100 (.-') copies. 
Facsimiles of letters to Oldenburg, Lod. Meyer, v. Blyenbcrgh, Sciiullcr, a.o. 

434 BRIEVEN van en aan Bcnedictus dc Spinoza, benevens des schryvers 

Betoog over het zuivcrc dcnkcn. (Vert. d. W. Meyer). Amsterdam, 1897. Cloth. 

435 Lettrcs incditcs en fran<;ais. Trad, ct annot. p. j. G. Prat. Paris, 

1885. With portrait and facs. H. calf, sm. in — 8. 


436 SPINOZA, Correspondence. Translated and edited by A, Wolf. London, 
1928. With portraits and ills. Cloth. 

437 BRIEFE mehrcrer Gelehrten an Spinoza und dessen Antworten. 

Uebers. und erl. v. J. H. v. Kirchmann. /. H. v. Kirchmann, Erliiuterungen zu 
Spinoza's Briefwechsel. Berlin, 1871—72. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. cloth. (Phil. Bibl.; 

438 Briefwechsel. Uebertr. von C. Gebhardt. Leipzig, 1914. Cloth. 

439 Briefwechsel und andere Dokumente. Ausgew. und iibertr. von 

J. Blumstein. Leipzig, 1916. H. cloth. 

See also no. 346, 400, 424 and A and D of this Section. 


440 ABOAB, IS., Menorath Hamaar sive Ethica. Amsterdam, 1722. With front. 
Cloth (mod.), sm. in — folio. — Hebrew text with German translation (in 
Hebrew types) by M. Frankfort. 

Isaac Aboab of Fonseca, for many years a rabbi of the Portuguese Jewish Community 
at Amsterdam, proclaimed together with rabbi Morteira Spinoza's excommunication, in 
1656. His writings are of a pronounced caballistic tendency. 

Isaac Abravanel. Six lectures. With introd. essay by H. Loewe. Ed. by J. B. Trend 
and H. Loewe. Cambr., 1937. Cloth. 

Abravanel (1437 — 1508) was a learned Jewish rabbi of the Italian Renaissance, whose 
influence (and that of his famous son Leone Ebreo) on Spinoza has been very strong. 

442 — GUTTMANN, J., Die religionsphilosophischen Lehren des Isaak 
Abravanel. Breslau, 1916. H. cloth. — See also no. 568. 

443 ALBO, JOS., Sefer Ha- 'Ikkarim. Book of principles. Ed. by Is. Husik. 
Philadelphia, 1929— '30. 3 vols. With 3 facs. Cloth, sm. in —8. — Hebrew 
text with English translation and notes. 

See V. Dunin-Borkowski I, 551 — 552. 

444 ALEXANDER ab ALEXANDRO, Genialium dierum libri sex, cum 
comment. A. Tiraquelli, D. Gothofredi, J. C. Chr. Coleri et Nic. Merceri. 
Lugd. Bat., Off. Hackiana, 1673. 2 vols. With two fronts. Vellum. 

445 AVERROES — RENAN, E., Averroes et I'Averroisme. Paris, n. d. Cloth. 

Aboulwalid Ibn Roschd or Averroes, the famous philosopher of the last part of the 
12th century had a great influence also a.o. Maimonides and del Medigo. See also no. 126. 

446 BABA-KAMA. De legibus Ebraeorum forensibus... Commentariis ill. per 
Const. L'Empereur ab Opwyck. Lugd. Bat., Off. Elzemriorum, 1637. Calf, with 
gilt, in — 4. 

Willems 459. Hebrew and Latin text, with commentaries. Spinoza possessed a copy of 
L'Empercur's Clavis talmudica; see Servaas van Rooijen p. 149. 

447 BACHJA IBN BAKUDA, Choboth ha-l'Baboth. Lehrbuch der Herzens- 
pflichten. Mit Ebn Tibbons ebraischer Uebertragung des arabischen Originales, 
deutscher Uebersetzung, nebst exeget. Anmerkgn. etc. v. M. E. Stern. 2. Aufl. 
Wien, 1856. H. cloth.' 

„Man kann sich des Eindrucks einer Beeinflussung Despinozas durch den mittelalterlichen 
Religionsphilosophen nicht civ.ciircn. .. In Bachja fand D. tiefgehende Beweise fiir Gottes 
Einheit. Aus Bachja nahm er vielleicht das Vorbild fiir die zwei Dialoge des kurzen 
Traktats" (v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 215). 


448 BACHJA IBN BAKUDA, Herzenspflichten. Uebers. v. E. Baumgarten. 
Hamburg, 1922. H. cloth. — Hebrew text (Ibn Tibbon's version) with German 

449 The duties of the heart. TransL, with introduction by E. Collins. 

London, 1909. Cloth, sm. in —8. 

450 BACON, FR., De augmentis scientiarum lib. IX. Lugd. Bat., Adr. Wijn- 
gaerden, 1652. With engr. title. Calf, in — 12. 

The Latin translation of Bacon's On the advancement of learning (London 1605), done 
by George Herbert. About the author see v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 310 — 312 e.a. 
Servaas v. Rooyen (p. 194) lists a copy of Bacon's Sermones fidcles in the library 
of Spinoza (see no. 453). 

451 Novum organum scientiarum. Lugd. Bat., Adr. Wijngaerde, 1645. 

"With fine engraved title. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

452 Novum orga.'ium. Ed. with introduction notes, etc. by Th. Fowler. 

2nd ed. Oxford, 1889. Cloth. 

Pp. 1 — 155: Introduaion (including 10 pages bibliography) to the Novum Organum. 

453 Sermo:;cs fideies. Ethici, politici, oeconomici. Ace. Faber fortunae 

colores boni et mali, etc. Amst., Off. Elzeviriana, 1662. With engraved title. 

Beards, sm. in — 8. — See Willems 1157, note. 

Spinoza possessed an edition of this translation, possibly the above. S. v. R. p. 193/94. 

454 BELLARMINUS, R., De ascensione mentis in Deum per scalas rerum 
creatarum opusculum. Coloniae Aggr., Cornel, ab Egmond, 1634. With engraved 
title, front, and portrait of Bellarmin. Vellum, sm. in — S. 

Beilarmin was one of the scholastical philosophers, who had a great influence also in 
Holland in the years of Spinoza's youth „Das (die Scholastik) in dieser Zeit noch die 
Schulen Hollands beherrschte, erweisen Aussagen der glaubwiirdigsten Manner" 
(Freud. -Gebhardt I, 43). 

455 The mind's ascent to God. Done into English by Monialis. 

London, 1925. Cloth. 

456 De aeterna felicitate sanctorum. Antv., off. Plantin., 1616. H. calf. 

457 De scriptoribus ecclesiasticis. Brevis chronologia ab orbe 

condito, usque ad 1654. A. du Saussay, De scriptoribus ecclesiasticis Bcllarmini 
continuatio ab 1500 ad 1600. Coloniae, 1684. 3 parts. Bound up with: G. 
Seidelius, Miscellanea historico-critica. Witteberg, 1688. /. A. Bos, De historia 
ecclesiastica. N. pi., 1690. In one volume. H. morocco, in — 4. 

458 — WHITAKER, W., Disputatio de Sacra Scriptura; contra hujus tcmporis 
papistas, in primis R. Bellarminum ct Th. Stapletonum. Herbornac Nass., 1600. 
Blind stamped calf. 

Whitaker (1548 — 1595) was an able Calvinistic writer and a powerful champion of Protes- 
tantism against the attacks of popery. 

459 BLYENBURG, D., Cento cthicus. Ex ducentis poetis hinc inde contextus. 
Ed. altera auctior. Dordraci, Abr. Canin, 1600. With printcrsmark on title. Calf. 


460 BRUNO, G., Opere. Race, e pubbl. da A. Wagner. Lipsiae, 1830 .2 parts, 
1 vol. With portrait. H. calf. 

The studies of Schaarschmidt, Sigwart and especially of Dilthey, have made it very 
probable, that Spinoza knew the work of the famous Italian pantheist, either by his 
writings or by Merscnne's L'impiete des deistes et des plus subtils libertins decouverte 
(1625). See v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 479 ff. und 598. 

461 Gesammelte Werke. Hrsg. von L. Kuhlenbeck. Leipzig, 1904 — '09. 

6 vols. With portrait. H. cloth. 

462 — BARTHOLMfiSS, CHR., Jordano Bruno. Paris, 1846—47. 2 vols. 
With portrait. Cloth. 

463 — BOULTING, W., Giordano Bruno. His life, thought, and martyrdom. 
London, 1914. Cloth. 

464 — GENTILE, G., Giordano Bruno e il pensiero del Rinascimento. Firenze, 
1925. H. calf. 

465 — McINTYRE, J. L., Giordano Bruno. London, 1903. With pit. Cloth. 
A.o. Spinoza on bible-interpretation — Spinoza and Bruno — Ethics. 

466 — RIEKL, A., Giordano Bruno. Transl. by A. Fry. London, 1905. With 
plate. Cloth. 

See also no. 30, 74, 78, 251, 946. 

467 BURGERSDICIUS, F., Institutionum metaphysicarum lib. II. Oxoniae, 
1675. Calf, sm. in —8. — Madan 3052. 

Burgersdyck was from 1620 — 1635 a well-known professor at Leyden. 

About his influence on the Dutch philosophy in the days of Spinoza's youth see 

Freudenthal, Spinoza, 43 etc. S.T.C. Wing B 5639 lists only 3 copies. 

468 Institutionum logicarum lib. II. — Institutionum logicarum synopsis. 

Cantabrigiae, 1666. 2 vols. Adr. Heereboord, 'Eojurjveia logica, seu synopseos 
logicae Burgersdicianae explicatio. Ed. nova. Ace. praxis logica. Londini, 1676. 
In one vol., calf, sm. in — 8. 

469 Collegium physicum, disputationibus XXXII Ed. 3a. Canta- 
brigiae, Roger Daniel, 1650. Calf, sm. in — 8. 
S.T.C. Wing B 5625 enumerates 3 copies only (2 Cambridge, 1 Aberdeen). 

470 Monitio logica or an abstract and translation of his logick. London, 

Ric. Cumberland, 1697. 2 parts, 1 vol. Panelled calf (rebacked) sm. in — 8. 
First edition. S.T.C. Wing B 5640 lists only 3 copies (2 in U.S.A., 1 in England). 

471 CAMPANELLA — ACCADIA, C. D. di, Tommaso Campanella. Firenze, 
1921. With portrait. Cloth. — With 75 pp. of bibliography. 

Campanella (1568 — 1639), an Italian philosopher, famous by his opposition to Aristotelian 
philosophy and his Utopia. About his influence on Spinoza see Cassirer, Erkenntnis- 
problem II, 79 — 84 and v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 479 — 481. 

472 — CYPRIANUS, ERN. SAL., Vita et philosophia Th. Campanellae. 
Amst., 1705. H. cloth, sm. in — 8. — On the flyleaf bio-bibhographical annotations 
in a 19th century hand 

473 CRESCAS — JOEL, M., Don Chasdai Creskas' religionsphilisophische 
Lehren in ihrem geschichtlichen Einflusse. Breslau, 1866. H. calf. 


474 CRESCAS — WAXMAN, M., The philosophy of Don Hasdai Crescas. 
New York, 1920. Cloth. 

Deals on several pages with Spinoza, his relation to Crescas, his views on the Existence 
of God and His attributes compared with those of Crescas — etc. For the great influence 
of Crescas" writings on S.'s ideas see v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 210 — 215 etc. 

See also no. 218, 221, 529. 

475 CUNAEUS, P., De republica Hebraeorum, Lugd. Bar., Off. Elzeinriana, 
1632. With engraved title. Vellum, in — 12. — Willems 362. 

476 CUSANO, N., Delia dotta ignoranza. Testo Latino con note di P. Rotta. 

Bari, 1913. H. calf. 

The author Nicholas de Cusa (Cusanus), properly named Khrypffs or Krebs (1401 — 1464) 
was an eminent catholic theologian of the Italian Renaissance. Cusa studied a.o. at the 
school of the Brothers of Common Life at Deventer. 

477 DELMEDIGO, J., Maijen Gannin, Eons hortorum, sive Tractatus varii 

mathematici. Amsterdam, 1656. Sefer Elim. Amst., 1656. With num. diagr. 

portrait. H. calf. (orig. covers preserved). — Hebrew text. 

„In Amsterdam war del Medigo's Ansehen durch seine personliche Anwesenheit 1628 
begriindet worden. Die Schriften dieses merkwiirdigsten unter scinen philosophirenden 
Zeit- u. Giaubensgenossen konnten der Aufmerksamkeit Spinoza's unmoglich entgehen ' 
(Kaufmann, Notes to Servaas v. Rooijen, p. 213/14). — See also the following number. 

478 Matzref lechochma (Treatise on theology). Warschau, 1892. With 

portrait. H. calf (orig. covers bound in). — • Hebrew text. 

Spinoza possessed in his library (Servaas van Rooijen p. 155) the work Abscondita Sa- 
pientiae, being a collection of various treatises by different authors; the above is one 
of them. See Roth in Chron. Spin. II, 54 ff. 

479 DESCARTES, Alle de werken Van J. H. Glasemaker vertaalt. Amster- 
dam, 1690 — '92. 4 vols. With front, and num. figs. Vellum, in — 4. 
The first complete Dutch edition of Descartes' works. 

480 Philosophical works. Rendered into English by E. S. Haldane and 

G. R. T. Ross. Cambridge, 1911— '12. 2 vols. Cloth. 

481 Discours de la methode. Texte et commentaire par Et. Gilson. 

2e Ed. Paris, 1930. H. calf. 

482 Six metaphysical meditations, wherein it is proved that there is 

a God. And that mans mind is really distinct from its body. Added the objections 
made by llobhes with the authors answers. Transl. with a short account of 
Descartes life by W. Molyneux. London, 1680. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

483 — BRUNSCHVICG, L., Descartes. Par, 1937. With 32 reprods. In -A. 

484 — EXPOSITION organisee pour la 3c ccntcnairc du Di.scours de la 
Methode. Paris, 1937. With portraits and plates. 

485 — KOYRE, A., Descartes und die Scholastik. Bonn, 1923. Cloth. 
See also no. 491 a.o. numbers of this Section and Sections II, V, VII, IX. 


486 [EPISCOPIUS, S.}, Confessio sivc declaratio scntentiae pastorum, qui in 
foedcrato Belgio Rcmonstrantes vocantur. Herdcr-wiici, Th. Daniel, 1622. 

Apologia pro Confcssionc sive declaratione sententiae... Contra censuram 

quatuor professorum Leidensium. N. pi., 1629. In one volume. Calf with gilt 
coat of arms, in — 4. 

Not mentioned by Knuttel and Petit. Tide 1891. v. d. Wulp 1842. Brockcma 575 and 
718. Cf. Rogge, Bibl. dcr Remonstr. gcschriften p. 41. 

487 The Confession, or declaration of the ministers and pastors, which 

in the United Provinces are called Remonstrants. Transl. (by Th. Taylor). 
London, 1676. Calf (back slightly rubbed), sm. in — 8. 

488 FLUDD, R. (ROBERTUS de FLUCTIBUS), Medicina Catholica.... in 
quibus metaphysica et physica tam sanitatis tuendae, quam morborum propul- 
sandorum ratio pertractatur. — Sophiae cum moria certamen, in quo lapis 
Lydius a falso structore... sigmenta examinat. Joach. Frizius, Summum bonum. 
Francof., Casp. Rotel, 1629. 3 parts, 1 vol. With 2 engravings on the titles 
and several figures. H. vellum (mod.), sm. in — folio. 

Robert Fludd, English physician and mystical philosopher, was a follower of Paracelsus. 

His system may be described as a materialistic pantheism. He has been considered as the 

immediate father of ' freemasonry. 

The rose in Spinoza's seal has been associated (wrongly) with the rose on the title page 

of the Summum bonum. 

Copy from the library of Archdeacon Craven, the biographer of Fludd. 

489 • — • — Schutzschrift fur die Aechtheit der Rosenkreuzergesellschaft. Uebers. 
von AdaMah Booz. Leipzig, 1782. H. vellum, sm. in — 8. 

„Tous les ouvrages de Rob. Fludd sont rares et recherches, particulieremcnt les ecrits 

consacres a la defense des Rose Croix, car ils n'ont point ete reiinprimes dans ses oeuvres 

completes. Celui-ci est le plus important" (Caillet II, p. 88/89, who however does not 
mention this German translation). 

490 — CRAVEN, J. B., Doctor Robert Fludd, the English Rosicrucian. Life 
and writings. Kirkwall, 1902. With portrait and ills. Cloth. — With a bibliography. 

See also no. 546. 

491 GASSENDI, P., Disquisitio metaphysica, seu dubitationes et instantiae 
adversus R. Cartesii metaphysicam, et responsa. R. DESCARTES, Meditationes 
de prima philosophia. Amst., Joh. Blaeu, 1644. 2 vols, in 1. H. morocco, in — 4. 

Firsl edition of Gassendi's important work, bound up with an early edition of Descartes' 

Meditationes, against which it was written. 

„Freund und Feind stiirtzten sich darauf... Despinoza musste sich vor allem fiir Gassendi 

interessieren. Unter den Einwendungen welche gegen Descartes' Meditationen erhoben worden 

waren, nahmen sie wohl den ersten Platz ein" (v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 393 ff.; see further 

250 ff, 270 ff, 313 ff, etc.). 

Of the Meditationes Spinoza possessed two copies, one of them probably in the above edition. 

492 GERSONIDES — ADLERBLUM, N. H., A study of Gersonides in his 
proper perspective. New York, 1926. Cloth. 

Pp. 126 seq.: Spinoza; pp. 131 — 140 bibliography. Gersonides (Levi ben Gerson) was 
the most important follower of Maimonides. About his strong influence on Spinoza 
see V. Dunin-Borkowski 1, 210—214, etc. 

493 — WEIL, J., Philosophie religieuse de Levi-Ben-Gerson. Paris, 1868. 
H. calf. 

See also no. 221, 529. 


494 GEULINCX — SAMTLEBEN, J., Geulincx, ein Vorganger Spinozas. 
HaUe, 1885. H. doth. — See also no. 100, 163. 

495 GROTIUS, H., De imperio summarum potestatum circa sacra. Lut. Paris., 
1647. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

Rogge 132. Nice copy of the rare original edition. According to Servaas van Rooyen 
p. 183 Spinoza was in possession of a copy of this work. 

496 The same. Cui accedunt D. Blofidellus, De jure plebis in regimine 

ecclesiastico et de officio magistratus Christiani. Ed. nov. Francof.,*" 1690. H. 

calf (mod.), in — 4. 

Rogge 135 note (without having seen). 

497 De veritate religionis Christianae. Ed. nov. cum notulis /. Clerici. 

Ace. De eligenda inter Christianos dissentientes sententia et contra indifferentiam 
religionum. Hag. -Com., A. van Dale, 1734. Calf. — Rogge 210. 

„Einige jiingere theologische Schriften dienten wohl zu tieferer Begriindung der im 
Traktat entwickelten Ansichten. So... Hugo Grotius' Schrift iiber Rechtfertigung, . . etc." 
(Freri.-Gebhardt I, 202). 

498 The trucli of the Christian religion. With notes by M*. Le Clerc. 

Added a seventh book, concerning this question, what Christian church we ought 
to join ourselves to by the said Mr. Le Clerc. 5th ed. Done into English by 
J. Clarke. London, 1754. Calf. 
This edition not in Rogge. 

499 On the truth of Christianity. Transl. by Sp. Madan. London, 1782. 

H. calf. — Rogge 246. 

500 De iure belli ac pacis. Ed. nova. Access, annotata in Epistolam Pauli 

ad Philemonem et dissertatio de mari libero. Amst., J. Blaeu, 1667. Vellum. 
— Rogge 24. 

„In considering Spinoza's political ideas it is natural to ask what was his relation to the 
greatest publicist of his time and country, Hugo Grotius. The materials for a decided 
answer are wanting. It is certain that Spinoza knew and possessed some of Grotius' 
theological works, and we can hardly believe that he was unacquainted with the De iure 
belli ?.c pacis..." (Pollock, in Chron. Spin. I, pp. 47 ff). 

501 Of the rights of war and peace. Done into EngHsh. London, 1715. 

3 vols. Calf. — Rogge 6(^ note. 

502 On the rights of war and peace. An abridged translation by W. 

Whewell. Cambridge, 1853. Cloth. 

503 Mare liberum. P. MERULA, De maribus. M. Z. BOXHORNIUS, 

Apologia pro navigationibus Hollandorum, adversus Pontum Heuterum. Lugd. 
Bat., Off. Elzeviriana, 1633. With engraved title. Calf, in — 12. (some pp. 
browned). — Willems 385. Copinger 1998. Rogge 5. 

504 The same. Lugd. Bat., Off. Elzeviriana, 1633. With engraved title. 

Vellum, in —12. — Willems 385 (cd. of 267 pp. and 2 blanks). Rogge 4. 

505 Rcspublica Hollandiac et urbes. Lugd. Bat., J. Mairc, 1630. With 

engraved title with the Lion of the Netherlands and the Dutch arms. Vellum, 

in —12. 

Rogge 150 or 151. Contains also several treatises by P. Mcrula, L. Guicciardini, P. 
Scrivcrius, etc. 


506 GROTIUS, H., Argumenti theologici, juridici, politic!. Amst., Elzevir, 
1652. Calf, sm. in —8. — Willems 1140. Rogge. 

According jo Servaas van Rooyen, Spinoza possessed several works of Grotius; the above 
however is not mentioned. This edition was seen through the press by Is. Gruter. 

507 — SELDEN, J., Marc clausum seu de dominio maris libri duo. London, 
1636. With 2 small maps. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — See Willems 449. 

True Elzevier-edition, recognizable by the vignette "Non solus" and mentioned in the 
catalogues of 1638 and 1644. 

Selden's work "Mare clausum" is an answer to Grotius' famous plea in favour of the 
liberty of the seas (mare librum) and may be considered as the expression of the British 
point of view in this classical controversy. 

508 HALEWI. — JEHUDAH ben SAMUEL, Liber Cosri continens col- 
loquium seu disputationem de religione. Ex Arab, in linguam hebraeam transt. 
Jehudah Aben Tybbon. Nunc recens. Latina vers. Joh. Buxtorfius. Ace. praef. 
in qua Cosareorum historia... etc. Basileae, I66O. Vellum, in — 4. 

Jehudah Halewi (ca 1086 — ca 1142) was one of the greatest Jewish philosophers. His 
"Cusari" is considered the best work ever written in defence of the Jewish religion. 
See V. Dunin-Borkowski I, 182, 207, 212. 

509 Das Buch Al-Chazari. Uebers. v. H. Hirschfeld. Breslau, 1885. Cloth. 

510 Kitab al Khazari. Transl. by H. Hirschfeld. London, 1905. Cloth. 

See also no. 218, 223. 

511 HERBERT of CHERBURY, De veritate, prout distinguitur a revelatione, 

a verisimili, a possibili, et a falso. Ed. 3a. De causis errorum. N. pi. 

(London?), 1656. 2 parts, 1 vol. Contemp. black morocco, gilt back, sm. in — 8. 

According to a note by Prof. Wolf, on the fly-leaf, secretly printed. 

Edward Herbert of Cherbury (1583 — 1648) was, as Spinoza, considered one of the 

three impostors. His most important work is the De veritate, in which he gave his 

famous five articles, which became the charter of the English deists. It is the first 

purely metaphysical treatise written by an Englishman. 

„Dass (Spinoza) Herbert von Cherbury gekannt hat, kann schon das 14. Kapitel des 

Theol.-polit. Traktates beweisen" (Freudenthal, Spinoza, 322). 

512 De religione gentilium, errorumque apud eos causis. Amst., Blaeu, 

1663. Calf, in —4. 

First edition of this work, which was completed already in 1645 but could not be 
published in England. In this sequel to his De veritate Herbert proves the universality 
of his five great articles by examining the heathen religions. It is one of the earliest 
studies extant in comparative theology. 

513 The antient religion of the gentiles and causes of their errors 

consider'd. London, 1705. Calf (rebacked). 
First English edition, translated by W. Lewes. 

514 Poems. Ed. by J. C. Collins. London, 1881. VeUum. 

515 Poems. Enghsh & Latin. Ed. by G. C. M. Smits. Oxford, 1923. Cloth. 

516 — LIFE, THE, of Edward Lord Herbert of Cherbury. London, 1792. 
With large portrait by Walker after Oliver. H. red calf, in — 4. 

517 The same. Edinburgh, 1809. With portrait. H. calf (mod.). 

518 Autobiography. With introd., notes, appendices, and a continuation 

of the life by Sidney L. Lee. London, 1886. With 4 etchings by Damman. 
Cloth. — Limited edition. 


519 HERBERT OF CHERBURY — RfiMUSAT, CH. de, Lord Herbert de 
Cherbury. Vie et oeuvres. Paris, 1874. Cloth. 

See also nos. 303, 304, 309—318, 840, 946. 

520 IBN GABIROL — AVENCEBROL, Eons vitae. Ex Arab, in Lat. transl. 
ab J. Hispano et D. Gundissalino. Ed. CI. Baeumker. Monasterii, 1892 — '95. 
4 pts., 1 vol. H. morocco. — Fine and complete copy with the index. 

About the influence of this Jewish philosopher, who lived between 1020 and 1070, 
on Spinoza, see v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 218 — 221. 

521 The improvement of the moral qualities. Printed from an unique 

Arabic M.S., with a translation, and an essay on the place of Gabirol in the 
history of Jewish ethics by St. S. Wise. New York, 1901. With facs. Cloth. 

522 A choice of pearls. Transl. into Hebrew by Jehuda Ibn Tibbon, 

accomp. by English translation, with notes, by B. H. Ascher. London, 1859. 

H. morocco. 

A collection of 652 maxims, ethical sentences, etc. 

523 Choice of pearls. Transl. by A. Cohen. New York, 1925. Cloth. 

524 — QABBALAH. The philosophical writings of Ibn Gebirol or Avicebron 
and their connection with the Qabbalah and Zohar with remarks upon the 
antiquity and content of the latter. Also an ancient Lodge of Initiates, transl. 
from the Zohar by Is. Myer. Philadelphia, 1888. Cloth, large in — 4. — One of 
the 150 copies printed. Published by the editor. 

See also no. 539—546. 

525 — KAUFMANN, D., Studien uber Salomon Ibn Gabirol. Budapest, 
1899. H. calf. 

526 — WITTMANN, M., Zur Stellung Avencebrol's (Ibn Gebirol's) im 
Entwicklungsgang der arabischen Philosophie. Miinster, 1905. H. cloth. (Beitr. 
z. Gesch. d. Phil, des MA, V 1). 

527 Die Stellung des HI. Thomas von Aquin zu Avencebrol (Ibn 

Gebirol). Munster, 1900. H. cloth. (Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Phil, des MA, III,). 

See also nos. 218, 221, 224. 

528 IBN SADDIK, JOSEF, Mikrokosmos. Von S. Horovitz. Breslau, 1903. 
(Hebrew text). M. DOCTOR, Die Philosophie des Josef (Ibn) Zaddik. Munster, 
1895. In one vol. H. calf. 

Ibn Saddik, famous Jewish rabbi and friend of Abraham Ibn Ezra and Jehuda Halevi. 
See V. Dunin-Borkowski I, 207, 209, 218 etc. 

529 IBN TOFAIL — ABU JAAPHAR EBN TOPHAIL, Philosophus auto- 
didactus sivc epistola de Hai Ebn Yokdhan. Ex Arab, in linguam Latinam versa 
ab Edv. Pocockio. Oxonii, 1671. Calf (back dam.), in — 4. — Arabic text 
with Latin translation. 

The very rare first edition of this arabic novel from the 12th century, which was not 
without influence on the development of ethics. See v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 237 — 239: 
„Ibn Tofails Einhcitslehrc kommt dcr spinozistischcn recht nahc, auch in ncbensachlichcn 
Dingen .. So mochte Ibn Tofail voliendcn, was Ibn Esra, Gcrsonidcs, Crcskas und die 
Arabcr bcgonncn hattcn: einc eigenartlRC, nach Einhcit ringende Auffassung des Alls 
umklamm;.rtc immcr fester Dcspinozas Gcist..." 


530 IBN TOFAIL — The improvement of human reason exhibited in the hfc 
of Hai Ebn Yokdhan. Transl. by S. Ockley. With an appendix. London, 1708. 
With front, and several fine engravings. Calf (hinges weak). 

First edition of Ockley 's translation, being the first made directly after the original 
Arabic text and not after Pocock's Latin version. 

531 ITie history of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan. Transl. by S. Ockley. Revised 

by A. S. Fulton. London, 1929. Cloth. 

532 — GAUTHIER, L., Ibn Thofail, sa vie, ses oeuvres. Par., 1909. Cloth. 

See also nos. 224, 430, 431. 

533 ISENDOORN, G. ab, Effatorum philosophorum centuriae quinque. 
Daventriae, Conr. Thomaeus, 1643. 4 parts, 1 vol. Calf, sm. in — 8. 
Giisbrecht ab Isendoorn (van IJzendoorn), l601 — 1657, was a professor of philosophy 
at the school of Deventer and the university of Harderwijk. He defended there, with 
success, the Aristotelian philosophy against the growing influence of Descartes. 

534 ISRAELI, IS. ben SALOMON, Das Buch iiber die Elemente. Beitrag zur 
jiidischen Religionsphilosophie des Mittelalters. Nach dem a. d. Arab, im Hebr. 
iibersetzten Texte von Abr. ben Sam. Halevi Ibn Chasdai, hrsg. mit Anmerkgn. 
u. biogr. Einleitung, v. S. Fried. Frankfurt, [1900}. Cloth. 

535 — FRIED, SAL., Das Buch uber die Elemente. Beitrag zur judischen 
Religionsphilosophie des Mittelalters von Is. b. Salomon Halevi. Leipzig, 1884. 
Boards. (D). 

536 — GUTTMANN, J., Die philosophischen Lehren des Isaak Ben Salomon 
Israeli. Miinster, 1911. H. cloth. (Beitr. z. Gesch. d. Phil, des MA, X 4). 

537 JONSTON, J., Namrae constantia, seu diatribe in qua.... mundum, nee 
ratione sui totius, nee ratione partium, universaliter et perpetuo in pejus ruere, 
ostenditur. Amst., G. Blaeu, 1632. Sheepskin (repaired), in — 12. — In cloth box. 

First editipn of the chief philosophical work of the Polish-Scotch author, published 
during his stay in Holland (1632 — 34). About Jonston (or Johnstone) and the possible 
influence of the above work on Spinoza see Myslicki: Jonston et de Spinoza, in Chron. 
Spin. I, 118 — 157. The book was placed on the Index in 1634. 

538 Thaumatographia naturalis. Amst., G. Blaeu, 1632. Calf (rebacked), 

in — 12. — First edition. 

A natural history on philosophical foundations; the last chapter deals with medicine in the 

same way. In 1634 the work, together with the Naturae constantia, was placed on the Index. 

539 KABBALA DENUDATA. The Kabbalah unveiled. Transl. by S. L. 

MacGregor Mathers. London, n. d. Cloth. 

Contains the following books of the Zohar: 1. The book of concealed mystery. 2. The 
greater Holy Assembly. 3. The lesser Holy Assembly. 

540 KABBALAH — ZOHAR, LE. Trad, de H. Chateau. Av. lettre-preface 
de Papus (G. Encausse). Paris, 1895. H. calf. 

541 — BENSION, A., The Zohar in Moslem and Christian Spain. With an 
introd. by D. Ross. London, 1932. With 6 pits. Cloth. 

542 — FRANCK, AD., La Kabbale ou la philosophic religieuse des Hebreux. 
Paris, 1843. H. cloth. — Original edition. 


543 — FRANCK, Ad., Die Kabbala oder die Religions-Philosophie der 
Hebraer. A. d. Fr. v. A. Gelinek. 3. Aufl. Berl., 1844, — Facsimile. Berlin, 
1922. Cloth. 

544 — GINSBURG, CHR. D., The Kabbalah, its doctrines, development, and 
literature. London, 1920. Cloth. 

545 — KARPPE, S., Etude sur les origines et la nature du Zohar. Prec. d'une 
etude sur I'histoire de la Kabbale. Paris, 1901. H. calf. 

Cont. a.o. several references to Spinoza. 

546 — WAITE, A. E., The doctrine and literature of the Kabalah. London, 
1902. Cloth. 

A.o. Source and authority of the Kabalah — The written word of Kabalism — Some 
Christian students of the Kabalah (LuUy, Picus de Mirandula, Corn. Agrippa, Paracelsus 
Reuchlin, Fludd, a.o.). 

See also no. 524, 677, 777, 940. 

547 [LA PEYRERE, I. de], Prae-adamitae, sive exercitatio super versibus 
XIL, XIIL et XIV. capitis quinti Epistolae D. Pauli ad Romanos. Quibus 
indicuntur primi homines ante Adamum conditi. [Amsterdam, L. et D. Elzevier], 
1655. With map of the Terrae Sanctae. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — Willems 1189. 
One of the first books on modern biblical criticism. A copy was in the library of Spinoza. 
See Servaas v. Rooyen, p. 154. 

„Eine Hauptquelle. . . Man findet bei Isaac de la Peyrere bereits einen grossen Teil 
der bibel-kritischen Bemerkungen des Tractatus theologico-politicus. Spinoza beniitzte ihn, 
ohne ihn indes zu nennen... Wie haufig und eng sich Spinoza an die Praadamiten... 
anschloss, haben neuere Untersuchungen in alien Einzelheiten aufgedeckt" (v. Dunin- 
Borkowski IV, 135 ff, 523 ff). 

The author was, on account of writing this work, condemned to be burned but fled to Rome. 
His book was suppressed (see Knuttel, Verboden boeken, 318). 

548 LEON DA MODENA — GEIGER, A., Leon da Modena, Rabbiner zu 
Venedig (1571 — 1648) und seine Stellung zur Kabbalah, zum Thalmud und zum 
Christentume. Breslau, 1856. H. cloth. Bound up with: JEH. ARJE MODENA, 
Mamre mogein witsnah. Breslau (1856). (spotted). 

See also no. 687, 688. 

549 LEONE HEBREO, Dialogi di amore. Vinegia, Aldus, 1541. With printers- 
mark on last page. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

Renouard I 294. Brunet III 984. Second edition, and the first Aldi'ie. „La premiere 
edition a ete impr. a Rome, 1535, mais elle est moins recherchee que les reimpressions 
aldines" (Brunet). 

Leone Ebrco (Judah Abrabanel), physician to Don Gonsalvo di Cordoba, wrote his 
Dialoghi d'amore in Italy, after his family having been forced to leave Spain. The work 
was written in 1501 — 02, but it was not until 1535 when Leone's friend Mariano Lentzi 
rescued the manuscript and took care of the publication of what became the most 
popular philosophical work of its age. 

Spinoza had in his library a copy of the work (sec Servaas v. Rooyen p. 152) and was 
influenced by its ideas. He derived his doctrine of the amor Dei intcllcctualis from 
it and „man kann S. systematisch nicht interpretiercn, wenn man ihn nicht genetisch 
aus den Motiv-Verbindungen Leones versteht" (Gebhardt). 

550 Dialoghi di amore. Di nuovo corrctti, et ristampati. Venetia, Giov. 

Alberti, 1586. Vellum, sm. in —8. 

Gebhardt, in his edition of Leone, lists only 7 copies extant. 

551 Dialoghi d'amore. Hcbraeische Gedichtc. Hrsg. mit Einlcitung 

(110 pp.). Bibliographic, Ucbertragung der hcbr. Tcxtc, etc. v. C. Gebhardt. 
Heidelberg, 1929. H. cloth, in —4. (Bibl. Spin. III). — Limited cd. of 500 copies. 


552 LEONE HEBREO, The philosophy of love (Dialoghi d'Amore). Transl. 
by F. Friedeberg-Seeley and J. H. Barnes. With introd. by C. Roth. London, 
1937. Cloth. 

553 — APPEL, E., Leone Medigos Lehre vom Weltall u. ihr Verhaltnis 
zu griechischen u. zeitgen. Anschauungen. Berlin, 1907. Boards. 

554 — PFLAUM, H., Die Idee der Liebe. Leone Ebreo. Zwei Abhandlungen 
zur Geschichte der Philosophie in der Renaissance. Tubingen, 1926. H. calf. 

555 — ZIMMELS, B., Leo Hebraeus. Breslau, 1886. H. calf. 

See also no. 105. 

556 MACHIAVELLI, NIC, Princeps, ex Sylvestri Telii fulginatis traductione 
enaendatus. Adj. ejusdem argumenti aliorum quorundam contra Machiavellum 
scripta etc. Lugd. Bat., Hier. de Vogel, 1648. With front. Calf, sm. in — 8. — 
Willems 1649 („edition fort jolie"). 

According to Servaas van Rooyen p. 144 Spinoza possessed an Italian edition of Machia- 
velli's works (1550) and we know that Spinoza has studied it: the Tractatus politicus contains 
a paragraph on Machiavelli. See Pollock, Spinoza's political doctrine, in Chron. Spin. I, 
pp. 45 ff. 

557 II Principe, e pagine dei "Discorsi" e delle "Istorie". Con introd. 

e note di L. Russo. 7a Ed. Firenze, 1937. 

558 The prince. Transl. by N. H. T. London, 1882. Cloth. — Limited ed. 

559 The prince. Reprinted from the translation by Edw. Dacres, 1640. 

With an introd. by W. E. C. Baynes. London, De La More Press, 1929. With 
portrait. — Limited edition. 

560 De Republica. Ex Italico Latini facti. Lugduni Bat., P. Leffen, 1649. 

Diced calf, sm. in — 8. 

561 Historiae Florentinae. Lugd. Bat., Hier. de Vogel, 1645. Calf, sm. 

in —8. — Willems 1637. 

562 — VILLARI, P., The life and times of Machiavelli. TransL by L. Villari. 
London, n. d. 2 parts, 1 vol. With portrait. Cloth. 

563 MAIMONIDES, More Newochim hoc est Doctor perplexorum. Ad dubia 
et obscuriora Scripturae loca rectius intelligenda veluti clavem continens. A R. 
Sam. Aben Tybbon in hebraeam transl., nunc in lat. conv. a Joh. Buxtorfio. 
Basilae, 1629. Vellum, in —4. 

First edition of Buxtorf's translation. Maimonides, the most famous Jewish philosopher 
in the Middle Ages, was the great exponent of reason in faith and toleration in theology. 
His influence on the philosophy of religion during many centuries is incalculable. Christian 
Europe owed much to him; one of the main services of his „Guide" was its independent 
criticism of some of Aristotle's principles. 

About the indeed very large influence of his ideas on Spinoza see v. Dunin-Borkowski, 
Freud.-Gebhardt, Pollock, etc. passim. 

564 The same. A R. Sam. Abben Thibbone in Hebraeam transl. Novis 

comment. M. Narbonnensis (et) Gibeath Hamore. Ed. cura Is. Eucheli. Solisbaci, 
1800. H. calf (mod.), in —4. — Hebrew text. 

565 Le guide des egares. Traite de theologie et de philosophie. Publ. 

pour la le fois dans I'original arabe et accomp. dune trad, et de notes crit., 
litt. et explic. p. S. Munk. Paris, 1856 — '66. 3 vols. H. calf. — Original ed. 



566 MAIMONIDES, The guide of the perplexed. Transl. by M. Friedlander. 
London, 1881 — '85. 3 vols. Cloth. 

567 The same. 2nd Ed. London, 1904. Cloth. 

568 Constitutiones de fundamentis legis. Lat. redditae per G. Vorstium. 

IS. ABRAVANEL, Liber de capite fidei. In Lat. transl. per G. Vorstium. Amst., 
Guil. et Joh. Blaeu, 1638. 2 parts, 1 vol. Vellum, in — 4. 
For Abravanel see also nos. 441, 442. 

569 Yad-Hachazaka, or Mishne Torah. — Yad Hachasaka, or Mishne 

Torah Hilchoth Melachim. Transl. by several learned writers. Ed. by E. Solo- 
weyczik. London, 1863. 2 parts, 1 vol, H. calf. 

570 Mischne Thora oder Jad Hachasaka. Uebers. von A. Wolff. Bd. IV: 

das jiidische Civil- und Strafrecht. Haigerloch, 1890. Cloth. 

571 Mishnah Torah yod Ha-Hazakah. With Rabd's criticism and refe- 
rences. Transl. by S. Glazer. Vol. I (all published.^). New York, 1927. Cloth. — 
Hebrew text with translation. 

572 's Acht Capitel. Arab, und Deutsch (u. Hebr.) mit Anmerkungen 

von M. Wolff. 2. Ausg. Leiden, 1903. H. calf. 

573 Lebensgeschichte. M. Einl. u. Anmerkungen hrsg. v. J. Fromer. 

Munchen, 1911. Calf. 

574 — Moses ben Maimon. Sein Leben, seine Werke und seine Einfluss. 
Hrsg. durch W. Bacher, M. Brann, D. Simonsen unter Leitung von J. Guttmann. 
Leipzig, 1908— '14. 2 vols. Cloth. 

Contributions by Hermann Cohen, A. Berliner, I. Elbogen, a.o. 

575 — COHEN, A., The teachings of Maimonides. London, 1927. Cloth. 

576 — KUNTZE, PR., Die Philosophie Salomon Maimons. Heidelb., 1912. 
H. calf. 

577 — L£VY, L. G., La metaphysique de Maimonidc. Dyon, 1905. Cloth. 

578 — MONZ, J., Moses ben Maimon. Leben und Werke. Frankfort, 1912. 
H. cloth. 

579 — SCHEYER, S. B., Das psychologische System des Maimonides. Eine 
Einleitungsschrift zu dessen More Nebuchim. Frankfurt, 1845. 

580 — YELLIN, D. and I. ABRAHAMS, Maimonides. London, 1903. With 
4 plates and 2 facs. Cloth. 

See also no. 60, 126, 157, 162, 207, 211, 215, 218, 221, 223, 260, 677, 777, 954. 

581 MENASSEH ben ISRAEL, Conciliator sive De convenientia locorum S. 
Scriprurae, quae pugnare inter se videntur. [Transl. by D. Vossius}. Amstelod., 
Auctoris typis et impensis, 1633. H. calf (mod), in — 4. 

Kayserling 69 (mentions only the editions 1634 and 1687). First Latin edition, containing 
the first part of the work; the others have been published only in the original Spanish 
version. Printed by Menasseh himself. — Da Silva Rosa 16. 

"A lasting monument of his deep research and profound knowledge" (Lindo), of the 
famous rabbi of the Portuguese Jews at Amsterdam and teacher of Spinoza. 


582 MENASSEH ben ISRAEL, The conciliator. A reconcilement of the 
apparent contradictions in Holy Scripture. Added arc notes etc. by E. H. Lindo. 
London, 1842. 2 parts, 1 vol. Cloth. 

583 De resurrcctione mortuorum libri III. Amstclod., Typis & sumptihus 

Auctoris, 1636. Red calf, sm. in — 8. 

Kayseriing 69. Da Silva Rose 25. First Latin edition, translated and printed by the author 


584 De termino vitac lib. III. Amstelod., Typis et sumptibus authoris, 

1639. Title with border. Vellum, in — 12. 

Da Silva Rosa 32. First and only edition of the original text. Printed by the author himself. 

585 De hoop van Israel. Van de wonderlijcke verstroyinge der tien 

stammen, en hare .':,ewisse herstellinge. 3. dr. vermeerderd met de Reysen van 
Benj. lonasz. v. Tudelens (vert. d. J. Bara). Amst., Joz. Rex, 1666. 2 parts, 
1 vol. Vellum, in — 12. 

Very scarce Dutch translation, dedicated a.o. to Spinoza's father as a warden („parnassyn") 

of the Synagogue. 

The book comprises also: Fd. Nicolas. Verantwoordinge voor de edele volcken der Joodcn. 

U. h. Eng. and: Het dagelicks gehedt der Joden... U. h. Hebr. Although the title 

indicates this edition as being the third, there are no others in existence. See Kayseriing 

p. 69 and the NBW. Da Silva Rosa 57c. 

Spinoza was in the possession of a Spanish edition of Menasseh's work (see Servaas 

V. Royen, p. 184). For the Hebrew translation see nr. 1308. 

586 Mission to Oliver Cromwell. A reprint of the pamphlets published 

by Menasseh ben Israel to promote the readmission of the Jews to England, 
1649—1656. Ed. by L. Wolf. London, 1901. With 2 etched portraits after 
Rembrandt. H. vellum, in — 4. 

587 — MISCELLANY of Hebrew literature. Ed. by A. Lowy. Vol. II. London, 
n. d. Cloth. 

Contains a.o. (pp. 1 — 96) M. Kayseriing, Menasseh Ben Israel. 

See also no. 300, 664, 772, 777, 873, 875, 879, 1308. 

588 PHILO of ALEXANDRIA, Werke. In deutscher Uebersetzung hrsg. 

von L. Cohn. Breslau, 1909— '19. 3 vols. H. calf. 

Philo (Judaeus), the greatest of ancient Jewish philosophers, liver in the 1st century 
of the Christian aera. His works arc of very great interest, not in the least because he was 
living when all the important events of the New Testament took place. About his 
influence on Spinoza see v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 222 ff., etc. 

589 Works. Transl. by C. D. Yonge. London, 1855— '90. 4 vols. Cloth. 

This copy was awarded as a "Prize for good progress" to Prof. A. Wolf. 

590 About the contemplative life or the 4th book of the Treatise 

concerning virtues. Ed. by F. C. Conybeare. Oxford, 1895. With facs. Cloth. 

591 — BILLINGS, TH. H., The Platonism of Philo Judaeus. Chicago, 1919. 

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AoyoC, or Word of God. Together with large extracts from his writings. 
Cambridge, 1797. H. calf. 

593 — DRUMMOND, J., Philo Judaeus or the Jewish-Alexandrian philo- 
sophy in its development and completion. London, 1888. 2 vols. Cloth. 


594 PHILO — MORGAN, C, An investigation of the trinity of Plato and 
of Philo Judaeus and of the effect upon principles and reasonings of the fathers 
of the Christian church. London, 1795. Boards. 

595 — TREITEL, L., Gesamte Theologie und Philosophie Philo's von 
Alexandria. Berlin, 1923. H. cloth. 

596 — WENDLAND, P., Die Therapeuten und die Philonische Schrift vom 
beschaulichen Leben. Beitrag zur Geschichte des hellenistischen Judentums. 
Leipzig, 1896. H. calf. (Reprint Jalirb. Class. Phil.) 

See also no. 207. 

597 POMPONAZZI ( POMPON ATIUS), PIETRO, Tractatus de immortalitate 
animae. N. pi., 1534. With woodcutborder on title. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

This famous philosophical treatise incurred the censorship of the Church for its free 
opinions. „Die cigcntliche Psychologie (Pomponazzi's) scheint mir nicht ohne Einfluss auf 
Spinoza gewesen zu sein" (v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 562). 

598 The same. N. pL, n. d. (1516?). Vellum, (title missing). 

599 — DOUGLAS, A. H., The philosophy and psychology of Pietro Pompo- 
nazzi. Ed. by Ch. Douglas and R. P. Hardie. Cambridge, 1910. Cloth. 

600 SAADJA (al) FAJJUMI. Emunot We-Deot oder Glaubenslehre und 
Philosophie. Uebers. von J. Fiirst. Leipzig, 1845. H. calf, sm. in — 8. 

Saadja al Fajjumi (f 942), a Jewish theologian, philosopher and grammarian, had a large 
influence on Spinoza's ideas. See v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 206 ff, 213, 551/552. 

601 Commentaire sur le Sefer Yesira ou Livre de la creation. Publ. 

et trad. p. M. Lambert. Par., 1891. H. calf. — Arabic text with French translation. 

602 — ENGELKEMPER, W., Die religionsphilosophische Lehre Saadja 
Gaons iiber die HI. Schrift. Miinster, 1903. H. cloth. (Beitr. z. Gesch. der 
PhiL d. MA., IV^). 

603 — GUTTMANN, J., Die Religionsphilosophie des Saadia dargestellt und 
crlautert. Gottingen, 1882. H. calf. 

604 — WALTER, H., Saadia Gaon, his life and works. Philad., 1921. Cloth. 

See also no. 211, 213, 214. 

605 [SALMASIUS, CL.}, Defensio regia pro Caroli I ad Carolum II. N. pi. 
[Lugd. Bar., Elzevier], 1649. Gilt calf, sm. in —8. — Willems 658. 

Claudius Salmasius (^Claude de Saumaise, 1588 — 1653) was one of the greatest French 
scholars of the 17th century. See v. Dunin-Borkowski IV, 261 — 264. 
The above work, written at the request of the banished King Charles II, brought upon 
him the disapproval of his republican patrons in Holland. 

606 SALUTHIUS, BARTH., Schola divini amoris. Coloniae, J. Crithius, 1610. 
}{. cloth (mod.), sm. in — 8. 

607 SANCHEZ, FR., Tractatus philosophici. Roterodami, Arn. Leers, 1649. 
Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

Sanchez (ca 1545 — 1615) was a famous sceptical philosopher. For the relation between 
Spinoza and scepticism sec Dunin-Borkowski I, 262 scq. and 561. 

The 4 treatises are: 1. Quod nihil scitur. 2. De divinatione per somnum ad Aristotelera. 
3. In libr: Aristoteles Physiognomicon Commentarius. 4. De longitudinc ct brevitate vitae. 


608 SEPHER JESIRAH, Das Buch der SchOpfung. Text, nebst IJebersetzung, 
Varianten, Anmerkgn., Erkliirgn. u. ausfiihrl. Einleitung v. Laz. Goldschmidc. 
Frankfurt, 189'1. Boards, in —4. 

609 SYMONS, MENNO, Opera omnia theologica of all de Godtgeleerdc 
wercken. Amsterdam, J. v. Veen, 1681. With portrait of Symons by Jan Luykcn. 
Blindstamped calf over wooden boards, with clasps (1 missing), sm. in — folio. 

First complete edition of all the works of this famous anabaptist, after whom was called 
the sect of the Mennonists. 

„Unter den KoUegianten erschicncn verhahnismassig viele Mennoniten In (ver- 

schiedenen) Punkten warcn ihnen die KoUegianten ganz nahc verwandt" (v. Dunin- 
Borkowski I, 439). 

610 [TEELLINCK, Ew.}, Philomater ofte Christelicke tsamensprekinghe van 
't recht der kercken in kerckelicke saken. Middelburgh, Andr. vande Vivere, I6l6. 
Boards, in — A. 

Knuttd 2258. v. d. Wulp 1432. Paquot, M6moircs V p. 247—251. Rogge, Bibl. der 
Contra-Rcm. geschr. p. 227 and pp. 236 — 238. 

611 THYRAEUS, P., Daemoniaci, hoc est de obsessis a spiritibus daemoniorum 
hominibus. Lugduni, J. Pillehotte, 1603. H. morocco (mod.), sm. in — 8. 

Caillet 10686. One of the most important early works on the subject. The date 1603 on 
the title is altered in 1640, stamped by hand. 

612 THYSIUS, A., Memorabilia celebriorum veterum rerumpublicarum. Ace. 
Tractafus juris publica de potestate principis. Lugd. Bat., J. Maire, 1646. Vellum, 
sm. in — 8. 

613 UYTENBOGAERT, Joh., Tractaet van 't ampt ende authoriteyr eener 
hooger Christelijcker Overheydt in kerckelijcke saecken. Derde editie. Bygevoegt 
eenige verdedigingen van dit Tractaat etc. Rotterdam, Joa. Naeranus, 1647. — 
REVOLUTIE van de Staten van Hollandt ende West-Vrieslandt tot den vrede 
der Kercken, Rotterdam, Joa. Naeranus, 1646. In one volume, vellum, in — 4. 

614 VANINI, J. C, Amphitheatrum aeternae providentiae divino-magicum, 
christiano-physicum nee non astrologo-catholicum. Lugduni, Ant. de Harsy, 1615. 
Marbled calf. 

First edition of the second printed work of Vanini, all others being lost. The author 
was sentenced to death in 1619 and his books were placed on the Index. For their 
influence on Spinoza („so sagenumsponncn, dass cine Klarlegung des wahren Sachverhaltes 
wirklich nottut") see v. Dunin-Borkowski 1, 477 ff, 595 ff, and Meinsma 34, 142. 

615 — [DURAND, D.}, La vie et les sentiments de Lucillio Vanini. Rotter- 
dam, Caspar Fritsch, 1717. Richly gilt morocco, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Pp. 79, 128, 176 contain interesting references to Spinoza, about which is said a.o.: 
"Spinoza aimoit a passer pour Cartesien". 

See also no. 30, 936. 

616 WERDENHAGEN, Joh. Aug., Introductio universalis in omnes respu- 
blicas sive politica generalis. Amst., Blaeu, 1632. Red gilt morocco, narrow sm. 
in —8. 

Werdenhagen was also the editor of the Latin edition of Boehme's works, published 
in Amsterdam 1632. See v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 445. 


617 ADDISON, L, The present state of the Jews. To which is annexed a 
summary discourse of the Misna, Talmud, and Gemara. 3rd Ed. London, 1682. 
H. calf (mod.), sm. in — 8. 

618 AND EL, P. v.. Specimen confutationis dissertationis quam Sam. Maresius 
ed. de abusu philosophiae Cartesianae. Lugd. Bat., Arn. Doude, 1670. S. MARES, 
Vindiciae dissertationis de abusu philosophiae Cartesianae. Oppositae ejus confu- 
tationi, quae recens prodiit sub fictitio nomine Petri ab Andlo. Gron., 1670. 
P. V. ANDEL, Animadversiones ad vindicias dissertationis quam S. Maresius ed. 
de abusu philosophiae Cartesianae. Lugd. Bat., 1671. S. MARES, Clypeus ortho- 
doxiae sive vindiciarum pro sua dissertatione de abusu philosophiae Cartesianae 
oppositarum P. ab Andlo. Gron., 1671. DAN. v. ANDEL, KarrjXoyoC 'adeXcpoiv 
iXeyiofievoC sive ad S. Maresii tractatum brevem de studio theologico notae 
breves. Pars I (all published.'') Amst., 1673. In one volume. Vellum, in — 4. 

Very rare collection of works on the important and highly interesting discussion between 
Petrus van Andel and his son Daniel with Samuel Mares about the Cartesian philosophy. 

619 BOYLE, R., Certain physiological essays and other tracts. 2d ed. Increased 
by the addition of a discourse about the absolute rest in bodies. London, H. 
Herringman, 1669. H. calf (mod.), in — 4. 

Fulton 26. About this work and its influence on Spinoza's physical views see v. Dunin- 
Borkowski IV, 34 ff and 492 ff., with several quotations. Two other works by Boyle 
were in his library (see Servaas v. Rooyen p. 178 and 190). 

620 Tentamina quaedam physiologica diversis temporibus et occasionibus 

conscripta. Cum ejusdem historia fluiditatis et firmitatis. Amst., D. Elzevier, 
1667. H. red morocco, in — 12. — Uncut copy. From the Montandon collection. 
Fulton 29. Willems 1376. Latin translation of the preceeding number. 

See also no. 816, 817. 

621 BRIEVEN van verscheyde vermaerde en geleerde mannen deser eeuwe. 
Voornamelijk van Jacobus Arminius, J. Uytenbogaert, Hugo de Groor, etc. 
waer in veelderhande theologische saecken... Amsterdam, J. Rieuwertsz, 1662. 
2 part, 1 vol. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — The Six copy. 

622 [BROWNE, TH.}, Miracles work's above and contrary to nature or an 
answer to a late translation out of Spinozds Tractatus Theologico- Politicus, Hobb's 
Leviathan, etc. London, 1683. H. cloth (mod.), in — 4. — Not in v. d. Linde. 
Against a pamphlet (by Ch. Blount) Miracles no violation of the laws of nature. 

623 BUNYAN, J., The pilgrim's progress. Facsimile of the first edition 
(1678). London, 1875. With ills. Morocco. 

624 CLAUBERG, JOH., Opera omnia philosophica. Cura J. Th. Schalbruchii. 

Amst., 1691. Calf, in -A. 

Spinoza possessed two works of Claubcrg ("Uytbreiding van Descartes" and 'Xogica") 
both reprinted in the above Opera. Servaas v. Royen p. 185 and p. 188. 


625 CLAUBERG, JOH., Logica vetus et nova. Amst., Lud. Elzevier, 1654. 
Vellum, in — 12. 

Original edition, very scarce. Willems (1171) says „nous ne savons a quelle cause il faut 

attribuer I'excessive rarete de ce volume, que nous avons cherche vainement dans les 

bibliotheques publiques de HoUande, de Belgique et de Paris." 

The author was a very clever and methodical pupil of Descartes, whose theories he tries 

to connect with those of the ancient authors. 

A copy of the above work was in the library of Spinoza. Servaas v. Royen p. 188. 

626 — MULLER, H., Johannes Clauberg und seine Stellung im Cartesianismus 
mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung seines Verhaltnisses zu der occasionalistischen 
Theorie. Jena, 1891. Boards. (D.) 

627 COCCEJUS, JOH., Epistolae ad Hebraeos explicatio et veritatis ejus 
demonstratio. Lugd. Bat., Job. Elzevier, 1659. Vellum, in — 4. — Willems 844. 

Johannes Coccejus (1603 — 1669), one of the most distinguished theologians and biblical 
interpreters of the 17th century (after whom his followers were called Coccejans), introduced 
Spinoza to Oldenburgh. 

628 — BUXTORF, JOH., Epitome grammaticae hebraeae. Ed. 7a. Rec. Joh. 
Buxtorfius fil. Basileae, G. Decker, 1658. Vellum. 

Copy with autograph of Coccejus on the title and 7 full pages Mss. notes on the blank 
leaves at the end of the book. 

See also no. 508, 563, 1248, 1249. 

629 COSTA, URIEL da, Schriften. M. Einleitung, Uebertragung und Regesten 
hrsg. V. C. Gebhardt. Amsterdam, 1922. H. cloth, in — 4. (Bibl. Spinozana II). 

630 — KLAAR, A., Uriel Acosta. Leben und Bekenntnis eines Freidenkers 
vor 300 Jahren. Berlin, 1909. H. cloth. 

A.O.: Acosta's autobiography (ace. to Limborch, 1687) in German and Latin. 

631 — VAZ-DIAZ, A. M., Uriel da Costa. Nieuwe bijdrage tot diens levens- 
geschiedenis. Leiden, 1936. (Med. Spinozahuis II). 

632 CUDWORTH, R., The true intellectual system of the Universe. The 
first part, wherein aU the reason and philosophy of theism is confuted and its 
impossibility demonstrated. London, 1678. With front. Calf (1 joint broken), 
in - — folio. 

„Die letzte grosse Kraftausserung des Platonismus" (v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 250). The 
immense fragment dealing with atheism is all that was published, perhaps because of the 
theological clamour raised against it. The author criticizes in this part the materialistic 
atheism adopted by his great antagonist Hobbes. 

Bound up with: R. Cudworth, A discourse concerning the true notion of the Lord's supper, 
etc. 3rd ed. London, 1676. 

633 The same. 2nd Ed. by Th. Birch. London,. 1743. With front, by 

White. Calf (one joint weak, back shghtly dam.), in — 4. 

634 The same. Added the notes and dissertation of J. L. Mosheim. 

Translated by J. Harrison. London, 1845. 3 vols. H. calf. 

635 — HUEBSCH, D. A., Ralph Cudworth, ein englischer Religionsphilosoph 
des 17. Jahrhunderts. Jena, 1904. Boards. 


636 CUMBERLAND, R., De legibus naturae disquisitio philosophica.... 
Quinetiam elementa philosophiae Hobbianae. Londini, Nath. Hooke, 1672. 
Calf, in —4. 

First edition. Richard Cumberland, bishop of Peterborough, was a learned minister and 
archaeologist. His principal work is the above written in answer to Hobbes, in which his 
theory of morals was set forth. 

637 The same. Dublini, 1720. Calf (rebacked). (Fol. A3 of the dedi- 
catory epistle wanting). 

638 The Jew. A comedy. London, n. d. With front, (slightly spotted). 

639 — [TYRRELL, J.}, A brief disquisition of the law of nature, ace. to 
Cumberland's Latin treatise on that subject. Also his confutation of Hobb's 
principles put into another method. London, 1692. Calf (rebacked). 

640 CUPERUS, F., Arcana atheismi revelata, examine Tractattis Theologico- 
Politici. Roterodami, Is. Naeranus, 1676. Calf, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 365. 

Very rare. Frans Kuyper (Cuperus) (1629 — ca 1692), first a vicar at Vlaardingen and 
later on a printer in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, played a leading part in the liberal 
movement of the "CoUegiants". Especially he is known as a violent opponent of Spinoza. 
His contemporaries considered him as capricious, unreliable and false: see a.o. Meinsma, 
p. 98, 101, e.a. A large part of the above work in dedicated to a refutation of the 
4th chapter of Spinoza's Treatise: see v. Dunin-Borkowski in Chron. Spin. IV, 112 ft. 

See also no. 363. 

641 DAVIS, H., De jure uniformitatis ecclesiasticae or three books of the rights 
belonging to an uniformity in Churches. London, 1669. Calf, large in — 8. — 
First edition. 

642 Du BOIS de la COUR, An excellent discourse proving the divine 
original, and authority of the five books of Moses. Added an examination of 
Simon's Critical history of the Old Testament, wherein all his objections, with 
the weightiest of Spinoza's ... are answered ... by W. L[orimer}. London, 1682. 
2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, sm. in —8. — Not in v. d. Linde. STC Wing D 2407 
(4 copies). 

643 [DUIKER, J.], Het Leven van Philopater, opgewiegt in Voetiaensche 
Talmeryen, en groot gemaeckt in de Verborgentheden der Coccejanen. Een waere 
historie. Groeningen, Siewert van der Brug [Amst., Aert Wolsgreen], 1691 — 
Vervolg.... Groningen [Amst.], 1697. 2 parts, 1 vol. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — 
V. d. Linde 72 — 73. Not mentioned by Knuttel. 

Editor, printer and partly author of the "Vervolg van het Leven van Philopater" wa.s 
A. Wolsgreen, who was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment, twenty-five years of 
banishment and a penalty of / 10000. — (April 25th 1698). The literature about the 
life of Philopater, a contemporary prophet, is important for the history of Spinozism. 
Tor the attribution of Duiker as the author sec W. iMeyer in Arch. v. Kerkgcsch. 1S98. 
Others mention Wolsgreen as both publisher and author. See v. Doorninck II 349/50. 
Meinsma p. 337 and Bayle, Aanm. tegen 't Levensvcrvolg van Philop.ucr. 

See also no. 286. 

644 EVELYN, J., Miscellaneous writings. Now first collected by W. Upcott. 
London, 1825. With 2 facsimiles, the portrait of an Executioner in mezzotint 
(a little foxed) and 1 pi. H. calf, in —4. — Uncut copy. 

Evelyn, author of the celebrated 'T)iary" travelled a.o. for three nK^nths in Holland 
an<I Flanders in 1642. 

Contains a.o. "the history of Sabatai Sevi, the pretended Messiah of the Jewcs, in the 
year of Our Lord I666, the third impostor" (pp. 587 seq.) — See also no. 709 — 711. 


645 EVELYN, J., Diary from 1641 to 1705—06. Ed. by W. Bray. London, 
n. d. Cloth. 

646 FILMER, Rob., Patriarcha or the natural power of Kings. London, 1680. 
With portrait by van Hove. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

First edition. This work advocating "the divine right of Kings" occasioned Locke's celebrated 
"Treatise on government" by way of an answer. Filmer appears as a sharp opponent of 
democracy when he says: "It is unnatural for the people to govern, or chose governors". 

647 [FULL WOOD, Fr.], Toleration not to be abused. Or, a serious question 
soberly debated... viz. Whether it be adviseable, especially for the Presbyterians, 
to take advantage from his Majesties late Declaration, and to gather themselves 
into separate Churches? London, 1672. In — 4. 

648 HARRINGTON, J., The Oceana and his other works. With an account 
of his life by /. Toland. To which is added Plato redivivus or a dialogue 
concerning government. Dublin, 1737. With portrait. Calf, in — folio. 

Harrington's Oceana, published in 1656, is a hard, prolix, and in many respects heavy 
exposition of an ideal constitution, „Oceana" being England. The details are elaborated 
with infinite care and the work contains many valuable ideas. 

649 HEEREBOORD, Adr., Meletemata philosophica. Ed. ultima cui praeter 
63 ethicas atque aliquot miscellaneas disputationes, accedunt philosophia naturalis 
cum novis commentariis et pneumatica. Neomagi, Andr. ab Hoogenhuysen, 1665. 
{Second title] Adr. Heereboord, Philosophia naturalis, moralis, rationalis. Lugd. 
Bat., Fr. Moyard, 1654. 5 parts, 1 vol. With engraving on title. Calf, in — 4. 

Heereboord, professor at Leyden, was one of the leading Dutch Cartesianists. About 
his influence on the philosophy in Holland see Freud. -Gebhardt I, 43, 45, etc. 

650 Philosophia naturalis, cum commentariis peripateticis antehac edita. 

Hac ed. novis comment, e Cartesio, CI. Berigardo, H. Regio, aliisque. London, 
1684. Calf, sm. in —8. — Ex libris A. Lechmere 1692. 

651 [HILL, J.}, The interest of these United Provinces; being a defence of 
the Zeelanders choice. Wherein is shewne... that if we cannot (defend ourselves) 
it is better to be under England than France, in regard of religion, liberty, estates, 
and trade ... Middelburg, Th. Berry, 1673. Boards (mod.). 

The author was an Englisli reverend at Middelburg. By resolution of August 19th 1673 
the book was prohibited and sentenced to be burned. Hill was ordered to leave the 
province. He returned to England where Charles II awarded the author a yearly pension of 
£80. — . See Knuttel, Verboden boeken, 193. 

In a postscript to his work Hill says a.o.: "Though no printer will undertake it, because 
it is paradoxical to the common opinion of peace, yet I have put it in to the publick 
treasury for good, at my own charge., though it cost me 100 1. ...". 

652 HOBBES, Th., Elementa philosophica de cive. Amsc, D. Elzevler, 1669. 
With front. Vellum, in — 12. 

Willems 1406. The fourth Elsevier edition, identical with the one of 1657. 
'T)espino2a fand an Hobbes einen Fiihrer. Es ist bekannt dass ihn die Grundanschauungcn 
des Hobbes stark beeinflusst haben. Vor AUem interessicrten ihn... die Auffassung der 
Religion bei Hobbes. H.'s Werke waren sein erstes christliches Lchrbuch" (v. Dunin- 
Borkowski I, 429 — 437, etc.). "Hobbes is among the few authors to whom Spi.aoza's 

obligation is expressly acknowledged We have a statement by Spinoza himself..." 

(Pollock in Chron. Spin. I 49 ff). 

653 Leviathan, sive de materia, forma, et potestate civitatis ecclesiasticae 

et civilis. Amst., J. Blaeu, 1670. Calf, in — 4. 

654 The same. Ed. by A. R. Waller. Cambr., 1904. With 2 facs. Cloth. 


655 HOBBES — [GEORGII, Eb. Fr. von}. Anti Leviathan oder uber das Ver- 
haltniss der Moral zum aussern Recht und zur Politik. Gottingen, 1807. Boards. 

656 _ (TENISON, TH.), The creed of Mr. Hobbes examined in a feigned 
conference between him and a student in divinity. London, Fr. Tytony 1670. 
Calf (rebacked). 

Tenison (1636 — 1715) was archbishop of Canterbury since 1694. 

657 — THOMAE HOBBES Angli Malmesburiensis philosophi vita. (Ed. by 
R. Blackbourne). Carolopoli (fict. address), 1682. With portrait by W. Faithorne. 
In — 4. — Uncut and unopened copy. 

Very rare. Contains, besides some complimentary verses by Cowley and others: (1) T. H. 
Malmesb. vita, written by Hobbes himself (or, at his dictation, by T. Rymer); (2) Vitae 
Hobbianae auctarium, turned into Latin from Aubrey's English; (3) T. H. Malmesb. vita, 
written in verse by Hobbes at the end of his life, 

Nr. 2 gives lists of the several early editions of H.'s separate works and of the works 
of those who wrote against him. 

658 — STEPHEN, L., Hobbes. London, 1904. Cloth. 

See also Sections II, VII — IX. 

659 HOOKER, R., Works. With an account of his life and death by Is. 
Walton. Arranged by J. Keble. 7th Ed. rev. by R. W. Church and F. Paget. 
Oxford, 1888. 3 vols. Orig. blue cloth. 

660 HOWE, J., Works. With a preface by H. Rogers. London, 1862—63. 

6 vols. Cloth. 

Vol. Ill" pp. 221 — 271: 'The living temple, part II. Containing Animadversiones on 
Spinoza and a French writer (Noel Aubert de Verse in his: L'impie convaincu; see nr. 737, 
738) pretending to confute him". See v. d. Linde 390. 

661 The living temple, or a designed improvement of that nation, 

that a good man is the temple of God. London, 1675. 2 vols. Calf (rebacked), 
sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 
The scarce first edition. 

662 Ihe blessedness of the righteous opened, and further recommended 

from the consideration of the vanity of this mortal life. — The vanity of 
this mortal life or of man considered only in his present mortal state. London, 
1673. 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf. — First editions. 

663 — ROGERS, H., The life and character of John Howe. With an analysis 
of his writings. London, n. d. Cloth. 

GGA HUET, P. D., Demonstratio Evangelica. Paris, 1679. Calf (back damaged), 

in — folio. 

Pierre Daniel Huet (1630 — 1721), French ecclesiastic and pupil of Descartes. The above 
work, here in first edition, is certainly his most important one: "This work, which is the 
great monument of Huet's literary reputation, was the result of various conversations 
with the eminent Rabbi Mauasseh hen-Israel at Amsterdam". 

„Spinozas zweitgelehrtcster Gcgncr war Huet. Er hat bereits die QucUen der Theol.-polit. 
Abhandlung crkannt und dariiber in seiner ,, Demonstratio Evangelica" gclchrt gcschrieben. 
Seine prijfcnden Glosscn zur Bibelkritik, mit Einschluss Spinozas, verdicncn die grosste 
Aufmerksamkeit dcs Historikers" (v. Dunin-Borkowski IV, 93 — 96). 

665 The same, 6a Ed. Francof.. 1722. With portrait. Calf, in — folio. 


666 HUET, P. D., Alnetanae quaestiones de concordia rationis et fidei. 
Lipsiae, 1692. Calf, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 358 n. 

„Huet schleudert in scinen bcriihmtcn „Alnetanac quaestiones", einem heute noch 
lesenswerten Buch, einige stark crrcgte Angriffsschmahungcn gegen Spinozas Religions- 
kritilc" (v. Dunin-Borkowski IV, 94). 

667 The same. Ace. commentarius de rebus ad eum pertinentibus. 

Francofurti, 1719. 2 parts, 1 vol. Vellum, in — 4. (browned). 

668 KOERBAGH, A., Een bloemhof van allerley lieflijkheyd sonder verdriet 
geplant door Vreederyk Waarmond, ondersoeker der waarheyd. Amsterdam, 1668. 
H. calf, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Koerbagh was, on account of his impious way of describing all religious .matters in this 
dictionary of foreign words, sentenced to imprisonment for several years. The book was 
prohibited and most copies were seized by the authorities of Amsterdam. Knuttel, Ver- 
boden boeken, 210. 

The author was an apostle of Spinozism and a member of the circle of van den Enden 
where he met Spinoza often. See about him and his „Bioemhof" Meinsraa pp. 296 — 319 etc. 

669 KORTHOLT, CHR., De calumniis paganorum in veteres Christianos sparsis 
tractatus. Kiloni, 1668. Vellum, in — 4. 

Kortholt was the author of "De tribus impostoribus" (see nrs. 303, 304). 

670 [LA COURT, J. de} ') Consideratien van staat oder politische Weg Schale. 
Uebers. von Chr. Kormarten. Leipzig, 1662. RATIO STATUS, oder der itsiger 
alamodisierender rechter Staats-Teufei in einem neuen Schauspiele abgebildet.' 
N. pi., 1670. In one volume, vellum, sm. in — 8. — See also no. 428, 429. 

') According to Servaas v. Rooyen p. 174 Spinoza possessed the Dutch edition of this 
work (Amst., 1662). 

671 [LE CLERC, J.}, Sentimmens de quelques theologiens de Hollande sur 
I'histoire critique du Vieux Testament par R. Simon. Amsterdam, 1685. Vellum, 
sm. in — 8. 

About Le Clercq and his important „Ars critica" see v. Dunin-Borkowski IV, 244 — 252. 
For Le Clerc's edition of Grotius' Truth of the Christian religion, see nrs. 497, 498. 

672 LEIBNIZ, Refutation inedite de Spinoza. Precedee d'un memoire par A. 
Foucher de Careil. Paris, 1854. H. calf. — v. d. Linde 322. 

673 A refutation of Spinoza. With remark and introduction by A. 

Foucher de Careil. Transl. by O. F. Owen. Edinburgh, 1855. Cloth. 

674 The Monadology and other philosophical writings. Transl. by R. 

Latta. Oxford, 1898. Cloth. 

675 Discourse on metaphysics, correspondence with Arnauld and 

Monadology. With introd. by P. Janet. Transl. by G. R. Montgomery^. Chicago, 
1908. With pi. H. calf. 

676 — RECUEIL de diverses pieces sur la philosophie, la religion naturelle, 
I'histoire, les mathematiques, etc. par Leibniz, Clarke, Newton e.a. Amsterdam, 
1720. 2 vols. With portrait. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 
According to the preface the work was edited by Sam. Clarke. 


677 LEIBNIZ — FOUCHER DE CAREIL, A., Leibniz, la philosophie juive 
et la Cabale. Avec les manuscrits inedits de Leibniz. LEIBNIZ, Observationes 
ad Maimonidis librum Doctor perplexorum. Par., 186L 2 parts, 1 vol. H. calf. 

678 Leibniz, Descartes et Spinoza. Avec un rapport par M. V. Cousin. 

Paris, 1862. H. calf. — v. d. Linde 324. 

Refutation inedite de Spinoza par Leibniz — Nouveau commentaire a I'Ethique et aux 
lettres de Spinoza — etc. 

679 — RUSSELL, B., A critical exposition of the philosophy of Leibniz. 
Cambridge, 1900. Cloth. 

Contains much information about Leibniz's relation to Spinozism. 

680 — SCHMALENBACH, H., Leibniz. Miinchen, 1921. H. cloth. 

681 — STEIN, L., Leibniz und Spinoza. Ein Beitrag zur Entwickelungs- 
geschichte der Leibnizischen Philosophie. Mit 19 ineditis aus dem Nachlass von 
Leibniz. Berlin, 1890. H. calf. 

A.o. (pp. 60 — 110) Die Spinozafreundliche Periode (16~6 — "9). 

See also Sections II and IX. 

682 LINAGE DE VAUCIENNE, P., Memoires sur lorigine des guerres, qui 
travaillent I'Europe depuis cinquante ans. Vol. II. Cologne, Pierre Marteau, 1678. 
Calf, sm. in —8. — See Willems 1920. 

683 MALEBRANCHE, Treatise concerning the search after truth. Added the 
author's Treatise of nature and grace being a consequence of the principles 
contain'd in the Search. Together with his answer to the animadversions etc. 
Transl. by T. Taylor. Oxford, 1694. Calf, in — folio. 

Malebranche, one of the most illustrious of the Cartesians, was acquainted with Spinoza's 
works, of which he speaks several times. 

684 Dialogues on metaphysics and on religion. Translated by M. Gins- 
berg. London, 1923. Cloth. 

685 — NOVARO, M., Die Philosophie des Nic. Malebranche. Berlin, 1S93. 
H. cloth. 

See also Section II and no. 1209. 

686 MANSVELT, Regn. a, Adversus anonymum theologo-politicum liber 
singularis, in quo omnes et singulae Tractatus thcologico-politici dissertationes 
examinantur et refelluntur. Opus posthumum. Amst., 1674. H. vellum, in — 4. 

Not mentioned by Willems, but possibly a "pseudo-Elzevier ". v. d. Linde 363. 

The author was professor at Utrecht succeeding Voetius, and in this book, which appeared 

after his death, he shows himself a deadly adversary of Spinoza. A copy of this book 

was in the possession of Spinoza (Servaas v. Rooijcn pp. 161/162) and it is about 

this work that Spinoza wrote to his friend Jellcs, that he found it unworthy of an 

answer. Yet it is an important item for the history of the criticism of Spinoza's philosophy. 

See v. Dunin-Borkowski IV, 89/90. 

Of the utmost scarcity: „ce livre nc se trouve que dans la bibliothctiuc de Hambourg" 

(Servaas v. Rooyen, i.e.). 

687 MODENA, L. de. Ceremonies et coustumcs qui s'observcnt aujourd' huy 
parmy les Juifs. Trad, de I'ltalien. Avec un supplement touchant les sectcs des 
Caraites ct des Samaritains de nostre temps. 3c Ed. augmentee (with separate 
title) d'une Comparaison des Ceremonies des Juifs ct de la discipline de I'Eglise 
p. le Sieur de Simonville. La Haye, 1682. With front. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

688 The same. 2c (sic) Ed. Paris, 16S4. Vellum, sm. in — S. 

See also no. 548. 


689 MORE, H., Opera omnia. (Vol. 1: Opera philosophica). Latinitate donata 
instigatu Joh. Cockshuti. Londini, 1679. With 2 fine portraits by D. Loggan. 
and num. diagr. Calf, in — folio. — Copy with all the sub-titles, v. d. Linde 367. 

Pp. 563 — 772: Epistola altera, quae brevem Tractatus Theologico-politici confutationem 
complcctitur... etc., and: Demonstrationis duarum propositionum. . . quae praccipuae apud 
SpiHozium atheismi sunt columnae... confutatio. 

690 A collection of several philosophical writings. As namely his: 

Antidote againt Atheism. Appendix to the said Antidote. Enthusiasmus 
triumphatus. Letters to Des Cartes etc. Immortality of the Soul. Conjectura 
Cabbalistica. 4th London, 1712 — '13. 7 parts {with the 7 sub-titles), one vol. 
With diagr. H. morocco (mod.), sm. in — folio. 

691 Theological works. London, 1708. With portrait by Loggan. Calf 

(joints weak), in — folio. 

692 Enchiridion ethicum, praecipua moralis philosophiae rudimenta. Ed. 

4a. Ace. scholia, una cum autoris epistola ad V. C[upers]. Londini, 1711. 2 parts, 
1 vol. Calf. 

693 Divine dialogues, containing disquisitions concerning the attributes 

and providence of God. Glasgow, 1743. 3 parts, 1 vol. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

See also no. 297. 

694 [MULLER, J. J.}, De tribus impostoribus. Anno MDIIC 2. Aufl. v. E. 
Weller. Heilbr., 1876. H. morocco (back slightly dam.). 

This fierce atheistic treatise — the three impostors are here Christ, Moses and Mahomet — 
is not to be confounded with Lucas' biography of Spinoza, also published under the same 
title (see nrs. 309 — 318), nor with Kortholt's book (see nrs. 303, 304). 
Ace. to Presser (Das Buch ,,De tribus impostoribus", passim), the author is probably 
Joh. J. Miiller, a German, who lived from l66l — 1733 and might have written the work 
between 1685 — 95 under the title: De impostura religionum. It circulated in a number 
of manuscript-copies and was first printed at Vienna in 1753, the publisher trying to 
safe-guard himself against persecution by faking the date into 1598. Of the original 
edition only 7 copies are still extant. About the book and its relation to Lucas' work with 
the same title, see v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 486 ff, 594 ff. 

695 [ } The same. Texte latin coll. sur I'exemplaire du Due de la Valliere, 

augm. de variantes de plus. MSS., etc. et d'une notice philolog. et bibliogr. p. 
Philomneste Junior [G. Brunet]. Paris, 1861. H. morocco, in — 12. — Limited 
edition of 432 copies. 

696 [ ] The same. Testo latino coilaz. suU' esempl. del Duca de la VaUiere, 

con I'aggiunta delie varianti di parecchi mss. e di una notizia filolog. e bibliogr. 
di Filomnesto il Giovanne [G. Brunet}. Milano, 1864. Boards, sm. in — 8. 

697 [ } The same, with title: De impostura religionum breve compendium 

seu liber de tribus impostoribus. Nach zwei Mss. hrsg. v. F. W. Genthe. Leipzig, 
1833. Boards. — Ex-libris Sepp. — v. d. Linde, 103 note. Presser, p. 123. 
The text after two manuscripts, under the original title. 

698 — PRESSER, J., Das Buch "De tribus impostoribus" (von den drei 
Betriigern). Amst., 1926. With facs. (D.). 

The best work on the subject. Pp. 125 — 136: Bibliography. 

699 [NEVILLE, H.}, Plato redivivus or a dialogue concerning government. 
London, 1681. H. calf (mod.), sm. in — 8. — First edition. 


700 PARKER, Sam., A demonstration of the divine authority of the law 
of nature, and of the Christian religion. London, 1681. 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, in — 4. 

701 PUFENDORF, Sam., De jure naturae et gentium. Londini Scanorum, 
1672. Calf (rebacked), in —4. 

Samuel Pufendorf, famous German lawyer, who knew Spinoza personally and who astonishes 
every Spinoza-biographer by his very critical opinion about the great philosopher, called 
him: „ein leichtfeniger Vogel", „deorum, hominum irrisor", writing „nicht subtiles", „ist 
aber schon der Miihe werth, dasz man ihn funditus destruire". See a.o. Dunin-Bot- 
kowski I, 52. 

702 Of the law of natture and nations. Done into English by B. Kennett. 

3rd Ed. Added the notes of Barbeyrac. London, 1717. 3 parts, 1 vol. Calf, in — folio. 

703 De officio hominis et civis juxta legem naturalem. Ed. 7a. Londini, 

1708. Calf, sm. in —8. 

Copy from the Library of Edw. Browne. 

704 An introduction to the history of the principal Kingdoms and 

states of Europe. Made English from the original. London, 1695. Calf. 

705 The same. 2nd ed. London, 1697. With portrait. Calf. 

706 REGIUS, Henr., Philosophia naturalis. Amst., Lud. et Dan. Elzevier, 
1161. With portrait by Matham and numerous diagr. H. cloth (mod.), in — 4. 
— Willems 1274. 

First editon. Regius (van Roy) was a disciple of Descartes, but one who „duch seine 
Weiterfiihrung der Gcdanken des Meisters diesen in arge Verlegenheit versetzte". He 
represented „eine Auffassung, welche nur noch durch eine ganz diinne Scheidenwand von 
der spinozistischen entfernt ist" (v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 395 ff). 

707 ROSS, A., riANEEBEJA: or, A view of all religions in the world. Also, 
A discovery of all known heresies in aU ages and places. 6th ed. Annexed, lives, 
actions and ends of notorious herecicks. With their effigies. London, 1683. With 
18 portraits. Calf (repaired). 

708 SAAVEDRA FAXARDUS, D., Idea principis christiano-politici CI 
emblematis expressa. Amst., J. Blaeu, 1660. With front, and 103 fine emblems 
in oval shape, with ornaments by Sadeler, a.o. Calf (joints repaired), sm. in — 8. 

709 SABBATAI ZEVI — KASTEIN, J., The Messiah of Ismir, Sabbatai Zevi. 
Transl. by H. Paterson. London, 1931. With portraits. Cloth. 

Cont. references to Spinoza, who "maintained an objective and impartial attitude" towards 
this famous false Messiah of the Jews. See a.o. Mcinsma, pp. 253 — 256. 

710 — RCCOLES, J. B. de, Les imposteurs insignes ou histoires de plusieurs 
hommcs de neant, dc toutes nations, qui ont usurpe la qualite d'Empercurs, Roys 
ct Princes. Amsterdam, 1683. With front, and portraits. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 
Pp. 502 — 536 (with portrait) about Sabatai Zcwi, the false Messias of the Jews. 

711 The same. Bruxelles, 1728. 2 vols. With 2 fronts, and portraits. 

Calf, sm. in — 8. 

Vol. II pp. 249 — 320 (with portrait) about „Le faux Mcssic". 
See also nos. 21, 644, 772, 792. 


712 SCHOWART, A. W., Observations historical and genealogical in which 
the originals of the Emperors, kings, electors . . . are drawn down to 1690. Made 
English. London, 1693. Vellum. — Original edition. Interleaved copy. 

713 SENAULT, [J. F.], De I'usage des passions. Paris, 1661. With engraved 

title. H. calf (mod.), sm. in — 8. 

Jean Francois Senault (1601 — 1672), was a French priest and author. The above is 
dedicated to Richelieu. 

714 SIMON, R., Histoire critique du Vieux Testament. Sur la Copie, imprin:ee 

a Paris, 1680. Vellum, in — 4. 

Simon's work led to an extended controversy and the first edition was suppressed in 1673. 
At the end a „Catalogue des auteurs juifs". 

715 A critical history of the Old Testament. Transl. by a Person of 

Quality. London, 1682. Calf, in — 4. 

First English edition. At the end (91 pp.) „A catalogue of the chief editions of the Bible". 

716 Critical enquiries into the various editions of the Bible. Together 

with animadversions upon Vossius' Oracles of the Sibylls. Transl. by N. S. London, 
1684. Calf, in — 4. — Large paper copy. 

717 — VOSSIUS, I., De Sibyllinis aliisque quae Christi natalem praecesserc 
oraculis. Ace, ejusdem Responsio ad objectiones, nuperae criticae sacrae. Lugd. 
Bat., 1680. 2 parts., 1 vol. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

The Responsio is directed against the critical methods of Simon. 

718 SOCINUS — Arnoldus, Nic, Religio Sociniana seu Catechesis Racoviana 
major. Franequerae, 1654. With portrait by van Meurs. Vellum, in — 4. 
Socianism had many followers and opponents in Holland at Spinoza's time. „Es hiesse 
einen ganz wichtigen exegetischen Ort Spinozas striiflich vernachlassigen, wenn man an 
der sozianischen Schriftdeutung voriiberginge". Dunin-Borkowski IV, 133 ff and 353 ff. 

719 — TOULMIN, J., Memoirs of the life, character, sentiments and writings 
of Faustus Socinus. London, 1777. H. calf. 

720 SPENCER, J., Discourse concerning prodigies. 2d ed. ... inlarged (sic). 
Added a short treatise concerning vulgar prophecies. London, 1665. 2 parts, 
1 vol. Calf. 

Throughout dealing with what in Old and New Testament and by prominent authors of 
later times was written about the subject. Several places refute e;:pscially Jewish superstition. 

721 De legibus Hebraeorum ritualibus et earum rationibus libri tres. 

Ed. 2a. Hagae-Com., 1686. 2 parts., 1 vol. Vellum, in — 4. 

722 STELLINGEN, VRYE POLITYKE, en consideratien van staat. Het eerste 

deel. Amst., 1665. In — 4. — Knuttel 9191. Not in van Doorninck. 

The most curious part of this highly interesting pamphlet is the "Na-reeden" (pp. 45 — 48), 
a.o. about the Second Dutch war against the English. It is signed with the pen: M.V.Zs.h. 

723 TAYLOR, JER., OEOAOriA 'EKAEKTIKH. A discours of the liberty 
of prophesying. London, 1647. With front. Calf (rebacked), in — 4. 

Jeromy Taylor (1613 — 1667) was a famous reverend and contemporary of Spinoza, whose 
ideas are accurate mirrors of his age. Biographers called him the "Homer of divines", the 
"Shakespeare of the Church" and the "Spenser of English theological literature". 


724 TEMPLE, W., Works. London, 1740. 2 vols. With portrait by Vertue. Calf 
(joints weak), sm. in — folio. — Copy on large paper. 

Memoirs of the famous English ambassador at The Hague round 1670, containing several 
interesting references to Spinoza. 

725 Observations upon the United Provinces of the Netherlands. 5th Ed. 

London, 1690. Blind stamped calf (19th century), sm. in — 8. 

A highly interesting work about Holland in the period of de Witt and Spinoza. 

726 Memoirs of what past in Christendom from the war begun 1672 

to the peace concluded 1679. London, 1692. Calf. 

727 TRAHERNE, TH., Poetical works. Ed. by B. Dobell. London, 1903. With 
facs. Cloth, in — 4. — First (limited) edition from the original manuscripts. 

Thomas Traherne (ca 1636 — 1674), well-known English poet and a.o. author of "Christian 
Ethicks" was a contemporary of Spinoza. 

728 Poetical works. Reprinted from the original manuscript together 

with Poems of felicity and Poems from various sources ed. by G. J. Wade. 
London, 1932. With facs. Cloth. 

729 Poems of felicity. Ed. by H. I. Bell. London, 1910. With 2 facs. 

730 Centuries of meditations. Ed. by B. Dobell. London, 1908. Cloth. 

731 The same. Ed. by B. Dobell. London, 1927. Cloth. 

732 [TSCHIRNHAUS, E. W. von], Medicina mentis — Medicina corporis. 
Amst., Alb. Magnus et J. Riewerts Jr., 1686 — '87. 2 parts, 1 vol. Vellum, 
in — 4. — Large paper copy. 

Extremely scarce and unknown to v. d. Linde. Von Tschirnhaus (born 1651) one of 
Spinoza's visitors and correspondents was largely influenced by his ideas. It was v. Tschirn- 
haus who introduced Leibniz to Spinoza's philosophy and thus caused the meeting 
between the two philosophers. See about him a.o. Meinsma pp. 383 seq., 390 scq., 416 seq. 
„In diesen erkenntnistheoretischen Werken ist Spinozas methodologischer Tractat oft 
bcnutzt, der Name Spinozas aber nirgends genannt worden. Wo T. von ihm spricht, 
nennt er ihn „einen gewissen" („quidam").. ." (Freud. -Gebhardt I, 266). 

733 _ VERWEYEN, J., Ehrcnfried Walter von Tschirnhaus als Philosoph. 
Bonn, 1905. H. cloth. 

734 VELTHUSIUS, LAMB., Tractatus duo mcdico-physici unus de liene alter 
de generatione. Traj. ad Rhenum, 1657. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

Lamb, van Velthuyzen (1662 — 1685), philosopher and doctor of medicine at Utrecht, was 
an able Cartesianist. He was personally acquainted with Spinoza but did not agree with his 
philosophical ideas. Some letters between the two men have been preserved. Sec Meinsma 
p. 159 ff, etc. Velthuyzen very probably was also the translator of Hobbes" Leviathan 
into Dutch (see nrs. 653, 654). According to Servaas van Rooijen, p. 185, Spinoza possessed 
a copy of the above work. 

735 Tractatus moralis de naturali pudorc et dignitate hominis in quo 

agitur, de incestu, scortatione, voto caclibatus, conjugio, adulterio, polygamia ct 
divortiis, etc. Traj. ad Rhenum, 1676. Vellum, in —4. — v. d. Linde 358 n. 

Vclthuyzcn's trc-atise was written against the Tractatus thcologico-politicus. See v. Dunin- 
Borkowski IV, 92. 

Bound up with: /. Cryphiander, De Wcichbildis saxonicis, sive colossis quarundam 
saxonicarum. Comment, hist.-juridiais. Argentorati, 1666. 


736 VELTHUSIUS — DES CARTES meditationes de prima philosophia. 
His adjungitur Tractatus de initiis primae philosophiae juxta fundamenta 
Cartesii... nee non de Deo & mente humana authore L. Velthusio. Londini, Jona 
Hart, 1664. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

737 [VERSfi, N. A. de], L'impie convaincu ou dissertation contre Spinoza. 
Amsterdam, 1684. Calf (rebacked) sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 301. 

There are also given in this work the "principales hypotheses du Cartesianisme, que Ton 
fait voir etre I'origine du Spinosisme". 

Verse, a French controversialist (ca 1650 — 1714) studied medicine in Paris, but soon 
turned his attention to theology. He left the Catholic church, on account of which he was 
persecuted. He fled to Holland, where he lived for a long time. 

738 The same. Amsterdam, 1685. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

This edition with date 1685 is not mentioned by v. d. Linde. 

See also no. 660. 

739 VRIES, G. de, Exercitationes rationales de Deo, divinisque perfectionibus. 
Ed. nova. Acced. Diatribe singularis gemina. Altera, De Cogitatione ipsa mente; 
altera, De ideis rerum innatis. Traj. ad Rhenum, 1695. 3 parts, 1 voL 
Vellum, in — 4. 

740 WILKINS, Joh., Of the principles and duties of natural religion. Added 
a Sermon preached at his funerals by W. Lloydd. London, 1678. 2 parts, 1 vol 
With portrait. Calf (one joint broken). 

One chapter is divided in postulata, definitions and axioms in the method of Spinoza. 

741 The same. 7th ed. London, 1715. 2 parts, 1 vol. With portrait. Calf. 

742 WITT, J. de, The true interest and political maxims of the Republick of 
Holland and West-Friesland. London, 1702. With portrait. H. calf. 

About the relation between the great Dutchman and Spinoza, and de Witt's possible 
fore-knowledge about the publication of the Tractatus — a copy of which w-as in his 
library — see Meinsma 258 ff, 325 ff, etc.; further Mad. Frances, Spinoza dans les pays 
neerlandais, pp. 92 — 104 and 319 — 335, and the study of Japikse in Bijdragen voor 
vaderl. geschiedenis, vol. VI nr. 1 and 2. 

743 Political maxims of the State of Holland. Comprehending a general 

view of the civil government of that Republic ... and of their true interests 
with respect to all their neighbours. To which is prefixed Historical Memoirs of 
Cornelius and John de Wit. London, 1743. Gilt blue morocco. 
The inner history of the long Anglo-Dutch struggle for naval supremacy with account of 
the tragic end of the rwo eminent statesmen. The preface is very outspoken against the 
princes of Orange — Nassau and their reign. 

744 Fables moral and political, with large explication. London, 1703. 

2 vols. With front, by v. d. Gucht. Panelled calf. 

745 — CATALOGUS van boecken inde bybliotheque (sic) van Mr. Jan de 
Wit, door sijn discipel den pensionaris Vivien. N. pi. [1672]. Appendix ... 
bestaende in een partye curieuse en secrete manuscripten. Den Haegh, 1672. 

2 parts. In — 4. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Knuttel 10343 and 10437. Tiele 6245 and 6330. Two satirical pamphlets against Johan 
de Witt. Nr. 33 of the Appendix mentions the manuscript of Spinoza's Tractatus theologico- 
politicus, of which is said: „Door den afvalligen Joodt te samen met de Duyvel in de 
Hel gesmeedt, en met kennis van Mr. Jan en sijn complicen uyt gegeven". See Japikse, 
loc. cit. 


746 WITT, J. de, — GEDDES, J., History of the administration of John 
de Witt. I (aU published) 1623— '54. London, 1879. Cloth. 

747 — [HAGIUS?}, Waerachtigh verhael, van 't gepasseerde in, ende ontrent 
der saecken, tusschen Willem Tichelaer en Cornelis de Witt nopens de conspiratie 
tegen den Prince van Orangien. N. pi., 1672. — Knuttel 10206. 

748 — JAPIKSE, K., Johann de Witt, der Hiiter des freien Meeres. Leipzig, 
1917. With portraits and ills. Cloth. 

One of the best books on the friend of Spinoza and fighter for human rights. 

749 _ LEFEVRE PONTALIS, M. A., John de Witt or twenty years of a 
parliamentary republic. Transl. by S. E. and A. Stephenson. London, 1885. 
2 vols. Cloth. 

750 — LEVEN, EN DOODT, vande Heeren en Meesters, Cornelis en Johan de 
Witt. I Deel. N. pi., 1672. In -A. — Knuttel 10434. 

751 — TRAGOEDIE van den bloedigen Haeg, ofte broeder-moort van Jan 
en Cornelis de Wit, geschiedt den 20 van ooghst-maandt 1672 binnen 's-Graven- 
hage Door N.V.M. t'Hantwerpen, [1672]. With 8 engravings. Vellum. — Not 
mentioned by van Doorninck. 

752 [WITT II, JOH. de], Public gebedt, ofte consideratien tegens het 
nominatim bidden in de publique Kerken voor particuliere persoonen, en specia- 
lijken voor den jegenwoordigen Heere Prince van Orangien. Door D. H. Amster- 
dam, 1663 — '64. 3 parts, 1 vol. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

Written by a nephew of the Dutch statesman with the cooperation of his famous uncle. 

753 WITTICHIUS, Chr., Anti-Spinoza sive examen ethices Benedicti de 
Spinoza, et commentarius de Deo et ejus attributis. Amst., J. Wolters, 1690. 
Vellum, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 384. 

Only edition, published after the author's death. Wittich (1625 — 1687), one of the best- 
known Cartesianists in Holland and professor at Nijmegen and Leiden, wrote this 
book to defend himself against his numerous adversaries, who had attacked him on his 
supposed sympathy for Spinoza's ideas (probably not without some reason). It is chiefly 
against the Ethica. See Freud. -Gebhardt I, 237. 

754 Ondersoek van de zede-konst van Benedictus de Spinoza, en een 

verhandelinge van God en desselfs eigenschappen. Vert, door Abr. van Poot. 
Amsterdam, 1695. Vellum, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 385. 
Very rare Dutch translation of the „Anti-Spinoza". 

755 Consensus veritatis in scriptura divina ct infallibili revelatae cum 

veritate philosophica a Renato Dcs Cartes detecta, cujus occasione liber II et III 
Principiorum philosophiae maximam partem illustrantur. Ed. 2a... aucta. Lug- 
duni Bat., 1682. Vellum, in — 4. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

756 Annotationes ad Renati Des-Cartes Mcditationes. Opus posthumum 

[ed.] S. van Til. Dordrechti, Casp. & Theod. Goris, 1688. Calf (rebacked), 
in — 4. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

757 WOLLASTON, W., The religion of nature delineated. 8th cd. London, 

1759. With portrait. Calf. 

This book of the 17th century author suggested the theme of Benjamin Franklin's: A 
Dissertation upon Liberty antl Necessity, Pleasure and Pain. 


(Sec also section VII and IX) 

758 [BALGUY, J.}, A letter to a Deist, concerning the beauty and excellency 
of moral virtue, and the support and improvement which it receives from the 
Christian Revelation. By a country clergyman. Edinburgh, reprinted by W. Monro, 
[ca. 1730}. Boards (mod.). 

759 BEKKER, B., Dc bctooverde weereld, zijnde ondersoek van 't gevoelen 
aangaande geesten, derselver aart en vermogen, bewind en bedrijf. Amst., 1691 — 
'93. 4 parts, 1 vol. H. vellum, in —4. — v. d. Linde (Bekker) 16, 17, 19, 20 (21). 

With autograph of Bekker, in all the 4 volumes, as a sign of the edition being acknowledged 

by the author. 

Bekker, reverend at Amsterdam, was dismissed on account of having published the 

above work. Is caused a great stir and was almost generally considered as heretical. 

The author opposes strongly witchcraft in all its forms, especially the burning of so 

called witches. 

Being backed by some influential people his salary though was paid to him until his death. 

His „Betoverde wereld" called forth several books and pamphlets pro and contra and 

was immediately translated into English, French and German. — Volume I contains some 

passages on Spinoza. 

760 Die Bezauberte Welt. Aus dem HoUandischen (by Schwager). Amst., 

1693. 4 parts, 1 vol. With woodcut-portrait of Bekker on title. Vellum, in — 4. 
V. d. Linde (Bekker) 25. First German edition. 

761 Tne world bewitch'd, or an examination of the common opinions 

concerning spirits. Transl. from a French copy. Vol. I (dl published). (London), 

1695. H. morocco (mod.), in — ^12. (first 11. stained). 

V. d. Linde (Bekker) 28 (without having seen). First English edition. 

IGl Le monde cnchante, ou examen des communs sentimens touchant 

les esprits. . . Trad, du Holl. Amsterdam, P. Rotterdam, 1694. 4 vols. With 
portr. and 6 pits. Calf, in — 12. 

V. d. Linde (Bekker) 27. Complete copy of the only French translation. 

See also no. 302, 792. 

763 BENTLEY, R., The folly and unreasonableness of atheism. In eight 
sermons preach'd at the Boyle's lecture 1692. London, 1693. 8 parts, 1 vol. 
H. calf, in — 4. 

First edition. Richard Bcntley (1661 — 1742), called "the British Aristarchus" became 
famous though his lectures against atheism, epecially against the system of Hobbes. 
On p. 30 of the first sermon is said about Hobbes: "For an atheist to compose a System of 
Politicks is as absurd and ridiculous, as Epicurus's Sermons were about Sanctity and 
Religious Worship". 

764 Eight sermons preach'd at the Honourable Robert Boyle's lecture 

in 1692. 6th Ed. To which are added 3 sermons. Cambridge, 1735. With 
engraving on title. Calf. 

See also no. 790. 

765 BERKELEY, G., Works. To which is added an account of his life and 
several of his letters. Dublin, 1784. 2 vols. With portrait by Cooke. Gilt calf 
(1 joint broken and 1 joint weak), in — 4. — Copy on large paper. 
Berkeley is one of the few English philosophers, who has really read Spinoza. In his 
works he speaks several times of Spinoza. Especially interesting is a passage in his 
Alciphron (Seventh Dialogue), quoted by Pollock p. 355/56. 


766 BLACKMORE, R., Creation. A philosophical poem. London, 1712. Calf. 

First edition. About this interesting work Addison observes: "This work was... executed 
with so great a mastery, that it deserves to be looked upon as one of the most useful 
and noble produCTs in our English verse". The author speaks about Spinoza in a 
depreciating way. 

767 The same. 4th Ed. London, 1736. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

768 BOULAINVILLIERS — Doutes sur la religion. Suivies de I'Analyse 
du Traite theologi-politique de Spinosa, par [H.] de Boulainvilliers. Londres, 1767. 
Marbled calf, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 376. 

First edition, published 45 years after the author's death and extra-ordinary scarce. „On 
croit que le premier de ces ouvrages est de Gueroult de Pival" (Barbier IV, 1119b). — 
See also no. 909- 

769 [BOYER] d'ARGENS, [J. B. de}, La philosophic du bon-sens, ou 
reflexions philosophiques sur I'incertirude des connoissances humaines. Nouv. 
ed., augna. d'un examen crit. des remarques d'Olivet La Haye, 1747. 2 vols. 
With front, and portr. Calf (one hinge broken). 

Several extended references to Spinoza. 

770 [ } Lettres chinoises, ou correspondance philosophique, historique et 

critique. La Haye, 1739 — '40. 5 vols. Calf. sm. in — 8. 

771 [ ] Jewish letters, or a correspondence philosophical, historical and 

critical betwixt a Jew and his correspondents, in different parts. Newcastle, 
J. Fleming, 1746. 4 vols. With portrait. Calf. 

Translation from the French original (The Hague 1738). It was placed on the Index in 
1742 and 1744. 

The first volume contains some communications about Spinoza's philosophy and his life, 
a.o. about the stab with a knife by one his fellow-believers. 

772 [ } The Jewish spy. Being a philosophical, historical, and critical 

correspondence, by letters, which lately passed between certain Jews in Turky, 
Italy, France, etc. Now done into English. 3rd Ed. London, 1766. 5 vols. Calf, 
sm. in — 8. 

Contains several references to Spinoza. Further a.o. Menassah ben Israel — Grotius — 
Sabatai Zewi (vol. 2 pp. 128 — 132). The Jewish spy is the 3rd edition, with title altered, 
of the Jewish letters. 

773 BROWN, J., Essays on the characteristics. London, 1751. With title- 
engraving. Marbled calf. 

First edition of this able defence of the utilitarian philosophy, against Shaftesbury's 
Characteristics. Dedicated to Ralph Allen. 

774 BUDDEUS, J. FR., Theses theologicae de atheismo et superstitione. . . 
Observationes et dissertationem contra atheos adjccit H. Buurt. Traj. ad Rhenum, 
1737. Vellum. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Pp. 120 — 132 („Spinoza, atheorum princcps"), 218 scq. and several important references, 
about Spinoza. Buddaeus, a vehement opponent of Spinoza, was a.o. the author of the 
„Disscrtatio philosophica de Spinozismo ante Spinozam". 

775 Lehr-satze von der Atheisterey und dcm Aberglauben ins Teutschen 

iibers. 2. Aufl. Jena, 1723. With front. Vellum. — Not in v. d. Linde. 
Pp. 12—14, 144—159, 447 — ^60: Spinoza and Spinozism. 

776 Institutiones thcologiae moralis variis observationibus illustratae. 

Lipsiae, 1727. Vellum, in — 4. — Not in v. d. Linde. 


777 BUDDEUS, J. FR., Introductio ad historiam philosophiae Ebraeorum. 
Ace. dissertatio de haeresi Valentianiana. Halae Sax., 1702. Calf. 

Much about Aberbanel, Kabbala, Maimonides, Menasseh ben Israel, etc. 

778 CAMBRAY, A demonstration of the existence, wisdom and omnipotence 
of God... translated from the French. London, W. Taylor and J. Baker, 1713. Calf. 

779 [CHARPENTIER, L.], Lettres critiques, sur divers ecrits de nos jours, 
contraires a la religion et aux moeurs. Londres, 1751. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. calf 
(mod.), sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Part II pp. 149 — 221 (Lettres XX — ^XXII): Vie de Spinosa — Systeme de Spinosa — Refutation 
du systeme de Spinosa. 

780 CLARKE, SAM., A demonstration of the being and attributes of God, 
more particularly in answer to Hobbs, Spinoza, and their followers. London, 1705. 
Calf (one joint weak). — First edition. See v. d. Linde 291 (only the 4th ed.). 

781 The same. 2nd ed. London, 1706. Calf (rebacked). 

782 A discourse concerning the being and attributes of God, the 

obligations of natural religion, and the truth and certainty of Christian revelation. 
In answer to Mr. Hobbs, Spinoza and their followers. 6th ed. London, (1724) — 25. 
3 parts, 1 vol. Calf (rebacked). 

Contains, with separate titles, the above Demonstration... 6th ed.; A discourse concerning 
the unchangeable obligations of natural religion, etc. 6th ed.; and: [/. Butler'], Several 
letters to Dr. Clarke from a gentleman in Glocestershire, with the answers thereunto. 3d ed. 

783 The same. 7th ed. London, (1727)— 28. 3 parts, 1 vol. Calf. 

Contains the same as the preceding item, but enlarged with: A discourse concerning the 
connexion of the prophecies in the Old Testament, and the application of them to 
Christ; . . . also an answer to a 7th letter. 

784 The same. 10th ed. London, 1749. 3 parts, 1 vol. H. morocco. 

785 A letter to Mr. Dodwell; wherein all the arguments in his Epistolary 

Discourse against the immortality of the soul are answered... London, 1706. 
Boards (mod.). — See also no. 799. 

786 A collection of papers which passed between Leibnitz and Clarke 

in 1715 and 1716. Relating to the principles of natural philosophy and religion. 
With an appendix. Added: Letters to Clarke with the answers. Also remarks upon 
[A. Collins], A philosophical enquiry concerning human liberty. London, 1717. 
2 parts, 1 vol. Calf (rebacked). — Not in v. d. Linde. 
V. Dunin-Borkowski I, 360 and 574. — See also no. 791. 

787 Oeuvres philosophiques. Avec notes et introd. p. E. Saisset. Paris, 

1843. H. calf. 

788 Oeuvres philosophiques. Nouv. ed. p. A. Jacques. Paris, 1843. H 

calf, sm. in — 8. 

See also no. 282, 676, 794. 

789 [COLLINS, A.], An essay concerning the use of reason in propositions, 
the evidence whereof depends upon human testimony. 2nd ed. corr. London, 
1709. Boards (mod.). 


790 [COLLINS, A.}, A discourse of free-thinking, occasion'd by the rise and 
growth of a sect call'd Free-Thinkers. London, 1713. [R. BENTLEY], Remarks 
upon a late. Discourse of free-thinking, in a letter to F(rancis) H(are), D.D., 
by Phileleutherus Lipsiensis, 5th ed. London, 1716 — '17. 2 parts. Together in 
1 vol. Calf. 

791 A philosophical inquiry concerning human liberty. Republished 

with preface by J. Priestley. Birmingham, 1790. H. calf. See also no. 786. 

792 CORVINUS — ANABAPTISTICUM et enthusiasticum pantheon und 
geistliches Riist-Haus wider die alten Quacker und neuen Frey-Geister, welche die 
Kirche Gottes zeithero verunruhiget und bestiirmet haben... etc. Zusammen ge- 
tragen [von J. F. CORVINUS], N. pi., (1701)— 02. 12 parts, each with separate 
title and pagination, in 2 vols. With front., 18 pits, and 31 portraits (a.o. of 
Spinoza). H. morocco, in — fol. 

This work is a collection of several treatises and some edicts, against all sorts of free- 
thinkers and sectarians: atheists, deists, false prophets, Quakers, Anabaptists, Rosicrucians, 
the followers of Bohme, de Labadie, etc. Two of the treatises are by /. Chr. Miiller and 
Fr. Riigstadt ion Weille, the others are anonymous. There are portraits of Descartes, 
Hobbes, Spinoza, Bekker, Menno Simons, Cromwell, and many others. 
Comprises a.o. Furstellung vier neuer Welt-Weisen, nahmentlich, I Renati Des Cartes, II 
Thomae Hobbes, III Benedicti Spinosa, IV Balthasar Beckers. Nach ihrem Leben und 
fiirnehmsten Irrthiimern. Gedruckt im Jahr 1702. — v. d. Linde 84. 
Die Geschichte von dem grossen Betrieger cder falschen Juden Konige Sahutai-Scil von 
Smirna. 1702. 

Noi'us in Belgio judaeorum rex Oiiger PauU'i, das ist Der ncue Juden-Konii3, Olliger 
Pauili, in Niederland. 1702. 

Der alten und neuen Schwarmer, Widertaufferischer Geist, das ist ... Bericht . . . was 
man von denen jetziger Zeit... als David Joristen, Weigelianern, Rosencrcutzern, Panso- 
phisten, Bohmisten, Chiliasten, Enthusiasten, Quakern, Labadisten, Offenbahrungs- und 
Frey-Geistern, Quietisten, Traumern, Scheinheiligen, neuen Falschen Propheten und 
Atheisten, zugewarten haben, wciln sie, wie erwiesen, einerley Lchre und Crund-Sdtze 
fiihren... etc. Cothen, gedruckt bey W. A. Meyern, 1701. 

Complete copies of this interesting work are very scarce: the Freudenthal copy, for 
instance, lacked no less than 15 plates. In the present copy there is only missing, ace. to 
the index of plates which lists 32 portraits, the portrait of De Labadie — but possibly 
this one was never issued, as the ample description in the catalogue of the Freudenthal 
collection also gives a number of only 31 portraits in all. 

793 CROUSAZ, J. P. de, Examen du Pyrrhonisme ancien et moderne. La 
Haye, 1733. Vellum, in — fol. 

First edition of this important work, being an attack chiefly on Bayle. It was written and 
published during the author's appointment at Groningen, where he was professor of 
Philosophy and mathematics. Contains several references to Spinoza. 

794 DAWSON, Th., An appeal to the genuine records and testimonies of 
heathen and Jewish writers in defence of Christianity. London, 1733. 2 parts, 
1 vol. Calf. 

A.o. about Grotius, Huet, Clarke, Locke, Syke, Scaliger. 

795 DERHAM, W., Physico-theology, or a demonstration of the Being and 
Attributes of God, from His works of Creation. 2nd cd. London, 1714. Calf. 

796 [DIPPEL, J. C], Christiani Democriti rcdivivi. Umstiindliche Erzehlung 
wie cs mit seinem vcrmeinten Todc zugegangen scy, etc. N. pi., 1736. With 

front. Mystisches Paradies. Parmos in der Schweisz, n. d. With front. In 

one vol. H. morocco (mod.), sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Johann Konrad Dippcl, the famous theologian was a vehement opponent of Spinoza 
See about him a.o. Vrunwald, Spinoza in Deutschland p. 67 — 70. 


797 DIPPEL — NEUSS, H. G., Probatio spiritus et doctrinae Democriti, das 
ist Priifung des Geistes und der Lehre Christiani Democriti, sonst [Joh. Conr.j 
Dippel genannt... nebst dessen Lebens-Lauff . . . N. pi., 1702. H. morocco (mod.), 
in — folio. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

H. G. Neuss, is known a.o. as a poet and as a composer. See about him Goedeke III, 293, 37. 

798 — BENDER, W., J. K. Dippel. Der Freigeist aus dem Pietismus. Ein 
Beitrag zur Entstehungsgeschichte der Aufklarung. Bonn, 1882. H. cloth. 

See also no. 7. 

799 DODWELL, H., The natural mortality of humane souls. With a letter to 
J. Norris of Bemerton. And an expostulation, relating to the late insults of 
Mr. Clark and Mr. Chishull. London, 1708. 3 parts, 1 vol. Calf (rebacked). 
With several interesting references to Spinoza. — See also no. 785. 

800 [ ] Christiany not founded on argument; and the true principle of 

Gospel-evidence assigned. London, T. Cooper, 1741. Boards (mod.). 

Halkett and Laing I, 341, mention only the 2d edition of 1743. 

801 ELIOT — GEORGE ELIOTS LIFE as related in her letters and journals. 
Ed. by J. W. Cross. New ed. London, n. d. With portrait and plates. H. morocco. 

Some interesting references to Spinoza. George Eliot translated a.o. the Ethics. 

802 F£N£L0N, De I'existence et des attributs de Dieu. Paris, 1891. H. calf. 
Pp. 132 — 142: Refutation du spinosisme. 

803 A demonstration of the existence of God. Transl. by S. Boyse. 

London, 1821. With front. Gilt morocco (one cover slightly dam.), sm. in — 8. 

804 Lettres spirituelles. Ed. revue et corr. p. S. de Sacy. Paris, Techener, 

1856. 3 vols. Green morocco, sm. in — 8. — With autograph dedication of 
Baron Fr. von Hiigel to Emily Ward and with her bookplate. 

805 — CYRES, ST., Frangois de Fenelon. London, 1901. With 8 portrs. Cloth. 
Pp. 258 — 262, besides other references, Spinoza. 

806 — [RAMSAY, A. M. de}, Histoire de la vie de Fenelon. La Haye, 

1723. 2 parts, 1 vol. With front. Calf, sm. in — 8. — First edition. With 
autograph of John Browning. 

See also no. 909. 

807 FICHTE — SCHRIFTEN, DIE, zu Fichte's Atheismus-Streit. Hrsg. von 
H. Lindau. Munchen, 1912. H. calf. 

Several references to Spinoza, Jacobi, a.o. — See also no. 261, 283, 832, 1188. 

808 FOERTSHIUS, M., Selectorum theologicorum breviarium, id est, discussio 
principalium punctorum theologicorum nostro tempore maxime controversorum 
etc. Jenae, 1708. Cloth (mod.), in — 4. 

Contains some references to Spinoza. 

809 GENGELL (S.J.), G., Gradus ad atheismum. Ed. 2a auctior. Leopoli, 

1724. H. morocco (mod.), sm. in — 8. 

810 GILDON, C, The deist's manual or a rational enquiry into the Christian 
religion. With some considerations on Hobbs, Spinoza, etc. London, 1705. Calf. — 
Not in v. d. Linde. 


811 GOETHES Philosophic aus seinen Werken. Mit Einl. hrsg. von M. 
Heynacher. Leipzig, 1922. H. cloth. 

Many references to Spinoza. 

812 — ECKERMANN, J. P., Gesprache mit Goethe. Neu hrsg. v. H. H. 
Houben. Leipzig. 1913. With portraits and plates. Cloth. 

Only one reference to Spinoza. 

813 — SCHNEEGE, G., Goe±es Spinozismus. Langensalza, 1911. Boards. 

814 _ SIEBECK, H., Goethe als Denker. 3. Aufl. Stuttgart, n. d. Cloth. 
A.o. (pp. 76 — 80) Goethe's relation to Spinoza. 

See also no. 19, 186, 828, 829, 1191. 

815 [GUfiNfiE, Anth.}, Letters of certain Jews to M. de Voltaire, containing 
an apology for their own people, and for the Old Testament; with critical 
reflections. Transl. by Ph. Lefanu. Dublin, 1777. 2 vols. Calf. — Ex-libris C. 

This interesting work contains a.o. answers of Voltaire, letters from Jews of the German 
and Polish Synagogue at Amsterdam, etc. 

816 GURDON, B., The pretended difficulties in natural and reveal'd religion 
no excuse for infidelity. 16 Sermons preach'd at the Lecture founded by Rob. 
Boyle. London, 1723. Calf. 

817 HARRIS, J., The atheistical objections against the Being of a God, and 
His attributes ... refuted. London, 1698. 8 parts, 1 vol. Calf (rebacked), in — 4. 
Boyle lectures. — Bound up with 4 sermons by the same, 1701 — 06. 

818 HERDER, J. G., Gott. Einige Gesprache. Gotha, 1787. H. calf, sm. 
in — 8. — First edition. 

81^ Gott. Einige Gesprache iiber Spinoza's System nebst Shaftesburi's 

Naturhymnus. 2. verm. Ausg. Gotha, 1800. Orig. boards, sm. in — 8. — v. d. 

Linde 342. 

The second and rewritten edition. 

820 Vom Geist der ebraischen Poesie. Mit Einleitung von F. Hoff- 
mann. Gotha, 1890. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. cloth. 

See also no. 19, 187, 833. 

821 — NEVINSON, H., A sketch of Herder and his times. London, 1884. 
With portrait. Cloth. 

Pp. 336 — 350, besides other references, Spinoza. 

822 HILL, J., Thoughts concerning God and Nature. In answer to Lord 
Bolingbroke's philosophy. London, 1755. H. calf (joints weak), in — 4. 

Pp. 245 — 260, 376 seq., besides several other references, about Spinoza. 

823 HOUTTEVILLE, La religion chretienne prouvee par les faits. Paris, 1740. 
Calf, in — 4. — Copy with large margins. 

Contains many interesting references to Spinoza. 

824 [HUBER, M.], Lcttres sur la religion es.sentielle a I'homme, distinguee 
de cc qui n'en est que I'accessoirc. Amsterdam, 1738. 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf. 


825 HULSIUS, P., Spinozismi depulsio, nominatim circa corporum peccata 

et poenas. Groningae, 1702. (title missing). — See v. d. Linde 221. Bound up 

with: Historia sacra turpitudinis incestae. Cont. dissertationem de honestate 

et extensione legum Levit. xviij. Gron., 1714. H. calf (mod.), in — 4. 

Hulsius (1653 — 1712) was professor of theology at Groningen and a moderate follower 
of Voetius. 

826 [HUTCHESON, FR.}, An essay on the nature and conduct of the passions 
and affections. London, 1728. Calf (rebacked). — Ex-libris Thom. Lipyeatt. 
First edition of one of his best known works. 

827 H[UTCHINSON}, J., The religion of Satan, or Antichrist, delineated. 

With front, after Gravelot. The use of reason recovered, by the data in 

Christianity. London, 1736. 2 vols, in one. Calf. 

828 [JACOBI, FR. H.}, Ueber die Lehre des Spinoza in Briefen an Moses 
Mendelssohn. Breslau, G. Lowe, 1785. Boards. — v. d. Linde, 334. 

first edition. Written in consequence of Mendelssohn's Morgengedanken iiber Gott und 
Schopfung (Berlin 1785), in which the latter opposed against „die Spinozisten oder All- 
Einern". Thus started the controversy Mendelssohn-Jacobi, which caused the publication 
of a number of polemical writings by the two adversaries and several others. 
A discussion about Goethe's poem „Prometheus" between Jacobi and Lessing, in 1779, 
led to L.'s famous remark: „Es giebt keine anderc Philosophie als die Philosophie des 
Spinoza". Jacobi gives here a full report of the discourse at that occasion, of which 
report Mendelssohn questioned the accuracy. The then following correspondence between the 
old and the young philosopher led to the important rediscovery of Spinoza by the 
romantic school. 

The „Prometheus" as well as another poem by Goethe, „Edel sey der Mensch" appear 
here in print for the first time. 

829 [ ] The same. Neue vermehrte Aufl. Breslau, G. Lowe, 1789. With 

full-page portraits of Spinoza and Jacobi by E. C. Thelott, and the portr. of 
Mendelssohn and Lessing on the title. H. calf, sm. in — 8. (slightly browned). 
— V. d. Linde 344. 

830 Wider Mendelssohns Beschuldigungen betreffend die Briefe iiber 

die Lehre des Spinoza. Leipzig, 1786. With front, by Thelott. H. vellum, sm. 
in — 8. Uncut copy. — ¥irst edition, v. d. Linde 337. 

831 Sulla dottrina dello Spinoza. Lettere al Mose Mendelssohn. Trad. 

da F. Capra. Bari, 1914. H. calf. (Classici della Filos. Mod. XXI). 

832 — JACOBI an Fichte. Hamb., 1799. H. calf. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

833 — JACOBIS Spinoza Biichlein nebst Replik und Duplik. Hrsg. von Fr. 
Mauthner. Miinchen, 1912. H. calf. 

I Aus Mendelssohns „Morgenstunden". II Jacobis Spinoza-Biichlein. Ill Mendelssohns 
Replik. IV Jacobis Duplik. V Aus Herders „Gott". 

834 — HAUPTSCHRIFTEN, DIE, zum Pantheismusstreit zwischen Jacobi 
und Mendelssohn. Hrsg., mit hist.-krit. Einleitung (128 pp.) v. H. Scholz. Berlin, 
1916. H. morocco. 

835 — SCHMID, F. A., Fr. Heinrich Jacobi. Heidelberg, 1908. H. calf. 
See also Mendelssohn (no. 860—887) and no. 173, 818, 819, 1191. 


836 JACQUELOT, [Is.}, Dissertations sur I'existcnce de Dieu ou ion demontre 
cette verite par... la refutation du systeme d'Epicure et de Spinosa... etc. 
La Haye, 1697. Witii fine front, by v. d. Aveele. Calf, in — 4. — v. d. Linde 358 n. 

837 [JERUSALEM, J. F. W.}, Betrachtungen iiber die vornehmsten Wahr- 
heiten der Religion. Braunschweig, 1774 — 79. 2 vols. With portrait. H. calf 
(one hinge broken). 

See V. Dunin-Borkowski I, 3/4. 

alle Ketzereyen, Ketzer, Secten, Sectirer... angezeiget werden. Mit Vorrede 
von /. G. H. Schneeberg, 1731. H. morocco (mod.), sm. in — 8. — Not in 
Holzmann u. Bohatta. 

Pp. 491 — 493: Spinoza. 

839 [LAMY, Fr.}, Le nouvel atheisme renverse, ou refutation du sisteme de 
Spinosa, tiree pour la plupart de la conoissance de la nature de I'homme. Paris, 
L. Roulland, 1696. With a table. Calf, sm. in —8. — v. d. Linde 388. 

See also nr. 909. 

840 LELAND, J., A view of the principal deistical writers that have appeared 
in England in the last and present century. London, 1754 — '56. 3 vols. H. 
calf (mod.). 

First edition. A.o. about Spinoza, Herbert of Cherbury, Hobbes, Toland, Hume. 

841 The same. 3rd ed., improved. London, 1757. 2 vols. Richly gilt 

contemporary red morocco. — Copy from the library of Lord R. Fitz-Gibbon. 

842 The same. With an appendix by W. L. Brown and an introd. by 

C. R. Edmonds. London, 1837. H. calf. 

843 LESSING, Nathan der Weise. Leipzig, Reclam, n. d. Boards, sm. in — 8. 

844 Nathan der Weise. Ed. with English notes by C. A. Buchheim. 

Oxford, 1882. Cloth. — With autograph dedication of the editor. 

845 The same. Transl. by P. Maxwell. London, n. d. Cloth. 


Gemeindebundc. Leipzig, 1879. With 3 portraits. Cloth. — Contributions a.o. by 
Auerbach, Jellinek, Wiinschc. 

847 — LESSINGS PHILOSOPHIE. Hrsg. v. P. Lorentz. Leipzig, 1909. Cloth. 
(Philos. Bibl.). 

Anthology of Lessing's philosopfiy. Pp. 15 — 23: Spinoza. 

848 — BARTELS, AD., Lessing und die Juden. Dresden, 1918. H. cloth. 
Pp. 227 — 261: Der Spinoza-Streit. 

849 — OEHLKE, W., Lessing und seine Zeit. Munchen, 1919. 2 vols. With 
2 portraits. Cloth. 

Vol. II pp. 473 scq., besides references on other pages, Spinoza. 

850 — SCHREMPP, CHR., Lessing als Philosoph. Stuttgart, 1906. Cloth. 
Pp. 60 seq.: Auf dcin Wcg von Leibniz zu Spinoza. 

851 — SIME, J., Lessing. London, 1877. 2 vols. With 2 portraits. Cloth. 


852 LESSING — SPICKER, G, Lessing's Weltanschauung. Leipzig, 
1883. Cloth. 

Pp. 71 — 90: Lessing and Spinoza. 

853 — ZIMMERN, H., Lessing, his life and his works. London, 1878. Cloth. 

See also Section VIII. 

854 [MANDEVILLE, B. de}, The fable of the bees: or, private vices, publick 
benefits. With an essay on charity and charity-schools and a search into the 
nature of society. 5th ed. Added vindication of the book. London, 1728. 2 vols. 
Panelled calf. 

Deals briefly with Spinozism, as an atheism kindred to superstition. 

855 Free thoughts on religion, the church and national happiness. 

London, 1720. Calf. — First edition. 

856 An enquiry into the origin of honour and the usefulness of 

Christianity in war. London, 1732. Calf. — First edition. 

857 — INNES, ALEX., APETH-AOFIA or, an enquiry into the original 
and moral virtue, v/herein the false notions of Machiavel, Hobbes, Spinoza, and 
Bayie, as they are collected and digested by the author of the Fable of the Bees 
[Bern, de Mandeville}, are examin'd and confuted. Westminster, 1728. Marbled 
calf. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

858 MEISZNER, A. G., Masaniello. Leipzig, 1784. H. calf, sm. in —8. 

On the evidence of Van der Spyck, Spinoza's landlord at the Hague, the latter had drawn in 
his sketchbook his portrait, disguised as Masaniello. See v. Dunin-Borkowski I, 517. 

859 — REUMONT, A. DE, The Carafas of Maddaloni. Naples under Spanish 
dominion. Transl. from the German. London, 1854. Cloth. 

Pp. 301 seq. about Tommaso Aniello (Masaniello). 

860 MENDELSSOHN, M., Gesammelte Schriften. Hrsg. von G. B. Mendels- 
sohn. Leipzig, 1843 — '45. 7 parts, 8 vols. With portrait. H. calf. 

First authentic edition of the complete tiorks. 

861 Philosophische Schriften. Verb. Aufl. Berlin, 1771. 2 parts, 1 vol. 

With front, and two vignettes by Schleuen. H. calf, sm. in — 8. 

862 The same. Verb. Aufl. Berlin, C. F. Voss, 1777. 2 parts, 1 vol. 

With front, and 2 vignettes. H. calf, sm. in — 8. 

863 Opere filosofiche. Volgarizzate e fornite d'annotazioni e di memorie 

spettanti alia sua vita dal Fr. Pizetti. Parma, 1800. 2 vols. Calf. 

864 Kleine philosophische Schriften. Mit einer Skizze seines Lebens 

und Charakters von D. Jenisch. Innsbruck, 1791- Cloth (mod.), sm. in — 8. 

865 Sammlung theils noch ungedruckter, theils in andern Schriften 

zerstreuter Aufsiitze und Briefe von ihm, an und iiber ihn. Hrsg. v. I. Heinemann. 
Leipzig, 1831. With front, (portraits). H. cloth. 

866 Schriften zur Metaphysik und Ethik sowie zur Religionsphilosophie. 

Hrsg. v. M. Brasch. Leipzig, 1880. 2 vols. With portrait. Cloth. 
A.o. correspondence with Lessing, Lavater, etc. 

867 Morgenstunden oder Vorlesungen iiber das Daseyn Gottes. Erster 

Theil (all published). Berlin, 1785. Orig. boards, sm. in — 8. — First edition. 


868 MENDELSSOHN, M., An die Freunde Lessings. Ein Anhang zu Herrn 
Jacobi Briefwechsel iiber die Lehre des Spinoza. Berlin, 1786. H. vellum, 
sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 335. Uncut copy. 

The original edition, not to be confounded with the reprint which is printed on inferior 

869 ') An die Freunde Lessings Berlin, 1786. [Th. WIZEN- 
MANN] ■), Die Resultate der Jacobischen und Mendelssohnschen Philosophic 
kritisch untersuchr. Leipzig, 1786. In 1 vol. H. calf, sm. in — 8. 

1) The reprint mentioned above. 2) v. d. Linde 340. 

Bound up with: [/. C. Lavater], Zueignungsschrift an Mendelssohn... und Schreiben an 

Lavater von M. N. pi., 1770. Antwort an Mendelssohn. Nebst einer Nacherinnerung 

von M. Berlin, 1770. 

870 Ritualgesetze der Juden betreffend Erbschaften, Vormundschafts- 

sachen, Testamente und Ehesachen, in so weit sie das Mein und Dein angehen. 
3. Aufl. Berlin, 1793. H. calf, sm. in —8. 

871 Phaedon, oder iiber die Unsterblichkeit der Seele. Berlin, 1767. 

With title-engr. by Meil. H. morocco (mod.), sm. in — 8. — First edition. 

872 The same. 4. Aufl. Berlin, 1776. With front. Orig. boards, 

sm. in — 8. 

873 Jerusalem oder iiber religiose Macht und Judentum. 'Berl., 1783. 

2 parts. With portrait. [D. E. MORSCHEL], Das Forschen nach Lichr und Recht 
in einem Schreiben an Mendelssohn auf Veranlassung seiner merkwiirdigen 
Vorrede zu Manasseh ben Israel. Berl., 1782. O. J. B. HESSE, Beitrag zum 
Forschen nach Licht und Recht, veranlasset dutch ein Schreiben an Mendelssohn 
unter diesem Titel. Berl., 1783. In one vol. H calf, sm. in — 8. — First editions. 

874 Jerusalem oder iiber religiose Macht und Judentum. Berlin, 1783. 

2 parts, (portrait missing). J. F. ZOLLNER, Ueber Mendelssohn's Jerusalem. 
Berlin, 1784. In one vol. H. calf, sm. in — 8. — First editions. 

875 Jerusalem. A treatise on ecclesiastical authority and Judaism. 

Transl. (with ample notes) by M. Samuels. London, 1838. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. cloth. 

Vol. I deals for the greater part with Manasseh ben Israel's "Vindiciae Judaeorum" (1656). 
Vol. II contains Mendelssohn's Jerusalem. 

876 Abhandlung von der Unkorperlichkeit der menschlichen Seele. 

Wien, 1785. Boards (mod.), sm. in — 8. — First edition. Uncut copy. 

877 Gedanken iiber die Zumuthung des Herrn Lavater an Mendelssohn 

ein Christ zu werden. Hamb., 1770. J. C. LAVATER, Antwort an Mendelssohn. 
Nebst einer Nachhcrinnerung von Mendelssohn. Berl., 1770. J. B. KOLBELE, 
Schreiben an Mendelssohn. Frankf., 1770. Zweytes Schreiben an Mendels- 
sohn. Frankf., 1770. LAVATER, Zueignungsschreiben an Mendelssohn. N. pi.. 
1770. In one vol. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — First editions. 
Very scarce collection of documents on the controversy Menddssohn-Lavater. 

878 — JAKOB, Ludw. Heinr., Prufung der Mendelssohnschen Morgen- 
stunden oder aller spekulativen Bcwcisc fiir das Daseyn Gottes. Nebst einer 
Abhandlung von [I.] Kant. Leipzig, 1786. Orig. boards, sm. in — 8. 


879 MENDELSSOHN — [SCHULZ, J. H.], Der entlarvte Moses Mendelssohn, 
oder vollige Aufkliirung des rathselhaften Todvcrdrusses des M. Mendelssohn 
iiber die Bekanntmachung des Lessingschen Atheismus von Jacobi. Amsterdam 
(Berlin), 1786. H. calf, sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. Bound up with: 
M. MENDELSSOHN, Abhandlung iiber die Evidenz in metaphysischen Wissen- 
schaften. Neue Aufl. Berlin, 1786. And: [D. E. MORSCHEL], Das Forschen 
nach Licht und Recht, in einen Schreiben an M. Mendelssohn auf Veranlassung 
seiner merkwiirdigen Vorrede ru Menasseh ben Israel. Berlin, 1783. 

880 — BOCK, F., Mendelssohns Phadon und sein platonisches Vorbild. 
Plauen, 1906. Boards, in — 4. (Progr.). 

881 — HENSEL, SEB., The Mendelssohn family (1729—1847) from letters 
and journals. Transl. by C. Klingemann. London, 1881. 2 vols. With 8 portraits. 
H. morocco. 

882 — HOLDHEIM, S., Mendelssohn und die Denk- und Glaubensfreiheit 
im Judenthume. Berl., 1859. A. KOHUT, Mendelssohn und seine Familie. 
Dresden, 1886. With portrait. L. GOLDHAMMER, Die Psychologic Mendels- 
sohn's. Wien, 1886. I. H. RITTER, Mendelssohn und Lessing. 2e Aufl. Berl., 1886. 
H. KORNFELD, Mendelssohn und die Aufgabe der Philosophic. Berl., 1896. 
O. BLITZ, Der Phado Platos und Mendelssohns. Berl., 1897. In one vol., cloth. 

883 — KAYSERLING, M., Moses Mendelssohn's philosophische und religi5se 
Grundsatze m. Hinblick auf Lessing. Nebst einige bis Jetzt ungedruckte Briefe 
(von und an M.). Leipzig, 1856. H. calf. 

A.o. Sein Verhaltniss zu Spinoza. 

884 The same. Leipzig, 1862. H. calf. 

885 The same. 2. Aufl. Leipzig, 1888. With pits, and facsimile. H. calf. 

886 — SAMUELS, M., Memoirs of Moses Mendelsohn including the corres- 
pondence with J. C. Lavater. 2nd ed. London, 1827. With (extra) portrait of M. 
MENDELSSOHN, Phaedon, or the death of Socrates. Transl. (by Ch. CuUen). 
London, 1789. In 1 vol. Calf. 

In the Memoirs is referred to Spinoza and Spinozism in many places. 

887 — SCHMIDT, Ferd., Mendelssohn. 3. Aufl. Kreuznach, 1886. With 
portr. H. cloth, sm. in — 4. 

See also no. 19, 828—835. 

888 MONTESQUIEU, The spirit of laws. Transl. by Th. Nugent. Prefixed a 
memoir of the life and writings of the author and an analysis by d'Alembert. 
London, 1832. 2 vols. With portrait. Vellum. 

889 NIETO, Dav., Matteh Dan y segunda parte del Cuzari. Donde se prueva 
con razones naturales, irefragables demonstraciones, y reales consequencias, la 
verdad dela Ley Mental, recebida por nuestros sabios autores de la Misneh y 
Guemara. London, Th. Hive, 5474 [1714]. Calf (hinges weak), in — 4. 

On account of writing the above work Nieto was accused of Spinozism. Interesting work; 
with the Spanish and Hebrew title (see Amzalak 5 who reproduces both titles in full). Text 
Spanish-Hebrew. Nieto was the first chief-rabbi of the Spanish-Portuguese-Jewish community 
in London and was a doctor of medicine. 

It was the first comprehensive Hebrew work printed in England and it must have 
taken about two years to print Kayserling p. 77. Gaster p. 112. An English edition was 
edited by Loewe in 1842. 


890 NIEUHOFF, B., Over Spinozisme. Harderwijk, 1799. With engraving by 
Vinkeles on title. H. calf (mod.). — v. d. Linde 346. 

The author says in his preface that he does not wish to defend Spinozism, nor to refute it, 
only to give us his own ideas about it. 

891 NIEUWENTIJT, B., Het regt gebruik der werelt beschouwingen, ter 
overtuiginge van ongodisten en ongelovigen aangetoont. Amsterdam, 1715. With 
front, and 28 folding plates. Vellum, in — 4. — See v. d. Linde 106 who only 
quotes the 1725 edition. 

Firsl edition. Of the greatest interest for Spinoza's ideas and influence. Contains also an 
interesting note about Spinoza's death. Besides an important work on physics, chemistry 
and medicine. 

Nieuwcnryt (1654 — 1~00) was a medical doctor at Purmerend and follower of Descartes. 
He was known as a sharp opponent of Spinoza. 

892 — — The same. 5den druk. Amsterdam, 1730. With front., portrait by 
van Gunst and 28 folding plates. Vellum, in — 4. 

This 5th edition is considerably enlarged by the author. 

893 Gronden van zekerheid of de regte beroogwijse der wiskundigen. 

Ter Wederlegging van Spinozaas denkbeeldig samenstel. Amsterdam, 1720. 
Vellum, in — A. 

First edition. See v. d. Linde 402, who only mentions the 3rd ed. Pp. 244 — 387: Valsheid 
van de betoogwijse van Spinoza. 

894 The same. 2e druk. Amst., 1728. H. calf, large in — 4. — Large- 
paper copy. — See v. d. Linde 402. 

895 The religious or the right use of contemplating the works of the 

Creator. Throughout which all the late discoveries in anatomy, philosophy and 
astronom.y.... are handled. Transl. by J. Chamberlayne. London, 1718 — '21. 3 vols. 
With numerous illustr. on plates. Calf. 
First edition of the English translation. 

896 L'existence de Dieu demontree par les merveilles dc la nature. 

Amsterdam, 1727. With portrait of Nieuwentijt by P. v. Gunst and 28 plates 
with a.o. anatomical figures. H. calf (mod.) in — 4. 
First edition of the French translation. 

897 Rechter Gebrauch der Welt-Betrachtung. Uebers. von A. Segner. 

Jena, 1747. With front and 20 plates. Vellum, in — 4. 
First edition of the German translation. 

898 PHILIPPS, J. Th., Dissertatio historico-philosophica de atheismo. Londini, 
1716. Gilt calf. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

Pp. 128 — 138: Spinoza. Further many references to friends and influences a.o. Oldenburg, 
Hobbes, Blyenburg, Chr. de Witt. 

899 (PLUQUET, F. A. A), Examcn du fatalisme, ou exposition ct refutation 
des differens systemes dc fatalisme. Paris, Didot, 1757. 3 vols. Mottled calf, gilt 
backs, arms of Louis XVIII on sides. 

Vol. I p. 349 ff. Des principcs dc Spinoza — p. 360 ff. Du progres du Spinosismc — 

Vol. II p. 96 ff. Lc sentiment dc Spinoza sur la nature dc I'amc — etc. 

Fine copy with the arms of Louis XVIII (Olivier-Hcrmal-dc Roton 2497, 3, variant). 


900 POIRET, P., Cogitationum rationalium de Deo, animo, et malo libri 
quatuor In quibus de hisce Cartesius ejusque sequaces recte aut secus senserinc... 
continentur, nee non Ben. de Spinoza atheismus et exitiales errores funditus 
exstirpantur. Ed. 3a. Praemittitur dissertatio nova. . . ubi de simulate Petri Baelii 
contra Spinoza atheismum certamine agitur. Amst., 1715. Vellum, in — 4. — See 
V. d. Linde 382 (mentions only the 1685-edition, without having seen the hook). 

901 POLIGNAC, Melch. de, Anti-Lucretius sive de Deo et natura. Opus 
posthumum. Car. d' Orleans de Rothelin cura et studio ed. mandatum. Lugd. 
Bat., 1748. 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

Several important works on Spinoza do not mention the above work, in spite of the 
useful references to Spinoza and Spinozism. 

902 The same. Londini, Joh. Nourse, 1748. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. calf, 

sm. in — 8. 

903 L'Anti-Lucrece. Poeme sur la religion naturelle. Trad, (avec un 

discours prelimin. de 117 pp.) p. de Bougainville. Paris, 1750. 2 vols. Calf, 
sm. in — 8. 

904 Anti-Lucretius of God and Nature. A poem, rendered into English 

by the translator of Paradise Lost [W. Dobson]. London, 1757. H. calf, in — 4. 

905 Antilucrez, oder neun Biicher von Gott und der Natur. Uebersetzt 

von M. F. Schaffern. Breslau, 1760. H. morocco (mod.). 

906 Anti-Lucrezio ovvera di Dio e della natura. Di Latino transportata 

in verso sciolto Italiano dal ... F. M. Ricci. 2a ed. Verona, 1765 — '67. 3 vols. 
With 2 portraits. H. calf. — Copy with large margins. 

907 POPPO, B. C, Spinozismus detectus, oder verniinfftige Gedanken von 
dem wahren Unterschierf der philosophischen und mathematischen Methode 
oder Lehr-Art. Weimar, 1721. Boards (mod.), sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 305. 

908 POST, J., Het masker der Hattemisten afgeligt; zynde een catechismus 
dier vrygeesten. Waar in hunne gewaande Euangeleileer (sic) . . . word voor- 
gestcld ... Tot vereideling der klachte van H. Woutelaars, over het geene hem 
deswege bejegend is. Amsterdam, 1734. With front. H. vellum. 

Not in V. d. Linde. Vehement work against Hendrik Woutelaar, adept of Spinoza, about 
whom very little is known besides his supposed authorship of the „Almanack van den duivel". 

909 REFUTATION des erreurs de Benoit de Spinosa. Par de Fenelon, par 
Lami et par de BoullainiAlliers. Avec la vie de Spinosa, ecrite p. /. Colerus; 
augmentee de beaucoup de particularites tirees d'une vie ms. [de Lucas}. Brux., 
F. Foppens, 1731. Green morocco (mod.), sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 107 — 108. 

Splendid copy with large margins, entirely uncut. Pp. 384 — 483 (erroneously numbered 183^ 
cont.: Ishak Orobio, Certamen philosophicum propugnatae veritatis divina ac naturalis 
adversus Joh. Bredenburg . . . quo in atheismi Spinosae barathro immersus jacet. Amst., ox 
autographo A. Th. Ossaan, 1703 (with separate title). — See also no. 839. 

910 REIMARUS, H. S., Die Vernunftlehre, als eine Anweisung zum richtigen 
Gebrauche der Vernunft in dem Erkenntnis der Wahrheit. 5. Aufl. Hamburg, 
1790. Boards. 

Reimarus (1694 — 1768), scholar and son-in-law of the famous Fabricius, is best known 
by his „Apologie oder Schutzschrift fiir die verniinftigen Verehrer Gottes", which he care- 
fully hided during his lifetime and from which certain chapters were published by 
Lessing. The point of view held in the Apologie is that of pure naturalistic deism. 


911 REIMARUS, H. S. — STRAUSS, D. Fr., Hermann Samuel Reimarus und 
seine Schutzschrift fiir die verniinftigen Verehrer Gottes, Leipzig, 1862. 

Pp. 37 — 38, besides some other references, Spinoza. 

912 REIMARUS, J. A. H., Ueber die Griinde der menschlichen Erkenntniss 
und der natiirlichen Religion. Hamburg, 1787. H. calf, sm. in — 8. — Not: in 
V. d. Linde. 

The author, son of H. S. Reimarus, was an intimate friend of Lessing. - §§ 52 — 55 (pp. 
143 — 158): Von Spinoza's Lehrgebaude, seine Vorstellung des AUeinwesens, etc. 

913 [REYNOLDS], The religion of Jesus delineated. London, 1726. Calf 
(one joint weak), in — 4. 

914 ROUSSEAU — [LUSON], Remarks on Mr. Rousseau's Emilius. London, 
1782. H. calf, sm. in — 8. — Not mentioned by Halkett and Laing. 

915 RUYTER, J., Funus philosophico theologicum, dat is filozoofsche gods- 
geleerde uytvaart over de leere des Geloofs en geheimen van d'hervormde 
natuurkunde. Gron., 1708. H. calf (mod.), sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde l6l. 

Contains a.o., pp. 1 — 33: Eerste brief, in welk het mom-gezigt van B. D. Spinoza uyt zijn 
herssenbeeldige betoginge ter ontdekkinge van zijn doelwit word opgemaakt. — pp. 34 — 
149: Tweede brief, bevattende de gronden van Spinozas ongodisterije en staatsverbeeidinge 
— pp. 150 — 258: Derde brief aan Pontiaen van Hattem over het regte grondgevoelen van 
zijn berugte stellingen. 

916 Klaagschrift over de onchristelyke beschuldigingen tegen den 

onschuldigen Job. Ruyter. Amst., G. Onder de Linden, 1712. A. BOC^AERTS, 
Verantwoording ter zake van de ... lasteringen, die Job. Ruyter op verzoek van 
P. Kalden, predikant van Thamen, heeft uitgebraakt. Amst., 1712. [A. HAT- 
TINGA?}, Goet rond goed Zeeuws, dat is ... bericht rakende het leven en 
bedrijf van Job. Ruyter. Deventer, J. v. Wijk, (1712). [A. HATTINGA?], 
Nader bekentmakinge op de bekentmakinge van Job. Ruyter ... aang. 't boekje 
Goet rond goet Zeeuwscb, etc. Deventer, J. v. Wijk, (1712). [J. RUYTER], 
Protest tegen bet faamroovend pasquil Goed rond, goed Zeeuws. (Without title- 
page, with Ruyter's signature at the end). 5 pieces, 1 vol. H. morocco, sm. in — 8. 

Five extremely scarce items about the accusations against Ruyter of Spinozistic sympathies. 
He had tried to get a place as a minister in Zeeland, but on account of his theological 
ideas and other discongruencies this place was him denied. He went back to Groningen, 
took his degree in medicine and philosophy ant settled as a doctor. Later on he received 
a call from the Sloterdijk congregation, but the Classis of Amsterdam refused to sign the 
call and Ruyter thereupon wrote his „Klaagschrift", after which the other pieces were 

917 SCHELLING, F. W. J., Clara oder iiber den Zusammcnhang der Natur 
mit der Geisterwelt. Fragment. Hrsg. v. L. Kublenbeck. Leipzig, n. d. Boards, 
sm. in — 8. 

See also no. 283, 1096, 1097, 1136. 

918 SHAFTESBURY, A., Characteristics of men, manners, opinions, times, 
etc. Ed. by J. M. Robertson. London, 1900. 2 vols. Cloth. 

Some references to Spinoza. 

919 — WEISER, CHR. FR., Shaftesbury und das Dcut.sche Geistesleben. 
Berlin, 1916. With portrait. H. cloth. 

See aLso no. 31, 773. 


920 [SKELTON, PH.}, Ophiomaches or deism revealed. London, 1749. 2 
vols. Calf. 

921 [SMITH, Elisha], The cure of deism, or the mediatorial scheme by 
Jesus Christ the only religion. With an appendix to Papists, Quakers, Socinians 
and scepticks, and an appendix in answer to The moral philosopher... By a 
country clergyman. 2nd ed. London, 1737. 2 vols. Calf. 

The author of The moral philosopher or a dialogue between a Christian deist and a 
Christian Jew was the distinguished deist Thomas Morgan. 

922 STILLINGFLEET, Edw., Origines sacrae or a rational account of the 
grounds of natural and reveal'd religion. 7th Ed. Added part of another book 
on the same subject... Cambridge, 1702. 2 parts, 1 vol. With fine portrait by 
White. Calf, sm. in — folio. 

Part II pp. 100 seq.: Spinoza and his works. — See also no. 33, 180. 

923 [TINDAL, M.}, Christianity as old as the Creation; or, the Gospel a 
republication of the religion of Nature. Vol. I (all published). London, 1730. 
H. calf, in — 4. — Copy with large margins. Autograph notes of James Lansley. 

First edition of the most important work of Tindal, which was regarded as the "Bible" of 
deism. The second part, though written, never was published. The work evoked many 
replies, and from it dates the influence of English deism on German theology. See also 
no. 429. 

924 [TOLAND, J.}, Christianity not mysterious or a treatise showing, that 
there is nothing in the Gospel contrary to reason, nor above it, and that no 
Christian doctrine can be properly call'd a mystery. London, 1696. H. calf (mod.), 
sm. in — 8. 

First edition, published anonymous, of the book which made Toland famous. The second 
edition appeared in the same year, with his name. It gave great offence and the author was 
persecuted, denounced from the pulpit and his book was condemned by the Irish parlia- 
ment. When a warrant was issued for his arrest. Toland fled to England. 

925 Pantheisticon sive formula celebrandae sodalitatis Socraticae. Cosmo- 

poli [London], 1720. Contemporary gilt morocco. On the fly-leaf some anno- 
tations in a contemporary hand. 

The very scarce first edition of the last work written by the founder of modern deism. 
Printed in a few copies for private circulation only, in red and black. The work gave 
great offence as a sort of liturgic service made up of passages from heathen authors, in 
imitation of the Church of England liturgy. 

926 Pantheisticon: or, the form of celebrating the Socratic-Society... 

subjoined a short dissertation upon a two-fold philosophy of the pantheists. 
Rendered into English. London, 1751. H. calf (mod.), sm. in — 8. 
First edition of the English translation. 

927 Letters to Serena; containing the origin and force of prejudices, 

the history of the soul's immortality among the Heathens, the origin of idolatry. . . 

As also a letter... showing Spinoza's system of philosophy to be without any 

principle or foundation. Motion essential to Matter; in answer to some remarks 

by a Noble friend on the Confutation of Spinosa. ... London, Bern. Linrot, 

1704. Calf. — V. d. Linde 330. 

First edition. Toland voiced another opinion about Spinoza in his Pantheisticon. 



928 [TOLAND, J.], Lettres philosophiques sur I'origine des Prejuges ... sur 
le systeme de Spinosa et sur I'origine du mouvement dans la matiere. Trad, de 
I'Anglois [p. P. H. Thyri d'Holbach]. Londres, 1768. H. morocco (mod.), 
sm. in — 8. — No/ in v. d. Linde. Uncut copy. 
The French translation of the Letters to Serena. 

929 Adeisidaemon sive Titus Livius a superstitione vindicatus... Annexae 

sunt Origines Judaicae. Hagae-Comitis, 1709. Calf, sm. in — 8. — Not in 
V. d. Linde. 

First edition, published in Holland, where Toland lived for some time. The Origines 
Judaicae contain several interesting references to Spinoza. 

930 Tetradymus, containing: I Hodegus or the pillar of cloud and fire. 

II Clidophorus or of the exoteric and esoteric philosophy. Ill Hypatia or the 
history of a most beautiful, most virtuous, most learned lady. IV Mangoneutes 
being a defense of Nazarenus. London, 1720. Calf. 

First edition. In the first essay, Hodegus, Toland set the example, subsequently followed 
by Reimarus in Germany, of interpreting the Old Testament miracles by the naturalistic 

931 Nazarenus or Jewish, Gentile, and Mahometan Christianity. Also 

the original plan of Christianity explained in the history of the Nazarens. With 
the relation of an Irish manuscript of the four Gospels ... and the reality of 
the Keldees. [Together with an appendix}. London, 1718. 3 parts, 1 vol. Calf 
(rebacked). — First edition. 

932 — MANGEY, TH., Remarks upon Nazarenus. Wherein the falsity of 
Mr. Toland's Mahometan Gospel, and his misrepresentation of Mahometan senti- 
ments, in respect of Christianity, are set forth. London, 1718. H. calf. 

933 — PATERSON, J., Anti-nazarenus. By way of answer to Mr. Toland; 
or, a treatise proving the Divine original and authority of the H. Scriptures 
against Atheists, Jews, Heathens, Mathometans, Papists, Spinoza, a.o. London, S. 
Butler, 1718. Boards (mod.), sm. in — 8. — Not in v. d. Linde. 

934 — [WOTTON, W.], A letter to Eusebia; occasioned by Mr. Toland's 
Letters to Serena. London, Tim. Goodwin, 1704. Boards (mod.), sm. in — 8. 

See also no. 648, 840, 934. 

935 [VOLTAIRE], Nouveaux melanges philosophiques, historiques, critiques, 

etc. N. pi., 1765— '75. 19 vols. Marbled calf. 

Barbier III p. 531 only knows one incomplete copy in the Bibliotheque Nationale at 
Paris. Extraordinary scarce and complete set. Contains many important references to Spinoza. 

936 Letters addressed to his Highness the prince of *****, containing 

comments on the writings of eminent authors, accused of attacking Christian 
religion. London, 1768. Marbled calf. 

Pp. 103 — 111: Spinoza. Voltaire states that if we rightly condemn Spinoza's atheism, we 
should not as did several biographers and Brcdcnburg in a dictionary calumniate his 
character. Other "atheists" dealt with in this important work of clear style are a.o.: Dr 
Orobio — Uriel da Costa — Rabelais — Vanini — Toland — Locke — Tindal — Swift — 
Bayle and Montesquieu. There are also chapters on: Predecessors of Rabelais, the Literae 
virorum obscurorum — the Germans — the Encyclopaedia — the Jews. 

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See also no. 309, 815, 946. 

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We have been unable to trace the author. 

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Christian Wolf (1679 — 1754) was a famous professor of theology at Halle. He published 
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treatise (Widerlegung der Sittenlehre B. v. S.) appeared in the first German edition of 
the Ethica (see nr. 399). 

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Vol. I (352 pp.) deals entirely with Voltaire. Vol. II pp. 397 — 409: Spinoza (written in a 
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Servet, Toland, a.o. 

1800 TILL TO-DAY (See also section XII) 

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The author adopts the point of view of an organic unity existing between Spinoza and 

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gilt back and edges, inside dent. — Large copy of this first published edition. 
Shelley in his younger years was a declared atheist. The Queen Mab was his first poem 
of any importance, and its exceedingly aggressive tone in matters of religion and morals 
would not allow publication. This was an unauthorised issue, and in a letter to the editor 
Shelley disclaims issuing the volume; for the publication Clark was sentenced to four 
months' imprisonment. 

In the notes there is a large quotation from the Tractatus theologico-politicus of Spinoza, 
for whom Shelley also in later years had a great admiration. 

The idea suggested by Shelley before his death (Nov. 1821) to give an English trans- 
lation of the Tractatus (with preface by Byron) was never fulfilled. 


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1235 — DOWDEN, EDW., The life of Percy Bysshe Shelley. London, 1886. 
2 vols. With portrait and plates. Cloth. 

1236 — MIDDLETON, CH. S., Shelley and his writings. London, 1858. 2 vols. 
With facs. Orig. cloth. 

1237 — SHELLEY, FRANCES LADY, Diary 1787—1817. Ed. by A. 
Edgcumbe. London, 1912. With portrait, plates and facsimile. Cloth. 

See also no. 1150. 

1238 SHEPHERD, THE. A London weekly periodical illustrating the principles 
of universal science. London, 1834 — '35. 2 parts, 1 vol. H. calf, in — 4. 
Contains some references to Spinoza. 

1239 SPIRIT, THE, of Man. An anthology in English and French from the 
philosophers and poets made by the Poet Laureate [Robert Bridges] in 1915. 
London, 1919. H. green morocco. 

Pp. 70, 304, 318, 334 quotations of Spinoza. 

1240 THEILHABER, F. A., Dein Reich komme! Ein chiliastischer Roman aus 
der Zeit Rembrandts und Spinozas. Berlin, 1924. H. cloth. 

1241 ZANGWILL, J., Dreamers of the Ghetto. London, 1906. Orig. cloth. 
Pp. l69 — 201. "The maker of lenses" (Spinoza). 

1242 The same. Leipzig, 1898. 2 vols. Cloth, sm. in — 8. 



V. ROOYEN — SEE NO. 278) 

See also no. 453, 495, 506, 549, 556, 619, 624, 625, 686, 734. 

1243 AUGUSTINUS, Libri XIII Confessionum. Opera et studio R. F. H. 
Sommalii. Venetiis, 1726. With engraved title. Vellum, in — 12. 

S. V. R. (ed. 1537) p. 191. 

1244 BAUDIUS, D., Epistolarum ccnturiae tres. Ace. cjusdcm orationcs. Ed. 
nova. Amstclod., lo. I. Bonius, 1647. With front, and portr. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

S. V. R. (cd. 1662) p. 190. Trcudcnthal p. 283. 

Letters of this famous poet-professor to many fi lends and scholars (Hugo de Groot, 
Plancius etc.). Paquot VIII p. 400 says: „II ne se pout rien dc micux ccrit dans le 
genre cpistolairc". 


1245 BIBLIA HEBRAICA cum Novo Testamento (Gracco) eorundem latina 
interpretatio X. Pagnini, Ben. Ariae Montani studio. Ace. Romanae correctionis 
in latinis Bibliis a Fr. Luca. (Lugduni) Pctrus de la Rovierc, I6l9. In one volume. 
Blind stamped vellum, in — folio. 

S. V. R. (ed. 1541) p. 131. 

1246 BIBLIA — TESTAMENTI Vcteris Biblia Sacra, sive libri canonici... 
latini ex hebraeo facti, brevibusque scholiis ill. ab Imm. Tremellio ct Fr. Junio. 
Ace. Libri Apocryphi... quibus etiam adjunximus Novi Testamenti libros ex 
sermone syro ab Tremellio, et ex graeco a Th. Beza in latinum versons notlsque 
illustrates. Secunda cura Fr. Junii. Londini, imp. Guliel. N[orton], 1593, 92. 
6 parts, 1 vol. Large border on title. Calf (1 joint weal<), in — folio. 

S.T.C. 2061 (only 3 copies known). — The first complete version of the Vulgate printed 
in England. S. v. R. (the Junius-Tremellius edition) p. 138. — Copy with all the blanks 
between the different parts of the work. 

1247 BIBLIA SACRA, sive Testamentum. Vetus, ab Im. Tremellio ct Fr. lunio 
ex hebraeo latine redditum, et Testamentum Novum, a Theod. Beza e graeco in 
latinum versum. Amst., J. Blaeu, 1651. With engraved title. Calf, sm. in — 8. 
S. V. R. (Hannover, 1624). p. 138. 

1248 BUXTORF, ]., Thesaurus grammaticus linguae sanctae hebraeae. Adj. 
Prosodia metrica sive poeseos Hebraeorum dilucida. Basileac, 1620. 2 parts, 1 vol. 
H. calf, sm. in — 8. 

Spinoza possessed in his library two editions of the Thesaurus. See S. v. R. pp. 119 and 175. 

1249 De Judaeorum fide, citibus, ceremoniis, tarn publicis et sacris quam 

privatis, in domestica vivendi rationi. 3a Ed. Basileae, 1661. Vellum, sm. ia — 8. 
Spinoza possessed some books by Buxtorf. See S. v. R. pp. 119 and 175.- 

1250 CALEPINUS, Ambr., Dictionarium. Adjectae sunt latinis dictionibus 
hebraeae, graecae, gallicae, italicae, germanicae et hispanicae. Accesserunt insignes 
loquendi modi ... etc. Lugduni, Ph. Tinghus Florcntinus, 1580. With fine woodcut 
on title. Calf (19th cent.; one joint broken), in — folio. 

S. V. R. (no ed. given). Nowadays in french the word „calepin" is still used to describe 
a voluminous work. 

1251 CALVIN, Institutio Christianae religionis. Lausanne, Fr. le Preux, 1576. 
Calf, with coat of arms. 

S. v. R. (Spanish ed. 1597) p. 136. 

1252 The institution of Christian religion. Transl. by Th. Norton. 

London, H. Midleton, for W. Norton, 1587. With printersmark on title. Calf 
(one joint weak) in — 4. — S. T. C. 4422 (only 4 copies known). 

1253 CICERO, Epistolae familiares. P. Manutii scholia. Venetiis, Aldus, 1554. 
With anchor on title and at the end. Calf, sm. in — 8. 
Renouard I p. 388. — S .v. R. (no ed. given) p. 194. 

1254 Offices. Into English by Sr. Ro. I'Estrange. London, 1688. With 

front. Contemp. gilt morocco, sm. in — 8. 

1255 CURTUS RUFUS, Historiarum libri. Amst., Elzevir, 1660. With engraved 
title, folding map and engraving. Calf, sm. in — 8. — Willems 1257. 
S. v. R. (no ed. given, but latin text) p. 194. 


1256 CURTIUS RUFUS, Historic van Alexander de Groote. Overgeset door 
A. Snel 2e Dr. Delf, 1627. With engraved title and portrait of Alexander. 
VeUum, sm. in — 8. 

1257 The life and death of Alexander the Great. Done into English 

by [R. Codrington}. London, 1673. With portrait. Calf, sm. in — 8. 

1258 History of the wars of Alexander... Prefix'd Freinhemius's Supple- 
ment. 2d Ed. Transl by J. Digby. London, 1726. 2' vols. With map and plates. Calf. 

1259 EPICTETUS, Enchiridion. Una cum Cebetis Thebani tabula. Quibus adj. 
Simplicii Commentarius in Enchiridion. Item Arriani commentariorum de Epicteti 
disputationibus. Omnia Hier. Wolfio interprete. Londini, 1670. 3 parts, 1 vol. 
Calf (one joint weak). 

S. V. R. p. 172. 

1260 EUCLIDES, Elementorum libri XV. Ace. liber XVI. De solidorum 
Regularium cuiushbet intra quodlibet comparatione. Quarto editi auct. Chr. 
Clavio. Francoforti, J. Rhodii, 1607. With num. figs. H. calf. 

S. V. R. p. 196. 

1261 HIPPOCRATES, Opera omnia. Interpret, et annot. A. Foesio. Genevae, 
1657 — '62. 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, in — folio, (portrait missing). 

S. V. R. (ed. 1554) p. 172. Not in Freudenthal. 

1262 JOSEPHUS, FLAVIUS, Works. With a continuation of the Jewish history 
from Selden, Basnage, etc. (Ed.) by J. Crull. London, Briscoe, 1708. 2 vols. 
With front., 2 folding maps and 2 pits. Calf. 

On the last page of the continuation some references to Spinoza and his life. — Spinoza 
possessed a Latin translation of Josephus. S. v. R. p. 126. Freudenthal nr. 10 (p. 275). 

1263 Works. Whistons translation revised by A. R. Shilleto. London, 

1900—1903. 5 vols. Cloth. 

1264 JUSTINIANUS, Institutiones. Notis cura et studio A. Vinnii. Amst., 
Elzei'ier, 1669. With front, (dat. 1679). Gilt calf, sm. in —8. — Willems 1408 
mentions two distinct editions from this date of which ours in the second. 
See S. V. R. p. 195. Freudenthal nr. 148 (p. 284). 

1265 Institutionum, sive elementorum, libri quatuor. Cura et studio 

A. Vinnii. Amst., Elzevier, 1658. Vellum, sm. in — 8. (lacks the front.) — 
Willems, 1231. 

1266 KERCKRING, Theod., Spicilegium anatomicum continens obser- 
vationum anatomicarum rariorum centuriam unam. Nee non osteogeniam foctuum. 
Amst., 1670. With front, and 39 anatomical plates and figures. Vellum, in — 4. 
Dirck Kerckring was a friend of Spinoza and this may account for the presence of the 
book in his library. S. v. R. p. 140 — 141. 

1267 MARTIALIS, Epigrammaton libri. [Cum riotis Th. Farnabii]. Londini, 

1615. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

The first edition published in En/^land. The S.T.C. 17492 lists only five copies. S. v. R. 
(Farnaby cd. but probably an Amsterdam reprint) p. 191. Freudenthal nr. 134 (p. 283). 

1268 Epigrammata. Cum notis Th. Farnabii. Amst., Waesbergen, 1670. 

With engraved title. Calf (back slightly dam.) sm. in — 8. 

Probably the edition which was in Spinoza's library. Sec S .v. R. p. 191. 


1269 OVIDIUS, Operum tomus II. Qui Metamorphoses complectitur. Nic. 
Heinsius cast, et observ. adjccit. Amst., Elzevir, 1659. 2 parts, 1 vol. Calf, 
sm. in ^8. — Willems 1271. 

S. V. R. (this or a similar edition of the second volume) p. 196. 

1270 PETRONIUS, Satyricon. (Leiden), Ex Off. Plantiniana Raphelengii, 1614. 
Red morocco gilt, narrow, sm. in — 8. 

S. V. R. (ed. Amsterdam 1669) p. 175. 

1271 The Satyricon. Burnaby's translation, 1694. With an introduction 

by C. K. Scott Moncrieff. London, n. d. Cloth, sm. in — 8. 

1272 PIGNORIUS, L., Mensa isiaca, qua sacrorum apud Aegyptios ratio et 
simulacra explicantur. Ace. cjusdem dc magna deum matre discursus. . . nee non 
/. Ph. Tomamni Manus aenea... Amst., A. Frisius, 1669. 2 parts, 1 vol. With 
front., 11 folding pits., and several engravings in the text. Vellum, in — 4. 

S. V. R. p. 145 — 146. Nice copy from the Six-collection. 

1273 QUEVEDO, Visions. Made English by Roger I'Estrange. 10th Ed. 
London, 1708. Panelled calf. — Copy with the bookplate of Lord Leeds. 

S. V. R. (2 Spanish editions) pp. 143 — 144. 

1274 The same. 11th ed. London, 1715. Calf. 

1275 The same. New ed. London, 1767. With engravings. Calf, sm. 

in —8. \ 

1276 The choice humorous and satirical works. Transl. by R. I'Estrange, 

J. Stevens, a.o. Ed. by Ch. Duff. London, n. d. Cloth. 

1277 SACRO BOSCO, J. de, Sphaera emendata. E. Vineti Santonis scholia in 
eandem. Adj. Compendium in Sphaeram per P. Valerianum: et P. Nonii demon- 
strationem eorum, quae... scribit de maequali climatum latitudine eodem Vineto 
interprete. Venetiis, 1620. With num. figures. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 

S. V. R. (2 folio eds. no date given) p. 134. „Welche Ausgabe Spinoza besessen hat, ist un- 
gewiss und auch belanglos" (Freudenthal no. 20 — 21 p. 276). 

1278 SCHREVELIUS, C, Lexicon manuale graeco-latinum. A. J. Hillio, locupL 
Ed. H. L. Holzkampii. Adj. B. Garthius, Lexicon latino-graecum. Amstelod., 1709. 
With front, and portrait. Vellum. 

S. V. R. (ed. 1654) p. 170-^171. Freudenthal p. 280. 

1279 SECUNDUS, Job., Opera. Accurate rec. ex museo P. Scriverii. Lugd. 
Bat., 1631. With engraved title and portrait of Job. Secundus. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 
S. V. R. (the same or similar ed.) p. 192. 

1280 Kisses: a poetical translation. With the orig. Latin and an essay 

on his life (by John Nott). 3rd ed. with additions etc. London, 1778. With 
half-title, engr. title and the printed title, and 1 plate by Bartolozzi. Calf (slightly 
dam.), large in — 8. 
Curiously printed work; the headlines in red. 

1281 The same. London, 1803. With portrait by Picart. H. calf (mod.). 


1282 SECUNDUS, Joh., The Love i^oems. A revised Latin Text and an English 
verse translation, together with an introd. -essay on the Latin poetry of the 
Renaissance by F. A. Wright. London, 1930. Cloth. 

1283 SENECA, L. A., Opera omnia. Lugd. Batav., Elzevir, 1640. 3 vols. With 
fronts, and 2 engravings. Red morocco, in — 12. — Willems 508. Splendid and 
preferred first Elzevir edition. 

S. V. R. (no ed. mentioned) p. 188 and 192. Freudenthal p. 283. 

1284 Tenne tragedies. Translated into English. Ed. by Th. Newton 1581. 

With an introd. by T. S. Eliot. New York, 1927. 2 vols. H. doth. — Limited edition. 

1285 SNELLIUS, W., Tiphus Batavus, sive histiodromice, de navium cursibus, 
et re navali. Lugd. Bat., Elzevier, 1624. With figs. Vellum, in — 4. (the two 
plates missing). 

Willems 224. Bierens de Haan 4397. — At the end an appendix cont. 62 pp.: Tabulae 
canonicae parallelorum. 

Snellius discovered the true law of the refraction of light and determined first the size 
of the earth by the geometrical and astromical measuring of the length of the arc of a 
meridian. This discovery was again claimed by Pothenot in 1730 as an original one. 
A copy of this work was in the possession of Spinoza. S. v. R. p. 157 (the date 1627 [$ 
an error). 

1286 STENO, N., Observationes anatomicae quibus varia oris, oculorum & 
narium et Bilsii de lymphae motu et usu commentum. Lugd. Bat., 1662. With 
engr. title and 3 foldings pits. Calf (mod.), in — 12. 

Niels Stensen or Steiio, professor at Coppenhagen was one of the most important dis- 
coverers of his time. He described a.o. the excretory duct of the partid gland (Steno"s 
duct) which he discovered in the sheep in l66l and which he explains in the aboie work. 
"... like Athahasius Kircher (he was) a physician-priest, and also like him a man of 
wonderful versatility" (Garrison p. 264 — 66). See also Haeser II, 306 — 307. Bibl. Osl. 
1418. The same edition of the observationes was in Spinoza's library, who also pos- 
sessed a copy of Steno's. De solido. S. v. R. pp.. 196 and 162. 

1287 TACITUS, Opera. J. Lipsius recens. Additi commcntarii. Ace. C. Velleius 
Paterculus cum Lipsii notis. Lipsius, Dispunctio notarum Mirandulani codicis ad 
Tacitum. Ed. 2a. Antverp., Off. Plantiniana, 1627. 2 parts, 1 vol. Stamped vellum 
(back dam.), in — folio. 

S. V. R. fed. 1607) p. 122. 

1288 (Opera) et in eum M. Z. Boxhornii observationes. Amst., 1643. 

2 parts, 1 vol. With engraved title. Vellum, sm. in — 8. 
S. V. R. (small edition, like the above) p. 198. 

1289 History. Transl. by A. |. Church and W. J. Brodribb. London, 

1873. With map. Cloth. 

1290 Tlie same. London, 1879. With maps. Cloth. 

1291 TULP, N., Observationes medicae. Ed. nova, (2a). Amstelredami, Lud. 
Elzevir, 1652. With engr. title and engrs. Vellum, sm. in — 8. — Best edition 
augmented with a fourth book. 

Nicolas Picterz. Tulp (1593 — 1678) a pupil of Paauw, was one of the most celebrated 
anatomists of his time. The above, the result of a 25-year's practice, contains important 
arriclcs o;i surgery and pathology. Hacker II 291. Thysscn p. 5. Willems 1155. 
Spinoza, stayed for some time in Tulp's home, as a tutor to his son. S. v. R. (reprint of 
1672) p. 177—178. Freudenthal p. 281 (99). 


1292 TULP, N., Observationes medicae. Ed. 5a. Lugd. Bat., 1716. With engr. 
title, portr. and ills. Vellum, sm. in — S. 

1293 — THYSSEN, E. H. M., Nic. Tulp als geneeskundige. Amst., 1881. 

1294 VIRGILIUS, Opera; nunc emendatoria (ed. by Dan. Heinsius). Lugd. Bat., 
Elzevir, 1636. With engraved title and map. Red morocco, with gilt borders, gilt 
baeJc, sm. in —8. — Willems 450. 

Very nice copy with large margins of this esteemed edition, in the reimpression. Our 
copy is the best of the 2 editions with the errata on p. 411. S. v. R. (ed. 1646) p. 140. 

1295 VOSSIUS, Theses theologicae et historicae de variis doctrinae Christianae 

capitibus. Ed. 3a. Hagac-Com., Adr. Vlacq, 1658. ') De baptismo dispu- 

tationes XX et una de Sacramentorum vi, atque efficacia. Amst, Eizevier, 1648. 

Dissertationes tres de tribus symbolis, apostolico, Athanasiano, et Constan- 

tinopolitano. Amst., Bleau, 1642. pe philosophorum sectis liber. Cum 

continuatione et supplementis Joh. Jacobi. Lipsiae, J. C. Meyer, 1705. 4 parts, 
1 vol. Vellum, in -A. — ') Willems 1074. 

S. V. R. p. 153, p. 182 — 183. Spinoza possessed three works of Vossius (De arte gram- 
matica, Institutiones linguae Graecae and Rudimenta linguae Graecae). 


1296 COLLECTION of smaller works and reprints on Spinoza and Spinozism, 
from the 19th and 20th century. Ca. 175 items, the majority in boards. 

Important collection containing studies by all the foremost Spinoza scholars ,a.o. We 
only mention Alexander, Baensch, Brunschvicg, Collins, Dilthey, Freudenthal, M. Fried- 
lander, Gebhardt, Hicks, Lewkowitz, W. Meyer, Pollock, Scheler, Wenzel, Prof. Wolf. 


1297 (338 A) SPINOZA, Opera philosophica omnia. Ed. et praef. adj. A. 
Gfroerer. Stuttg., 1830. With 2 pits. H. calf. — v. d. Linde 39. 

1298 (340 A) Opera quotquot reperta sunt. Recogn. J. v. Vloten et 

J. P. N. Land. Hagae Com., 1882—83. 2 vols. With portr. Cloth. 

1299 (340 B) The same. Ed. 2a. Hagae Com., 1895. 3 vols. Boards. 

1300 (342 A) Opera. Im Auftrag der Heidelberger Akademie der 

Wissenschaften hrsg. von C. Gebhardt. Heidelberg, [1925}. 4 vols. With 4 
portraits. H. morocco, in — 4. 

1301 (343 A) Ad Opera supplementum, cont. Tractatum hucusque 

ineditum de Deo et homine, Tractatulum de iride, epistolas nonuUas ineditas, 
et ad eas vitamque philosophi collectanea. [Ed. J. v. Vloten}. Amst., 1862. With 
portr. Morocco, sm. in — 8. — v. d. Linde 50. 

1302 (344 A) Oeuvres. Trad., avec introd., p. E. Saisset. Paris, 1842c 

2 vols. H. cloth. — V. d. Linde 44. 


1303 (344 B) The same. Nouv. ed. revue et augm. Paris, 1861. 3 vols. 

Cloth. — V. d. Linde 45. 

Vol. 1: Introduction critique. ■ 

1304 (344 C) The same. Paris, 1872. 3 vols. H. calf. 

1305 (349 A) The same. Washington, 1901. With col. front. Cloth. — 

Numbered copy of the Autograph edition-de-luxe. 

1306 (551 A) Sammthche Werke. Aus dem Lat. mit Lebensgeschichte 

Spinoza's v. B. Auerbach. 2. mit den neu aufgefund. Schriften verm. Aufl. 
Stuttg., 1871. 2 vols. With portr. H. morocco. 

1307 (351 B) Samtliche Werke. In Verb, mit O. Baensch u. A. Buchenau 

hrsg., mit Einltgn., Anmerkgn. u. Registern, v. C Gebhardt. Leipzig, 1914 — 22. 
7 parts, 3 vols With portr. H. vellum. (Philos. Bibl.). 

The last part cont.: Lebensbeschreibungen und Gesprache. 

1308 (585 A) ') MENASSEH ben ISRAEL, Mikweh Israel. Amsterdam, 
Eleazar Gazan Shalit, 5458 (1698). Vellum, in — 12. Bound up with: 
-)MASOOTH sjel Rabbi BENJAMIN HAROFE (TUDELA). Amsterdam, 1698. 
(slightly browned). 

■) Very scarce. Da Silva Rosa 57d. Hebrew translation of one of Menasseh's prominent 
works. He proves that the Indians of America are the descendants of the dispersed Jews, 
and quotes Ant. de Montezinos uho made a ■journey amongst the Indians of Mexico. 
The latter' s relation of the voyage is found in the book. — ~) Benjamin Tudela"s 
voyages to the East, in the 12th century, are of the greatest importance and still 

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